the Carlisle & the Hanover

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Remember the Dash & Albert rug design competition that happened back in the summer of 2017?  Well, samples of the rugs were made, approved, and now they are finally for sale on the Dash & Albert website!

If you remember, both of these designs were based on elements of an antique coverlet I bought a few years ago.

The Hanover rug is the all-over coverlet pattern in a repeat, simplified to work for a rug…

…and the Carlisle is an enlarged section of the border.

They are named after two towns in Pennsylvania –  Hanover and Carlisle.  I found the coverlet in an antique shop in Carlisle and I often frequented antique stores in Hanover, so those names seemed fitting.

Here is the Hanover in my office…

That was just the sample and I now have a smaller version of it in our guest bathroom downstairs.

And here is the Carlisle in my office now…

Here’s a closer look at the different piles…


As you would expect with Dash & Albert, the rugs are high quality and beautifully made.  It’s been a joy to work with them and a pleasure to see these designs come to life.

They were presented at the furniture market in High Point, NC in October and hit the Dash & Albert website just a few weeks ago, so I have no idea how they are selling, but I hope customers love them l as much as I do!


the Carlisle & the Hanover

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22 Comments on “the Carlisle & the Hanover”

  1. They look wonderful. I live in Pittsfield MA where Annie started her company -Pine Cone Hill. They have a great outlet here and beautiful things. Love your rugs !

  2. These are awesome. Congratulations!

    Have you considered releasing a similar design under your fabric line? I’ll bet it would look gorgeous in different colorways. My local fabric shop has some of your fabric and I’ve been itching to buy some, but I haven’t found just the right project for it yet.

  3. The rugs are both lovely! Can you please create a Dillsburg rug? 😉 My mom was born and raised there!

  4. Congratulations from Hanover, PA! I’m proud to have such a beautiful rug named after my home town for the last 20 years! 🙂

  5. Congratulations Marian!! They are both beautiful and named after where my dad is from. Carlisle and Hanover PA!!

  6. I remember when you blogged about the process of designing the rugs. You were brave to accept the challenge. How beautifully they turned out. Now you may add “rug designer” to your long list of accomplishments. Thanks for the happy update.

  7. Darn it! I’m pretty new to your blog and had no idea you were designing rugs! I just bought two rugs and now I hate them and want yours!! They are the most beautiful rugs I’ve ever seen!! Seriously. I Love that you designed them after vintage or antique fabric too! Where all are they going to be sold, just at this Dash and Alberts? Blue and cream or blue and white are my colors as well. Now I’ve got to sell two rugs! Oh well. Great job Marian, they’re beautiful. 😁👍🏻

  8. Funny, I’m looking for a new rug and was on the D&A website yesterday and wondered if your rugs ever got ‘published’. Will have to go back and take a look. They turned out beautiful!!

  9. I can not even imagine how it feels to see your design work come to life like this. The rugs are awesome!

  10. Beautiful rugs. Interesting how you named the rugs. My brother and his family live near Carlisle. Enjoy your blog.

  11. You’re gonna laugh but I read that title as The Carlisle & the Hangover and thought wow, a post about an overnight date night with the hubby at a hotel! HAHAHA. so sorry. the rugs are just beautiful. well done.

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