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As you may have guessed, I am always trolling for new books to add to my home library!  Just when I think I’ve bought all of the books I “need”, I’ll find another one to add to my collection.  Thankfully for me, new books are being published all the time and I am eagerly awaiting a few that are coming out later this year and early next year.  Since there are some great ones on the list, I thought I would share them here.  Some of them I’ve already preordered and some I will be preordering the month they come out (so I don’t have to spend this month’s book budget on a book I won’t get this month!)

But, I want to preorder books I’m excited about.  As an author, I know that preorders are huge for the early success of a book.  I want to support authors who are creating books on subjects and topics I’m interested in.  It increases the likelihood of more of those books being made in the future, which is good for my home library!

Let’s just get it out of the way, that I am super excited about my own book, Feels Like Home, coming out on October 12.  I’m a little biased, but if you’re going to preorder any of these books, I would suggest this one!  Shameless.

Feels Like Home Book | Miss Mustard Seed | #feelslikehomebook

My book aside, here are a few books I’m eagerly anticipating!

timeless paris – october 2

Doesn’t Timeless Paris look absolutely delicious?  Here’s a description of the book…

“Artist and designer Marin Montagut takes readers inside twenty of his favorite quintessentially Parisian locations, seemingly untouched by time, that provide rich creative inspiration.

Discover the studios and shops where artisans hand­craft and sell exquisite items on-site in charming Parisian locations where the skill has been passed on for decades—or centuries—of continuous operation. These often-hidden gems provide unique details that will inspire designers, artists, and creatives of all stripes.”

Yes, please.

timeless paris book | marin montagut | miss mustard seed

monticello – september 28

Jeff and I visited Monticello on a few occasions and I was so inspired by the architecture and gardens. Monticello looks like a beautiful book, so I can dig into the house, grounds, and stories a bit more.

monticello book - miss mustard seed

uppercrust – november 23

I love a good cookbook and bread and French food, so Upper Crust, Homemade Bread the French Way looks like a winner to me!  I can’t bake bread very often, because I will eat all of it, but I do like to bake it sometimes in the winter to have with soup.

upper crust homemade bread the french way | miss mustard seed

shades of white – october 12

Shades of White: Serene Spaces for Effortless Living and Feels Like Home share a book birthday!  But, I’m excited about it because it’s by Fifi O’Neill.  I had a chance to meet her a couple of years ago and she is just such a delightful woman.  I also have a couple of her books and they are some of my favorites.  I look forward to just about anything she does!

shades of white book | fifi o'neill | miss mustard seed

john leslie beck – october 12

Here’s another book coming out the same day as mine!  I am in for just about any impressionist art book.  I’m not familiar with Breck’s work, but I love learning about lesser-known impressionists, so I’m really looking forward to John Leslie Breck, American Impressionist.

john leslie breck | american impressionist book | miss mustard seed

painting nature with clare – october 12

I have followed Clare Therese Gray on Instagram for a few years and I’m always drawn to her work.  I’m really looking forward to learning from her in Painting Nature with Clare.

painting nature with clare | clare therese gray | miss mustard seed

the oil painter’s color handbook – march 2022

Todd Casey’s first book The Art of Still Life is one of my favorite art books!  I think it would be a little overwhelming for beginners, but it’s absolutely fantastic once you’re past the basics.  He’s very technical, meticulous, and such a good teacher.  I can’t wait for his second book – The Oil Painter’s Color Handbook.  Even though this one doesn’t come out until next March, I already preordered it!

the oil painter's color handbook | todd m casey | miss mustard seed

london’s golden mile – november 16

London’s Golden Mile: The Great Houses of The Strand was a book that was suggested to me as I was looking around for books on English architecture.  I was immediately intrigued.  Here’s a description of it…

“This book reconstructs the so-called “Strand palaces”eleven great houses that once stood along the Strand in London. Between 1550 and 1650, this was the capital’s “Golden Mile”: home to a unique concentration of patrons and artists, and where England’s early-modern and post-Reformation elites jostled to establish themselves by building and furnishing new, secular cathedrals. Their inventive, eclectic, and yet carefully-crafted mix of vernacular and continental features not only shaped some of the greatest country houses of the day, but also the image of English power on the world stage. It also gave rise to a distinctly English style, which was to become the symbol of a unique architectural period. The product of almost two decades of research, and benefitting from close archival investigation, this book brings together an incredible array of unpublished sources that sheds new light on one of the most important chapters in London’s architectural history, and on English architecture more broadly.”

Doesn’t that sound fascinating?  I hope the illustrations and photos are good, though.  There isn’t a preview, but it has over 300 pages and is a generous size, so I’m hopeful!  I’ll let you know.

london's golden mile | manolo guerci | miss mustard seed

cozy white cottage seasons – november 2

I always love supporting authors I know personally as well as those I admire through their books and social media.  Liz Marie is such a talented individual, but she is also the kind of creative I want to support.  Her second book, Cozy White Cottage Seasons, is coming out later this year and I can’t wait!  I am excited for her, but I’m also looking forward to reading more of the book.  I had the privilege of reviewing some of the book to write an endorsement and it’s so good.  It’s stunningly beautiful, of course, but there are lots of great ideas and inspiration, too.

Since our books are launching less than a month apart, we’re going to be doing a giveaway and an Instagram Live together to celebrate!  I’ll share some more details on that soon.

cozy white cottage seasons | liz marie galvan | miss mustard seed

Are there any books you’re looking forward to ordering or reading?

If you need some more book inspiration (sorry/not sorry if I’m enabling your book habit), but I’ve added a bunch of books from my home library to my Amazon store.  I added over 100 decorating books and 150 art books and I’m still adding!  These lists can be a little overwhelming but might give you some good books to add to your home library or check out from your local library.  Since I’m asked about books frequently, I’ll share some blog posts with smaller groups of books good for specific topics.


  1. Fonda

    In your Amazon store, Gardening is misspelled as Gerdening. You might want to change that.

    • Marian Parsons

      Ah-ha! Thank you so much. Typo, obviously. I fixed it. 🙂

  2. Susan

    Your book is on the top of my list! Also looking forward to The Joy of Pizza (10/26).

  3. Candice Hope

    Can’t wait for Liz’s book! Was at her Store and Market this past weekend in Holland Michigan and it was fabulous!

    • Jean

      where is Liz’s store in Holland, MI? we go there every summer and now I have to find it!!

      • Jen

        It’s called The Found Cottage.

  4. Diane

    Pouring over decorating books is one of my favorite ways to unwind in bed!

  5. Ronda

    My book addiction is well fed with this post. Several will be added to my list that is already topped with your book. Weekly trips to the book store are in order for the next couple of months. 🌻

  6. Cheri

    I could easily fill all the bookshelves in my home with many of these books! Looks like I’ll have to make some room!

  7. Vikki

    I finally got around to preordering your book yesterday. I discovered a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble in my purse. PERFECT!! Can’t wait.

  8. Cynthia

    Hi Marian~

    Many gems in this post! The best is the link to your Amazon Store~ I didn’t know that was a thing…of course I am a conflicted Luddite and I suppose it’s always been in front of my nose. When I moved to Colorado from Minnesota I donated hundreds of books to prisons, shelters, and group homes, etc. After today I think I will be looking for a smallish 🙂 bookcase to add some new things to my minimal collection.

    Thank you as always for being a day brightener! Cheers to your boys and starting school~ I hope for all good things this year!

    Cynthia <3

  9. Sandra

    Shameless with good reason!

  10. ana ericksen

    I preordered your book! Congratulations!

  11. Crystal Brown

    I pre-ordered Shades of White, Cozy and yours as soon as I heard about them on instagram. I also pre-orderd Lauren Liess, Feels Like Home. Ironic title. 🙂 Think I’m most excited for Book 9 in the Outlander series by Diana Galbadon. She writes prose that reads like poetry. My favorite fiction books, ever and that’s saying something because I am a reader, always have been, I have oodles of decor and decorating books, but right now I’m mostly into collecting vintage books, particularly ones I read as a young girl; Zane Grey, Albert Payson Terhune, The Black Stallion series. And yes, I reread them! I love the look of faded and worn covers, dog eared and yellowing pages. The stories that taught me imagine…


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