favorite furniture of 2014

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Hello 2015!  I’m excited about this coming year and all of the possibilities it holds.  I am going to take a few posts to soak in 2014 before diving in, though.

Furniture makeovers are my favorite, so I thought I would share my favorite pieces that I painted and upholstered over the past year…

I was totally in love with this cabinet painted in Eulalie’s Sky

miss mustard seed-6374

It was a dark green when I bought it off Craig’s List.  Using two colors of paint and finishing with some light distressing brought out all of the charming details.  This piece had great bones and they just needed to be highlighted.


Most of my favorite pieces are blue, of course, but I love this dresser painted in Boxwood layered over Lucketts Green…

miss mustard seed-6241

This piece wore green well and chipped in just the right way in all the right places.  I love it when furniture helps me along!


I painted this old, empire dresser in a custom-mixed blue

miss mustard seed-6201

Again, it just chipped in all the right places that brought out the uniqueness of the shape.  It was really hard not to keep that one!


And these were hard to give up as well, but how many French chairs can one have in a house, really.  Wait, don’t answer that.  Let’s just pretend there is a limit and I have reached it, so I needed to sell these.  I affectionately referred to them as the French Twins.

miss mustard seed-6261

I rest easy, though, because they went to a Lucketts regular and are in the company of several other Miss Mustard Seed originals and antique finds.


I love how things just came together in this French chair…

miss mustard seed-5668

I found the grain sack and the chair both in a local antique shop and they seemed to belong together.  The wood frame was beautiful, but the previous upholstery made the chair look a little stuffy and too serious for my taste.  I love how it turned out.


I have to include the hand painted Bavarian bed in this roundup.  This is one of the toughest pieces I’ve ever sold, but I’ve learned over the years that there is joy in passing pieces along to others who will treasure them and that makes it easier.

miss mustard seed-7257


Another hand painted piece I really loved was this empire buffet I painted in a soft, faded style.  The light top was a total departure for me and it dramatically changed the look of the piece.  I love that this formerly heavy piece ended up looking light an airy.

miss mustard seed-042


I think hand painted pieces find a soft spot with me, because I spend more time with them.  For that reason, this one made my list as well.  I painted this two-tone blue empire with a folk-art inspired tree that is playful, but still grown up enough to be used in any room in the house.

miss mustard seed-185


Now, we get to one that I did keep…

miss mustard seed-0525

I knew this primitive hutch found on Craig’s List was a special one.  It was almost perfect, but the blue was a little bright, so I gently painted it over, retaining the wear.


Lastly, I love how this jelly primitive jelly cupboard turned out.  It was another piece I painted in two-tone (Flow Blue over Artissimo).  This was a really old piece, so milk paint seemed to suit it.

miss mustard seed-1593

Now that I have the studio, which means more space, I am hoping to work on more furniture this year.  Painting, upholstering, sewing slipcovers, sanding, refinishing…it really is like therapy for me.  I put on some good music and get lost in the brush strokes and my thoughts.  It reminds me that I love what I do and am blessed to be able to do it for a living.

Did your favorite piece make the list?

favorite furniture of 2014

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18 Comments on “favorite furniture of 2014”

  1. I’ve been following since 2013 loved your style last Jan. But I love it even more now. Happy New Year!

  2. Mine did! I love the French Twins! New Year means it’s time to start looking forward to adding to my collection in May. Happy New Year Marian!

  3. My favorite that you did was the amazing white dental cabinet with all the cute skinny drawers & glass knobs, I think! Oh, and your S.O.R. ( side of the road) find-your front counter!

  4. my favorite piece is all of them. that’s how good you are. you always inspire me to pick up my paintbrush, and even though i paint everything white, it never gets old or less enjoyable. thanks for another year of so much heartfelt lovely, marian. peace to you right where you are.

  5. How do you even pick one? I just want a room full of gorgeous furniture to walk through and admire! It wouldn’t be very functional but it would be so beautiful! Such an inspirational room! I think my favorite is the two-toned white and blue piece up top. I just love the contrast and the soft colors!

  6. My favorite piece made it! I was excited to see the dresser in boxwood and luckets green . I have been going thru the archives looking at the dresser with wonderful Gwendolyn . Love your work!! Thank you for sharing ….you are so inspirational !

  7. Well, gosh, every single one of these pieces is just gorgeous. At first I was definitely going to pick the empire buffet as my fave, since I love the the pale, subtle color and your signature folk art painting style. But that darn jelly cupboard gets me every time. Love that thing. Happy New Year Marian!

  8. all these pieces were an inspiration as I followed them throughout the year. i found myself taking chances with color that I wouldn’t have tried before. Looking forward to your year ahead and gaining more knowledge to use in my own house…Thank YOU!

  9. Blue milk paint and grain sack upholstery describe my style to a tee! I adore the faded blue treatment you gave the empire buffet and would gladly offer up one of my own pieces for you to refinish the same way. (Would you do that???) I’m eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Lucketts May show date to see you and your work in the flesh. Happy new year!

  10. My favorite made the list – the jelly cupboard – and I bought it! Every morning I come out of our bedroom and see it on the landing at the top of the stairs and it makes me smile!

  11. Out of this bunch, my favorites are the Boxwood buffet (I am a green kind of gal), the Bavarian bed, the Empire-turned-Scandinavian buffet, and of course – the French chairs. Wish I could have grabbed one of these chairs for my house…

  12. The first cabinet painted in Eulalies Sky is my favorite.
    I saw it at Lucketts and wanted it so badly but nothing in my house is blue and I mean nothing.
    If I could I would have redone my whole house to fit that in. My husband even told me to get it if I liked it that much. But I had to be reasonable. So I will be patient until the next Lucketts!

  13. I really love the blue and white tall cabinet. Also the Bavarian bed and the two shades of green dresser. The others are all beautiful, but the three I mentioned are the ones I would love having in my home to look at every day.

    Thanks for sharing your passions and projects with us, Marian. I look forward every day to your posts. Please don’t stop!

  14. I love all of these pieces! But, I must admit, I have a soft spot for your primitive hutch. I saw that piece at the Toronto Home Show and fell in love with it. I still can’t believe you brought that all the way to Canada! It was amazing in your booth.

  15. Oh wow, they’re all wonderful. Those deeper blues are soooo yummy. And, i didn’t know you gave up the bed! I know it makes you feel better when they go to good homes though. I’m the same way with my paintings…


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