ironstone, linen tea towels, quilts & more

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Last week, I set out to find a desk for Calvin’s room in a local antique store and, while I was out, I picked up a few things to list in the online shop.

I found a bunch of ironstone – some very pretty tureens were the highlight, but I also got sugar jars, small pitchers, a set of dinner plates, platters, bowls, etc.


This one is particularly special, but I have enough “special” tureens and I already swapped out two in this bunch to keep for myself, so I’m letting it go.


I also listed a caddy with canning jars…


..a set of four vintage coffee cups…


How cute are they?  I’m not a coffee drinker, but I hope this style of coffee cup makes a comeback.

I also listed this great bread board…


…and a couple of red and white quilts…


… a bunch of heavy linen tea towels from Europe…



…as well as another group of hemp sheets.

You can see all of the “coming soon” items by visiting the online shop HERE.  The listings will go live this Thursday evening (September 15) at 10:00 PM EST.

ironstone, linen tea towels, quilts & more

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8 Comments on “ironstone, linen tea towels, quilts & more”

  1. all very nice things, should open the quilts so we can see them, figured out the one posted but can’t really see the other one, thanks for showing everything. love and read your blog eveyday

  2. Beautiful quilts!! How do you know if a quilt in an antique shop is strong enough to take home and keep using? Can you wash them in the washing machine?

  3. Cute finds! The canning jar caddy lowers and lifts jars in and out of a water bath canner so they don’t sit directly on the bottom of the pot. The little nook in the handle allows it to sit up on the side of the canner. That always seemed precarious so didn’t do that!

  4. Lots of beauties! Do you clean your quilts yourself? Do you mind sharing what you use. I purchased a very old quilt and it has some spots and the edge is really dirty. ? I would appreciate any tips!
    Thank you

  5. Nice items, all! I need to make a new valance for the window over my kitchen sink. I’m thinking that the one piece of linen toweling might be long enough. The window measures 36″. But the toweling piece measures only 34″. Rats! I was hoping to be able to use just one towel, as two would be more than I can pay for a valance. I really need at least one and a half the width of the window. Oh, well, I’ll find something else.

    I like the tureens, too. I am really frustrated with the lack of surfaces in my home for display. It’s a small ranch and I’ve used about every flat space I can! And I can’t store any thing more for switching out things. All storage is pretty well filled to the brim. Would you say I need a bigger house? No, I just have to brain-storm more storage! My kids will not like that!

  6. Are you going to list the red & white quilt to sale? If so, I would be very interested in buying it!❤️

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