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In this second installment of the farmhouse holiday series, we’re all sharing our fall family rooms…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but I don’t do much in the way of fall decorating. I’ll put out a couple of pumpkins, a bowl of apples, etc. and just leave it at that. In the case of my family room, I just put a mum in a bucket and added a couple of faux pumpkins in a wicker basket tray on the coffee table. It’s just enough to bring an essence of fall to the room without having to bring up bins of decor from the basement.

I also put out a bowl of mixed nuts and a nutcracker I picked up on Etsy a couple of years ago.  My Oma always had mixed nuts on her coffee table and I like bringing them out for fall and winter each year.

These mums were $5.00, so I’m treating them like fresh flowers.  I’ll just keep them inside until they look sad and then I’ll move them outside or pitch them.  And I won’t feel the slightest bit bad about it!

I like putting coffee table decor on a tray, so it can easily be moved out of the way when we’re watching a movie and want to prop our feet up.

If you’re familiar with my family room, you may notice that it looks a little different!

Just this weekend, we got some new furniture for the space and it looks and functions so much better.  I’ll share more about it in a few days, but this is my favorite version of our family room.  It’s a room I’ve struggled with, because it’s long, narrow, and has a lot of traffic paths, doors and windows.


Photographing the room was really funny.  My boys and Sebastian were literally running through between each shot!  I was holding onto the camera and tripod for dear life!

But that’s what a family room is, right?

Speaking of Sebastian, the other nice thing about the sofa placement is that we’re able to hide his crate and toy basket behind it.  It’s still out in the open, but it’s not in your face.  You have to walk around the sofa to really see it.

More on the changes in the family room soon!

Until then, here are some other beautiful family rooms to visit on the tour…


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  1. nancy w.

    Everything looks lovely. A side note: now that you have a dog, please do not leave food (the nuts) any food anywhere he can reach it. You cannot imagine what they will eat and do great harm to themselves. I mention this because I know how caring you are. Thanks.

  2. Kim

    Oh, I just had to laugh at your phrase “I just put my mum in a bucket.” Because where I live, in Canada, it means something completely different, as most people use the word “mum” for “mom,” just like the British. 🙂

    • marian

      Ha! That is funny. We call chrysanthemums “mums” for short.

    • Sheri

      I live in western Canada and we call chrysanthemums, mums too. I personally don’t like being called mum…..I prefer mom. 😉 Many Canadians do use mum for mom though.

  3. debbie delosreyes

    I love love love the color and texture of the couch and the coffee table. Be careful that doggy can’t push the cage over to the new couch and chew. Unfortunately I have had that happen.

  4. Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

    I love the addition of the new sofa. It looks so much more comfy. I love the mum in the bucket. Maybe I’ll have to do something like that. Happy day!

  5. Salena

    Please, please, please do a tutorial for a crate cover!! We just added a dog to our house as well, and I’ve been looking everywhere for ideas. Last week I was looking through some of your furniture slipcovers for design tips!

    • Pat Smith

      I use a small old oriental rug over our dog cage. He loves his cave. Put a tray on top for lamp and book. It also behind a sofa.

  6. Marsha Kern

    I love the new sofa! Your leather one has moved??

    • marian

      Yes! It’s at the studio now. I keep selling our studio sofas and we really need one for when I have sick kids come to the studio with me or for us to lounge.

  7. Bridey

    I love the couch! I have a question about you blue “glass slipper” paint. I am wanting to do a pale pale palest blue in my living room (blue has been my trademark my whole life and now we are back in our own home again I get to paint!) My question is does your color look more saturated in real life? I’ve got all the samples up of BM glass slipper and other similar shades, and they seem so high contrast when up in small patches, but they all look so washed out in all the photos. I’m looking for that barely there watercolor feel. Just curious how you feel about the actual color vs. exposure in photos. Thanks! Love following your blog.

    • marian

      If you’re painting a swatch over white, it is going to look more dramatic. It is a very pale blue, but if you want it even softer, I would suggest asking Benjamin Moore to mix it at 50% strength and then it will be the same color, but even lighter.

  8. Rachel

    This sectional is dreamy!! LOVE the way it is arranged in this room. It looks like it was meant to be! Please tell me you didn’t get rid of your beloved leather sofa tho– it’s in the other living room, right? Also, I chuckled when you said you would just put the mum outside or chuck it– that is so me! I always end up throwing away all the mums I buy in the fall! I think the way you decorate for fall is perfect– very relatable. Who has time or space for buckets of seasonal decor? I mean… except for Christmas… because tree trimmings you know. But anyhow, I’m getting chatty! haha

    • marian

      No, we still love that leather sofa, but there isn’t a matching love seat and I really wanted a more cohesive look. The leather sofa has moved to the studio where I have sworn to Jeff that I won’t sell it! We hope to put it in an office, media room or something like that some day.

  9. Phyllis Limiero

    I love the rug in your room. We are looking for a new one for our family room and wondered if you would share where you found it. Your home is always so lovely and inviting. Thank you.

    • marian

      It’s the heathered jute rug from Pottery Barn.

      • Phyllis Limiero

        Thank you for the info.

  10. Botanic Bleu

    Love your blue and white always… Your beautiful style is an example that you can decorate for fall with other colors than the traditional oranges, rusts, etc… Your white mums say fall, and I plan to decorate for fall with the same color scheme…blue and white.

    I added your Farmhouse Holiday series ‘button” to a group Pinterest board, Round Up of Blog Home Tours.


  11. Amy

    While I find I’m non-committal when choosing color palettes such as your blue/white theme, you always pull it off to have a mix of casual with elegance! I see your couch is new? Knowing that you do a lot of your reupholstering, would you recommend I dive into that by hiring a professional or purchasing something ready made? I want our new sofa to both withstand family, a pt dog (Grampys dog) but hold up and not sag or pucker in a few years. I’m afraid new things don’t hold up unless I’m willing/able to spend into the thousands- which I’m not.

  12. Kerri

    Love the new sectional. It fits great in your space. Would you please tell me what the dark color of your interior doors is?

  13. Debbie klausing

    Where did the leather go? Maybe to a lucky home? Whatever you do looks great!

  14. Jeanne

    The soft blue of your walls is lovely. The sectional looks like it fits well in the space and is roomy for everyone…so often I find sectionals can be overwhelming. Bumping into furniture at every turn is not good. A very pretty room. I laughed at the dog crate…ahhh, the animals. We have a cat perch in the center of the house…for all to see…initially it was in the front entry, but I guess the cat felt isolated and she refused to use it. She loves being where we are and keeping a good eye on us. OH well…:)

  15. Michelle Gaul

    Beautiful as always! I love the new sofa!

    May I ask where you found the Antler pillow?

    • nicole

      That pillow is a Royal Scout & Co. pillow ?

  16. Christina

    Hi Marian,
    I was wondering if you still had the Ektorp sofa from Ikea? What are/were your thoughts on this sofa? I’ll be buying furniture in the near future and I’m trying to find a good sofa. I love the new furniture you have as well. It looks really comfortable and durable. Thanks!

  17. Lisa in beautiful Missoula, MT

    Why yesssss, the beautiful brown sofa has been replaced by a gorgeous sectional! Lovely choice! Those mums and the faux pumpkins look great. I second the “watch out for nuts in a bowl” around the dog comment. They smell yummy and make great wooden balls from the doggie perspective. Just a thought.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the family room!

  18. Laura Lennox

    Hi Marian,

    The room is beautiful!. Just wondering if you noticed the woman’s face in the curtains in the first picture of this post. I’m sure it’s just the shadows outside but it’s very ghostly.

  19. Elaine

    Love the new sofa … We have a similar shaped room … Would you please share where you purchased the sofa and amazing coffee table .. Thanks … Happy fall .. Ya .. All

  20. MaryLisa Noyes

    I knew something was different! Can’t wait to see all of it.

  21. Sharon

    I don’t do much for Fall either. I just bought mums from WalMart for $4 to put in my porch boxes and hang a wreath on the door. Don’t do much inside at all. I do enjoy Fall, just don’t go crazy on decorating. LOVE ALL YOU DO!!

  22. Chris Moore

    LOVE the coffee table!

    Who won the ACE card? Has that been posted?

  23. Anne Scaramuzzo

    What a lovely room! We are searching for toddler friendly couches- any suggestions? Color? fabric? The light color we have is just not holding up, but I don’t want to get a brown or leather couch!

  24. DD

    Looks lovely!! May I ask what color your inside front door is?

  25. Julie

    I love your ever evolving home. It’s always fun to see the updates!

    I also have to complement you on the way you advertise, organize and merchandise the pages of your blog. It’s clean organized and you can differentiate your blog content for the ads. Yesterday I took quite a tour of other blogs and it was visually exhausting to dodge all the pop ups and subscribe boxes. I believe in being able to profit from the hard work that goes into a blog but I had such a headache after viewing some of them.

    Just saying what I should say more often — I am grateful for all your blog!

  26. b folk

    Looks beautiful! Some varieties of mums are hardy perennials and transplanting established plants should be easy. It doesn’t take much longer to “throw ’em in the ground” than to pitch ’em. If they don’t survive the winter, you have only spent 5 minutes planting them. However, if they come back and flower next Fall, you’ll be happy you tried:-) If you have heavy, wet soil over the winter, cut them back to about 8″ tall after final blooms fade, plant, and cover with mulch or sawdust to overwinter. Whatever water nature provides should get them through until Spring.

  27. Karin

    Annabel sectional? If I am right than I know my stuff! TBD . . .

  28. Courtney

    Love the new look- it is always so pretty over at your place Marian!!

  29. Jennifer

    Do you realize how many people you’ve “crushed” with your new sectional sofa?! I would love to know how many folks went out and bought leather couches after your purchase??!!!

    I really do love the light colored sectional – very practical & super comfortable and seems to be a perfect fit for the room. My favorite look so far. I would love a sectional for our family room, but our house is way too small 🙁

    • marian

      Ha. Oh no! I still love the leather sofa, but they don’t make a matching love seat. 🙁 We really loved the arrangement of a sofa and love seat in an “L” and a sectional was the best way to do that. You’ll see the leather sofa again, though! We’ve moved it to the studio where I have sworn to Jeff that I won’t ever sell it. 🙂

  30. Teresa

    I noticed the new sectional right away! I must say I really love it and how it looks in your family room. I think its much more functional than the leather sofa. While I liked the leather sofa, I never really thought it “fit” the room.


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