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Just a note before we get to the giveaway details…  The Feels Like Home Launch Team is still open if you’re interested in joining!  This is the last day to enter (Friday, Sept.3) and then we’ll start having some fun conversations, live events, and awesome giveaways in our private Facebook forum.  Click HERE to join or HERE for more information and answers to FAQs about the launch team.

So, I have another fun giveaway to celebrate my upcoming book, Feels Like Home.  When I started writing this book, I felt it was important that it wasn’t just a pretty decorating book.  Those are so inspirational to look at, but they can also feel unattainable.  You can see the what, but you’re left wondering about the how.  In the book, I wanted to share as many of the how-tos as I could through tutorials, exercises, and sections filled with tips on everything from buying fabric to picking the right sandpaper for the job.  My hope is that people will feel empowered after reading Feels Like Home and if they don’t already see themselves as a “maker”, they soon will.

Feels Like Home Book | Miss Mustard Seed | #feelslikehomebook

So, this giveaway is for the makers or those who have always wanted to make things, but life has gotten in the way.  Maybe having a few goodies will get you started, get you started again, or get you even more motivated.  And I have a great collection of goodies for you!

monogrammed project bag & scissors case

Susan from Dunn by Designs is offering up a couple of items to help the winner with storing their projects and tools.  First up for this Feels Like Home giveaway is a project bag similar to this one…

feels like home book | dunn by designs project bag | miss mustard seed

It’s a great bag for knitting, sewing, crochet, and so many other projects.  It also makes a nice bag for toiletries when you travel.  Susan will monogram the bag for the winner if they would like.

She does beautiful sewing and embroidery work…

feels like home book | dunn by designs project bag | miss mustard seed

Every piece I have from her is top-quality and her Etsy shop is my go-to for buying any pouches or bags.

 feels like home book | dunn by designs project bag | miss mustard seed

Susan is also giving away a zipper case for embroidery scissors.  She made one at my request (I was always poking myself on my scissor tips) and it is the best case I’ve found on Etsy.  She makes ones for larger pairs of scissors, too.  The winner can have their scissor case monogrammed as well.

feels like home book | dunn by designs scissors case | miss mustard seed

my favorite pair of forged scissors

I have owned a lot of scissors over the years and this pair of Fiskars forged scissors is my absolute favorite for paper and fabric.  They are nice and heavy and hold a sharp edge.  Anyone who makes anything needs a good, reliable pair of scissors, so that’s why I included a pair of my favorites.

feels like home book | forged scissors | miss mustard seed

the “Marian” pinafore-style apron

One of the things I’m asked about most often is my pinafore-style apron and I am wearing it in a few photographs in the Feels Like Home book.  The blue striped one I wear most often was made just for me by Linen Bee and they even named it the “Marian Apron.”   What I love about this style of apron is that it doesn’t pull on your neck and it fully covers your front (and sides.)  I can be a little messy when I work, so I wear my apron a lot.  And, I just think it’s cute, too!

feels like home book | marian pinafore smock apron by Linen Bee | miss mustard seed

The one I’m giving away is made out of my favorite blue & white windowpane linen.  I have several dresses made by Linen Bee out of this fabric.

feels like home book | marian smock apron by Linen Bee | miss mustard seed

The other thing I like about ordering pieces from Linen Bee is that they will make them to your measurements.  They do have some standard sizes that are ready-to-order, but they will also make them custom if you have more specific requirements.  We all have different body shapes and I love that I can order from them knowing that everything will fit perfectly.

a vintage french watercolor box

I bought this vintage French watercolor box from Maria of Dreamy Whites last year, but I’ve ended up using other ones more often.  So, I’ve decided to add it to the giveaway to sweeten the pot!  This is such a cool watercolor box that it’s hard to part with, but I like to use the things I buy and this just isn’t getting used.

feels like home book | vintage french watercolor box | miss mustard seed

The box includes an enamel palette and four enamel paint pots.  (The watercolors, pencils, and brushes aren’t included.)

feels like home book | vintage french watercolor box | miss mustard seed

a kove bluetooth speaker

Now, music is essential for me when I’m creating or making things.  In Feels Like Home, I share that I have playlists specifically for writing and painting and then I alternate between a “standards” playlist and a “musicals” playlist for when I’m doing projects and want to sing along.  Having nice speakers is a part of that and I love this Bluetooth speaker system by Kove.

feels like home book | kove bluetooth speaker | miss mustard seed

Not only does it have great sound, but the speaker splits in two, so you can really take advantage of surround sound.  It holds a charge for hours, is water-resistant, and is easy to connect to your phone.

I hope this will provide hours and hours of musical motivation for the winner!

feels like home book | kove bluetooth speaker | miss mustard seed

matchboxes & candles

My favorite candle scent in the world is Charlotte Brönte by Oldfield Society.  I keep one on my desk and light it when I’m writing.  It’s a simple hack that cues my brain, letting it know it’s time to focus.  In the box, I’m including some adorable matchbox houses and a selection of candles from Oldfield Society.

feels like home book | house matchboxes | miss mustard seed

I know the owner and she puts so much thought and care into each candle scent, how it’s poured, and how it’s packaged.  This is the kind of small business owner you want to support!

feels like home book | oldfield society candles | miss mustard seed

german glass glitter

This is a fun last-minute addition and a throwback to the early years of my business.  One of my former customers bought this jar of glitter from me and never had the chance to use it, so she wanted to send it along to put in the giveaway!  This is a fun addition because I hand-mixed and filled each of these jars to sell in my retail space.  German glass glitter is one of my favorite craft materials, specifically for Christmas, and I was excited to sell my custom blend.

feels like home book | german glass glitter | miss mustard seed

If you’ve never used German Glass Glitter, you’re in for a treat.  It catches the light like no other glitter and is beautiful to work with.  You’ll love having it in your craft stash.

feels like home book | german glass glitter | miss mustard seed

$100 etsy gift card

Aaaaand, lastly, a $100 Etsy gift card to spend on yarn, embroidery supplies, paints, brushes, fabric, antique paint boxes…whatever inspires you to make things or create.  You can actually spend it on whatever you want, but I chose Etsy so the winner could buy some great tools and/or materials.

feels like home book giveaway | knitting socks | miss mustard seed

Of all of the giveaway packages I’ll be offering for Feels Like Home over the coming weeks (and there are some great ones), this is one of my favorites.  I think because making things and creating is such an integral part of who I am.  It brings me so much joy and I’m excited about sharing a box of goodies with a fellow creative or someone who needs some encouragement to create.

As a recap, this Feels Like Home giveaway prize package includes…

This giveaway is only open to readers who live in the US (or have a US address) and those over the age of 18.  (The box is on the larger size and would be very expensive to ship, but there will be giveaways open to international readers soon!)

To enter, just leave a comment letting me know what things you like to make or would like to make in the future!  The giveaway will close Thursday, September 9, 2021, at midnight PST and I’ll contact the winner.  (So keep an eye on your e-mail!)

Good luck to all of my fellow creatives and to those who want more creativity in their life.  I wish I could send this box of goodies to all of you!

If you haven’t preordered my new book, Feels Like Home, you can pick a retailer to order it from HERE.

If you have preordered and haven’t collected your preorder bonuses, you can do that HERE.

Feels Like Home Book | Miss Mustard Seed | #feelslikehomebook



  1. Becky

    Such a beautiful collection of so many wonderful things! Thank you to everyone for the generosity. Fingers crossed! Btw, I am in California. Becky

  2. Jennifer

    Some of the things I enjoy are baking, sewing, yarn work, and setting up events. I love getting together with my daughters and friends and doing these activities. It would be a true delight to have all these generous gifts.

  3. Rhondi Mullins

    I love to make quilts, especially blue and white ones!! Also like making slipcovers for my chairs.

  4. Tanya WilsonOrr

    I would love to do more embroidery, furniture painting and have some fun with the glitter and Christmas decor! I have ordered the book and am so excited to have it soon!

  5. Brandi

    What an amazing giveaway—thank you for the opportunity! Over the years your blog has inspired me to just go for it—that I, too, can be a maker. Thanks to you, I have learned to shush the critic within and paint furniture without fear. My next maker’s adventure definitely involves painting!

  6. Henri Gales

    Marian, What a thoughtful collection—you have included both lovely and useful items in this giveaway!! I retired last year and now have more time for creative pursuits. I have really enjoyed your painting classes and tutorials! Congratulations on your new book—I can’t wait to receive my copy!!

  7. Molly

    I can’t wait to see this book! I love to bake and but want to brush off my sewing machine and try my hand at making pillow covers.

  8. Karen Harrison

    I love cross stitch, sewing, cooking, baking, decorating. I’m currently working on rehabbing a little outbuilding that we have moved into our yard and I’m always working on the house.

  9. Monica B Novak

    Marian – This is amazing! I am anxious to have the time to start crocheting your towels and have had that in my inbox for a while. Also would like to take all my grandmothers old clip earrings to make something really interesting and a statement piece to I can remember her every time I look at it.

  10. Charlotte

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love to bake, cook, knit dishcloths and struggle with crochet (still working at it!) and dabble in sewing, a little bit of painting, and writing.

  11. Nan

    This giveaway is truly a treasure trove! Love the scissors – I’m always having to have mine sharpened! I quilt, sew pretty little-girl-clothes for my great-granddaughter (who is a pretty little girl!), and someday (there’s that word again) am going to carve out time to try my hand at oil painting. Also love refinishing furniture, redecorating and gardening. Then there’s cooking, reading and the occasional needlework project. I’m semi-retired; can’t wait until full retirement, though I may have to go back to work part-time to rest up from all my projects! Thank you for inspiring us.

  12. Vicki

    I enjoy quilting, cross stitching, and painting antique furniture. Thank you for the opportunity to win these beautiful supplies!

    • Amanda

      What a thoughtful and well crafted giveaway!!! I enjoy thrifting and bringing vintage pieces back to life. I’d love to learn how to make pinch pleat curtains for my home.

  13. Amanda

    What a thoughtful and well crafted giveaway!!! I enjoy thrifting and bringing vintage pieces back to life. I’d love to learn how to make pinch pleat curtains for my home.

  14. Sarah

    Baking and cooking, crochet, sewing, and embroidery… the idea and process behind creating is extremely relaxing. God made us to be creative… as He is. Just look at the world and universe He created!

  15. Kathy

    What a generous giveaway! I love sewing, decorating and gardening. I enjoyed reading your first book and can’t wait to receive my copy of your new book!

  16. Nicole

    I love baking and gardening; however, I’m an artist who hasn’t quite had the time to paint and draw now that I have young children running around. Hopefully I will get too soon after this season quiets a little bit!

  17. Liz Hall

    I’d love to have an antique watercolor box! I paint watercolor & acrylics, embroider, sew, polymer clay & more.

  18. Janet G

    Such an amazing giveaway! I’m in a life transition right now and just moved into a house I’m renovating – I have no flooring or kitchen or furniture! But, I have plans… I’m a quilter, so I’m planning new quilts and pillows, curtains for all the windows, a knitted wrap and all the little touches and a cross stitched sampler!

  19. Deniene

    I would love to earn how to upholster a slip cover or redo a chair in a vintage French linen fabric!

  20. Donna Burke

    Did I miss the winner being announced?


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