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As a freelance writer for HGTV, sometimes I’m assigned specific projects and other times I’m asked for project ideas that fall under a broad category.  When I was asked for kitchen window treatment ideas a few months ago, I immediately thought of cafe curtains.

missmustardseed-60 (600x800)

When it came time to sew the rod pocket, I wanted to figure out a simple way to make sure the width of the pocket was the same along the entire channel.  It’s easy to go a little wonky when you’re sewing, especially if you’re a beginner, and it helps to have something to use as a guide.  I didn’t want to mark the white linen, so I used Frog Tape!  I placed the Frog Tape exactly where I wanted the pocket and sewed on both sides of it.  It worked out perfect that the pocket needed to be an inch wide.  Once the pocket was sewn, I simply removed the tape.  No chalk to rub off or ink to wash.  Simple and straight.

missmustardseed-57 (800x600)

I knew I wanted to use some white linen I had left over from another project for these curtains, but I also knew that the white linen wouldn’t photograph well on its own, so it needed a little customizing.  I used Frog Tape again to paint a red stripe along the bottom that was then embellished with hand painted “cross-stitch” detail.

missmustardseed-58 (800x600)

missmustardseed-59 (600x800)

You can find the full tutorial on HGTV HERE.

missmustardseed-61 (800x600)


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Frog Tape. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


  1. AllyJo

    Who would have thought. What a great idea. I’m going to remember this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Charity

    Lovely curtain! Are you switching your colors in your home?

  3. Miss Mustard Seed

    No, this was for a freelance project and I thought the red would work better for the picture. I don’t have them hanging in my kitchen now.

    • Charity

      Very true! Your home gives me such inspiration. I am a dedicated daily reader. I love your milk paint line as well, Ive used it on 2 large projects! Keep your creativity coming!

  4. Tavia

    You were born with it girl! So full of inspiration, I enjoy every time I pop in 😉

  5. Cindy

    Adorable. I love the little cross stitch detail.


  6. Vicki Bucy

    Very nice and a GREAT idea. I usually just free sew (you know without pins) and hope for the best but I really like this idea. It wouldn’t take much more time and would make it alot nicer.

  7. Stephanie@cre8tive

    You never cease to amaze me on your skill level of doing it all. I love the hand stitched detail, that really just made it for me!

  8. Susan

    A kitchen classic! How did you make the cross stich detail?

  9. Rhonda Lombas

    I was wondering about the red too ! Lol. Glad to know you didn’t keep them up. You’re going to need to do a new book soon with all the new updates to the house !

  10. lori

    Love this! was just doing this yesterday stitch some straight stitches when I was attaching some pockets to a purse. masking and painting tape is one of my favorite tools when sewing! thanks for sharing!

  11. Donna

    Love them. At first glance I thought these were made from a grain sack. So cute you should sell them. I would love some. Even a valance would be adorable.

  12. julie

    Well, the good thing about rod pockets is that even if you do get a little “wonky” doing it freehand, they are going to be gathered anyway so are very forgiving!! But, yes, painting a straight line would be much easier with tape. (Does Frog Tape ask all bloggers to write their sponsored posts at the same time? I swear I’ve read 4 or 5 blog posts about this stuff in the past week, lol)

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Ha! No, that’s just a coincidence. We have to do one a month, so we probably all procrastinated. I actually did this project a while ago and I just kept forgetting to share the tip!

  13. suzi

    so clever!

  14. Gilda

    GENIUS!!!!!! I always had trouble with those rod pockets. I am on the verge of making new double-rod sheers for 3 windows—this time I will be ‘in the know’…thank YOU so much!

  15. Lin

    Adorable and such a great idea with the tape and paint. I love the crosses. Thank you for this idea. Marian you have such a gift!

  16. Kathy

    Great idea! I like the cheery pop of red.

  17. Jeanine C.

    Too cute and a great tip with frog tape!

  18. teresa

    Such a timely tip for me….I was in need of a good cafe curtain idea for the cabin.
    Thanks so much!
    Pinning so I remember =)

  19. Corinna

    What a great idea! Even someone like me could do this one. I always use cafe curtains in my house (wherever possible) because it lets all of the light inside without people peering in. Thanks!

  20. Jelena

    Oh, what a cute curtain!
    …And, I can’t believe that the stripe was not BLUE! 🙂

  21. Tami

    I just used frog tape last night when sewing to put a hem in curtains that I wanted to make sure stayed straight and were level. It is also great for identifying when sewing ruffles the depth to fold material back on itself and keep the spacing even. Also great for sewing the flange part of a pillow sham and keeping it straight and even, etc.

    Another handy thing to use when sewing, since straight stitching is a challenge for many of us, okay, we’ll me is the 3m wall hook Adhesive tabs. I attach the tab part to the sewing machine at the right place for my stitch leaving the peel off tab that would attach to the hook in place. It serves as a great guide to run the edge of the material along. When done sewing, simply pull the tab and all the evidence is removed that I am straight stitch challenged. In other words, helps prevent the wonky episodes that often occur in my sewing when I don’t use a guide of some type. Love the helpful tips.

  22. Colleen

    What a cute idea yrs ago I used 3 in ribbon for a rod pocket, cause I couldn’t cut straight worked good. Also love frog tape it actually works the way it says it is suppose to ;). Did you use fabric paint on your curtains?

  23. Nancy

    It is a relief to read in the comments that you are not keeping the curtains at your kitchen window and just put them there for the HGTV tutorial. While they are clever curtains they definitely do not enhance your otherwise charming and beautiful kitchen. Now, just for a stainless stove! Cheers.

  24. Cheryl

    The curtains are darling! And I like your white stove too!
    Just like mine. : )

  25. Anne Boykin

    Dear MMS, I’m going to use your idea about the straight seam with Frog tape. Thanks so much! The red you added to the curtains is sweet. Hugs, Anne Boykin

  26. Patty Morris

    Hello, I just wandered on to your website this evening and I am in awe of all that you do. I did have a specific question. I noticed you had a wreath that I have been looking everywhere for in your bedroom and in one picture you had one on antlers in your kitchen. I believe it’s a type of preserved boxwood wreath, I am not sure what they are called but I really want to but 3 of them for my LR windows. I would so appreciate if you could guide me as to where I could purchase them., Thanks and I am so glad I found your page.

  27. birgitta

    One of the best ideas I´ve ever came across! I´ll use it over and over again!!!

  28. Jenn

    So simple and yet so pretty! Love the color Marian.


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