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When I posted my updated profile picture a few weeks ago, I received many comments that were along the lines of, “Oh my gosh!  Your hair!!”

I’ve had my hair mostly short for the past few years.  Every couple of years, I would get it into my head that I would grow it out, but then I would get impatient.  I would also realize that I really didn’t know what to do with long hair!  My hair tends to grow like a lamp shade and styling it would take forever.  So I would retreat to my familiar short, choppy haircut.

I think it’s trolling through hairstyles on Pinterest that finally convinced me to grow my hair out and stick with it.  I’ve been growing it out since last October and just at the beginning of 2017, it seemed to go from a shoulder-skimming bob to mid-length overnight and I’m now enjoying it more than ever.

Long hair does involve more maintenance, though, and I’ve been in search of products that will keep my hair healthy and feeling soft.

Three products that I started using about a month ago were Pura D’or Anti-Hairloss Shampoo, Deep Moisturizing Conditioner, and 100% Pure Argan Oil.

Last summer, Calvin started having an allergic reaction to the adhesive on his insulin pod and I used Pura D’or’s Rosehip Seed Oil to treat the burn-like skin irritation.  We would rub it on his skin before bed and it would go from screaming red and blistering to a fresh pink overnight.  So, I already had great personal experience with the brand before I was asked to test out their hair products.

 While my hair isn’t thin, I have noticed a lot more shedding as my hair has gotten longer and, since I’m in my late 30’s, it’s the perfect time to take some preventative measures.  My own experience with the Pura D’or brand and the 4 1/2 star rating after over 14,000 reviews enticed me to give it a try.

The shampoo, conditioner and oil arrived a few weeks ago and I started using them right away, so I could give an honest review after more than just a wash or two.

I’m just going to insert here that I realize claims made in a paid sponsored post are deserving of a little skepticism.  I get that and feel the same way when I read sponsored posts.  But, I can honestly say that after just one wash, I made three different people (Jeff, Kriste, and my mom), pet my hair to feel how soft it was.  I mean, at this point, any hair-thickening, breakage-reduction benefit is just the cherry on top.

Using these products have changed my haircare routine a bit, so I can maximize their effectiveness.

When I apply the shampoo, I work it primarily into my scalp and let it sit in my hair for a couple of minutes.  Letting the shampoo sit on the scalp for 2 minutes is one of the keys to getting a healthy scalp, which is where healthy hair starts.  I’ll work the shampoo down to the ends, adding a bit more water if I want to work up more of a lather.  I especially needed to do this in China, since the water and pollution were really hard on my hair.

I’ll then rinse out the shampoo and add the conditioner, working it primarily into the ends and the crown of my head, where I have the most tangles.

Am I the only one who ends up with a rat’s nest at the back of my head?!  I don’t know what is up with that, but I end up pulling out so much hair trying to work out those tangles.  With the Deep Moisturizing Conditioner, I’ll work it into the tangled areas and the ends and just let it sit for a few minutes.  When I rinse it out, most of the tangles come out as well and I can gently comb out any that remain.

After towel-drying my hair gently, I’ll work in a couple of squirts of 100% Argan Oil, mostly to the ends.  This keeps my hair hydrated and prevents it from getting frizzy.

I still have a few more weeks to use it before I can give a full report on the effectiveness of this haircare regiment, but I’m sold so far and I’ll keep you posted.

If you’d like to discover what all the hype is about yourself, check out They have the lowest pricing on Pura Do’r and they are also offering an extra $20 Off + Free Delivery  to the first 100 readers on their first order of shampoo and conditioner.  Click HERE and enter in the code “MUSTARDSEED”.  (This offer valid only on the shampoo/conditioner sets.)  

Let me know if you like it as much as I do! 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by 2-minute Club featuring Pura D’or.  As always, all words and opinions are my own.

caring for my longer hair

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25 Comments on “caring for my longer hair”

  1. I’ve been using a different brand of 100% argan oil on my breakage-prone hair for a few years now and can tell when I skip or run out. My hair gets super fluffy and the ends split much quicker. I can easily go 4 months between cuts now (at mid length). It’s great!

  2. I say thank you for this honest post. I have noticed how beautiful your hair has looked recently. I’ve had addisons for a couple years and watched/felt my hair thin until I have just wisps above my shoulders. I welcome any thoughts on a product that could potentially help whether paid post or not. Thank you!

  3. Marion,

    Do I understand that you can not make a one time purchase?

    It looks like this is one of those sites where you have to choose autoship of either every month, every 45 days, or every two months and the company automatically bill your credit card each time.

      1. No problem! I’m used to it. 🙂 Yes, I believe you do have to sign up to get the discount, but you can always buy it from Amazon if you don’t want to make the commitment.

    1. Jay,
      I looked at it too. I think you’re right about the auto ship. I hate things like that. If you’re an ebates member you can get 4% cash back. Probably not worth the commitment though. 🙁

    2. Jay

      I just ordered and had a problem so called they solved it right away. You can cancel your order anytime. I selected 2 month option but may not need it that often. I’m Marians Mom and tried it when it was in the shower while we were in China and I loved it.

  4. Ha,ha,ha… I noticed the “updated” profile picture a while ago and thought this must be “old” posts so I skipped them all ….. :))

  5. Perfect timing! I have been eyeing. This set for over a month . . My hair has. Been thining (thanks menopause!) and wondered about these products . . . I will give. Them a try …. thanks Marian 💚

  6. Marian
    I just bought the combo deal with the Aragon oil. My hair has been getting thinner and is dry and a little brittle cuz I blow dry my curls straight almost every day. I have tried skipping a day of washing, but I’ve had no success with that. Your hair looks so full, bouncy and beautiful. Hope mine looks that good in a mon h too!,,

    1. I have actually started washing my hair every other day and that has helped, too. My hair doesn’t wear very well on day 2 (it looks a little greasy), so I spray it with some dry shampoo and wear it in a ponytail or bun. One thing that has helped a lot as well is using a curling iron called the “3 day bender” by Dry Bar. It gets super hot and smoothes my hair as it puts in waves, so I don’t have to straighten it. I blow it out and then use the curling iron to smooth it out and add waves.

    2. KC, I’m pretty sure that Marian lucked out in the genetics category in a lot of areas, especially her hair. It’s naturally thick and full, and if I remember correctly, I think she has a bit of natural curl to it as well.

      If a person has thin, fine hair with no body or bounce, no amount of shampoo or conditioner or hair oil is going to fix that, it’s just a genetic thing. My hair is long (almost waist length), is fine and on the thinner side (it’s not wispy or stringy, but nor is it full and fluffy) and lacks much bounce and body, and NOTHING I have used, even after-shampoo hair products like thickeners or bodifiers, has worked to remedy that. Blow-drying it keeps it from being totally flat, and if I use hot rollers, it has a bit of a curl, but it’ll never be bouncy, thick hair full of body.

      I’ve used the shampoo and condition Marian is posting about today, and they were AWFUL on my hair. The shampoo was incredibly drying, and the way it makes your hair have “body” is to rough up the cuticle, which results in a TON of tangles. The conditioner, though labeled a deep moisturizing conditioner, was anything but. I was barely able to comb through my hair post-shower, and found that I just ended up pulling out more hair and/or snapping or breaking it off, so would blow-dry my hair with the tangles in and try to detangle it when dry, which was also very difficult. I paid a lot of money for the shampoo and conditioner set, and was waiting to see any results as far as promoting hair growth — there were NONE — so I did finish both bottles, and vowed I would never buy them again.

      Really, only Minoxidil regrows scalp hair. Thyroid and anemia conditions, true vitamin deficiencies (which we rarely have in the U.S.), and adverse reactions or side effects of certain medications can result in thinning hair or hair loss, but most hair loss is untreatable, incurable, and is genetic in nature. Shampoo and conditioner are not going to help.

      1. Sorry to hear you had a negative experience with this shampoo. I really do love it, but to each her own.

        I would suggest to anyone to check out the reviews on Amazon and on the Pura D’or website. There are thousands of reviews and a very high rating. Not everyone is going to love it, but a lot of people do!

    1. Well, you’re in luck! I just posted about furniture today and bought two new pieces while I was out shopping. 🙂

  7. I clicked on the link and ordered it. Your promo code is a very nice savings. A product that has good reviews and ships free to my little island is so appreciated. Looking forward to using it and have less shedding!

  8. Try a “wet” brush I got mine from my hairdresser, however I see them at TJ’ Maxx and Marshalls all the time! The are revolutionary! I wish I would have had one when my three daughters were young. Lots of tears pulling out tangles. These brushes are amazing on wet hair. I brush it over the sink, no pulling, tugging or ouches lol. The hair falls into the sink, then I clean the brush, no sponsorship here just the good honest truth!

    1. Those “wet” brushes are great! Got one last week when granddaughters were staying with me a few days. Their hair is very fine and tangles so bad when wet. The wet brush worked great on both of them.

  9. The set arrived in just a few days and I tried it today! My hair feels like silk! Your promo code is awesome! This product is so worth it! If anyone is in doubt just try it because it is so WORTH it!

  10. Marian,
    I know this blog is about hair, but Calvin’s having diabetes caught my attention. Our son Christian was 9 when diagnosed (He will be 32 this month). I am a Registered Nurse so he had options others might not have. I am also a Believer, so praying for Christian all these years has obviously been more helpful than my being a nurse. One of the first scriptures the Lord gave me, when in 1995, our insurance would not pay for all the strips he needed, was Ephesians 3:20-21. Reading His Word, you know the outcome already. 😀
    I also prayed for a woman of God who would be a true helpmate for Christian. He was dating his wife for 3 months before either one revealed they both had diabetes! They are both athletes & very healthy. God does do more than we can ever ask or imagine!
    Especially, giving us our first grandchild! Now that is truly a blessing.
    Hugs, Deborah 🤓
    PS: I was introduced to you via your book when I purchased it years ago at a Christian book store. Awesome God!!

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