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I have spent the better part of this week playing catch-up and getting back into the swing of things after my trip.  I had a full day in the studio on Wednesday, though, and it was so great to be in my creative space again.  I cranked my music, got some things checked off the to-do list, and worked on some furniture pieces for Lucketts.

Remember my pair of Frenchies?

Here is how they are looking now…

Kriste stripped them while I was away and she painted the frames in MMS Milk Paint Linen.  They still need one more light coat, so the finish is a bit more uniform before I distressed.  I picked out an antique windowpane toweling fabric for them, though, and I can’t wait to see how they look in their new digs.

Another piece in the works is this hutch top and table base.  They were two misfit pieces that seem to be a nice match.  They still need one more coat of Grain Sack, distressing, and I will remove the leaf hinges on the table, and screw in the legs, since they no longer need to swing out.  Once it’s done, I think it’ll make a nice hutch/storage piece for a small room, like a bathroom, hallway, small dining area, etc.

I’ll also get glass cut for the doors.  I think it’ll be a sweet mish-mash of a piece when it’s all done.

And the cottage bed is coming right along!  Kriste and I talked about painting it in a custom blue/green and tried a mix of two parts Kitchen Scale to one part Lucketts Green.  It wasn’t quite the right shade, though, so I mixed up three parts Kitchen Scale to two parts Boxwood and that was the ticket.  They are chipping in the most delightful way that is perfect for an old, wooden bed frame like this one.

I’ll finish it up on Monday with some distressing and a coat of Tough Coat to seal the chipping, cracking, and crazing.

I realized, as I lined the bed frame against the wall, that I have a lot of blue/green aquas happening in my Lucketts stash this year.  I guess that’s just what I’ve been gravitating towards this year.

And there are certainly worse colors to gravitate towards…


  1. Lisa

    I love it all! So glad to see a furniture redo post. I’ve missed them.

  2. DeAnna

    Bed frame is adorable and love the color you painted it!

  3. Sue

    OMG that bed! The color is perfect and I cannot wait to see it all finished.

  4. Marie

    Love, love, love it all! Can’t wait to see the frenchies with the windowpane fabric.

  5. Deanna Rabe

    Its fun to see what we are drawn to year by year. Last year you were all about Farmhouse White and this year it is blue/green aqua!

    The Frenchies are going to look amazing!

  6. Doreen

    Love those shades too!!! Popped over from IG just to get the correct mix fir the color!!!

  7. Sue Pagels

    Love the furniture posts – I missed them!! The Lucketts posts are my favorite !! Glad you are back safe from your trip 🙂

  8. Anna Price

    Looks great! Very inspiring!

  9. Stephanie

    I am really curious about that hutch with what appears to be 6 legs. Does it swing or pull out in the middle, I can’t quite figure it out from the picture.

    Love everything you do!

  10. Marsha Kern

    I love how everything is looking!

  11. Kit

    Love the idea of the two misfit pieces for a bathroom! I’m going to have to see if I can find something similar for my own!

  12. Kerry Sanders

    Why not replace the missing leaf on the wee hutch/table instead of removing the screws altogether? More function is a good thing.

  13. Colleen

    Those bed side rails look short. Are they long enough for a regular length mattress? Many times the older beds were made for shorter mattresses and todays mattresses don’t fit. Just curious. 🙂

  14. Cora

    Please, please show us how to take that gate leg table from 6 legs to 4. I have the exact same table and have it painted but no idea how to make it look right as a side table. Thanks! P.S. custom bed color is beautiful!

  15. Doris Clark

    You are inspiring!

  16. Pat Miller

    LOVE the blue/green. Looked around my home, and I have tended to do the same thing over the years…not recently, though! Haha. Seems that has always been a “go to ” color for me in addition to the neutrals.

    Welcome back…I’m learning all about China thru you! You even motivated me to look up stuff about sight seeing in China and just learning about the Chinese in general. I feel so smart, my head is about to explode!

  17. Kimberly Bruhn

    So funny…I kept reaching for the “like/love” button to complement you on that bed…Love it!

  18. Edie

    Love the bed frame! What finish will you use on that piece?

  19. Donna

    Love your blue green choices reminds me of a spring meadow, the only thing missing are the colors of wild flowers but that could change with some creative merchandising.

  20. Colleen D

    Love the direction you are going with the chairs!! The hutch looks fantastic and I wasn’t sure I would like the bed frame painted but I DO!! Can’t wait for Luckettes Spring Market- taking a day off of work and bringing a co-worker!!

  21. Kimberly

    Marian, that paint color on the bed is GORGEOUS! And the chippiness — *swoons*! Yes, there are worse colors to gravitate towards (some questionable brown tones come to mind), but these blue/greens and aquas certainly don’t hurt my feelings at all because they are my favorite color family — all of the seaglass tones of blues and greens!

    Also, this specially blended color an excellent reminder that MMS MP colors can be mixed and customized for a perfect shade. Really, the possibilities are endless, and very intriguing! Cannot wait to see this bed put together, as per usual you did an amazing job with it!

  22. Farmmom Karen

    Really like seeing these posts! The bed is beautiful and I can’t wait to see the frenchies finished. I just picked out a similar windowpane fabric for the curtains in my living room. LOVE IT!!!

  23. Cindy

    Maybe you could name your space at Lucketts this year “Ball jar blue” in honor of your lovely color scheme 😀

  24. Barbara Ann

    The aqua bed frame is in my very favorite color. It looks divine.

  25. Karen Bialek

    Can’t wait to see the results when you’re finished with the chairs. Please be sure to post!

  26. Susan Prillman

    Love where you’re gravitating:) I’m curious on the table base for the cupboard….having trouble imagining how those legs and hinges work and why that bare wood “stripe” exists in the middle of the sash. Hope you’ll include a photo with it all opened up!

  27. Eileen C

    What date are you at Lucketts?

  28. MaryLisa Noyes

    This color really does pop! I have a similar bed I could use this on.


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