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After having a bolt of fabric sitting in my family room since this summer, it was finally time to turn it into what it was meant to be – curtains for my family room.  I don’t enjoy sewing, but I do it because I can make curtains better than ones I can buy at the store (and for a LOT less money.)  If I wanted to purchase long, full curtains that were exactly what I wanted (for all four windows), I would spend hundreds of dollars.  Instead, I spent about $22/panel.

I made them the same way I made the panels in my living & dining rooms.  I used the same aesthtic idea as well…use a bold, blue & white fabric to set off everything else and make the room pop.  The fabric is from  It’s now $8.98/yard, but when I bought it, it was $6.98/yard and I used a coupon code on top of that.  The curtains rods are by Martha Stewart from Home Depot.




I love the way this room is coming together.  I have four more panels to make though.  Ugh.


…and here’s a better picture of my Green Grocer sign.  Someone asked about stencils I use, so here is the post where I share all of my secrets for making a sign. 



I also hung a boxwood wreath (given to me by the Wuslu girls) in my kitchen window.  I love boxwood.  It looks so lush and fresh.  Like having a bouquet of flowers, but it only needs to be spritzed with water once a month.  That’s my kind of greenery.



I also found some more Ralph Lauren pillows at TJ Maxx.  You may remember my plea for help when I only bought two green ones and wanted more.  Well, I bought all four pillows they had, so I wouldn’t make that mistake again!  These are very grain-sack-ish and will work in almost any room in my house.  They’re on the family room sofa at the moment, since i’m focusing my attention on that room.

 That’s all for today!  I’m going to be sewing up a storm tonight and headed to Lucketts and the airport tomorrow (to pick up my mom!)


family room curtains

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73 Comments on “family room curtains”

  1. The curtains are beautiful. I feel your pain when you say you still have four more panels to make. It’s not that they’re hard…just time consuming…especially when you are making more than two panels. I am off to check out your sign making post as well.

      1. I’m thinking about making some curtains that will need to be room darkening– wondering how hard it would be to put an “inner lining” of darker fabric between my regular fabric and the white lining fabric… any ideas? Your curtains are so pretty! As is the room.

        1. You can use white flannel or white felt for the inner lining. It’s inexpensive and readily available. I’ve done it on all of my drapes because I like the darkening quality, it keeps the rooms warmer during cold Illinois winters and it makes the drapes hang beautifully like they do when they are custom made. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for sharing…and for explaining it so well. I love the curtains…and really love the pillows. I am going there today! Your sign is perect!!
    I went to the Wuslu site….and bought the foot stool….wonderful price and piece! I didn’t know about them…thank you! beverlee

  3. I love to sew, but yurs are more complicated than mine! Ha! I just turned under the edges and hung them up behind my headboard… But I wanted the light to be able to stream through them…yeah, that’s why I didn’t line them…

    They look fab. The graphic fabric is da Bomb!

    1. Light does still come through these, since I just use cheap cotton sheets, but it makes the back side look neater.

  4. That’s crazy I just saw this fabric last week at Jo-Ann’s and thought “these would make nice curtains for my dinning room!” ha! I love love love them!
    I might just go back and get that fabric, they look a bit more turquoise in your pictures though.

  5. Really beautiful. It is lovely to see creativity going into peoples lives in all the different areas. Not just settling for the status quo. xx

  6. Love those curtain panels. Just a question about pocket style curtains. Are they meant to be pulled closed at night (is the pocket tight or lose that the curtains pull easilty) or are they just decorative and not intended to be closed. I need to make 6 curtains for our large windowed family room, and easy is good, pocket would be easy, but they are big windows to cover, so not sure if pocket style is a good idea.

    Jane in NZ

    1. You could pull them closed, but it might be a paint. I have blinds as well, so mine don’t need to function. If you need functioning drapes, I would use rings or metal hooks with a pleated top.

  7. I LOVE to sew! If you have any projects you want to hire out send them my way:) I just shipped an ‘elopement’ dress of to LA California. Can’t wait to see if it actually fits. I usually fit the brides I work with!!

  8. Great curtains!! Hang in there with the sewing – the room looks stunning!! 🙂 I was at Luckett’s last weekend and loved your room!! I took lots of photos of Luckett’s and am doing a series of them on my blog. Your shop is coming up soon!!! Thank you for all you do – you are so, so inspiring!!! God bless!! ~ Jennifer

  9. Inspiration all over your house, as always. I am going to to hunt for curtain materials for 3 rooms. I had never heard of them and despaired of ever finding anything nice. What do you use for lining?

    Thanks for another great idea!!

    1. I use the $5 200 thread count white twin flat sheets from Wal-Mart. They are the perfect size and super cheap!

  10. I’ve never bought fabric over the internet… sounds like a scary proposition to me, but perhaps this old gal should try something new 🙂


  11. Marion- I love the fabric that you used! It is just perfect for your house. The thought of buying fabric without being able to “touch” it first is kind of scary to me. I am so into the texture and feel of a fabric.

    Have fun picking your Mom up…or at least enjoy her AFTER you pick her up! xo Diana

  12. Marian you have a magic touch…it seems everything you touch turns to gold! I love how your family room is coming along….a huge transformation from older pics I have seen. I am not one to use blue in decorating but seeing it in your home makes me want to change my mind! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    All the best,

  13. I have that fabric in curtains in my master! Love it! I was thinking about taking them down, but now I’m thinking if I just add drapery hooks they can have a new life.

    Looks great!

  14. I love the curtains. The fabric is so lovely. I have long curtains in our living room. We have four windows, too. Although I love the long curtains I am going to have to make new shorter ones. Our two dogs make our curtains filthy. I am having to take them down and launder them monthly. Just not worth it. I will be so sad with the shorter panels though.


  15. Great idea to line them with sheets! My bedroom is in desperate need. I have blinds, but they need dressing up. Your drapes look gorgeous, I love that fabric, just looks so cheery without being cutesy.

  16. Your curtains are beautiful! and so is your room. Love the boxwood wreath, is it made from cut boxwood? and it stays alive with just spritzing?

    1. Yeah, it’s made from live boxwood and the tag says it just needs a spritz once a month.

    1. We hope to get a lot accomplished this time too. I arrive early tomorrow and return late Monday night – so we have almost 5 full days. Should be a blast. I am bringing my painting clothes. Marian has big plans – I am just cheap help. MMS’s Mom

  17. Looks great! Love the curtains and the boxwood wreath, and I recognize the smaller ones – love how you added the long ribbon! I have a quick question – what “grit” size do you use for your ornaments? I am thinking of making a “merry christmas” sign for my kids to hold in our Christmas pic for this year. I should’ve just bought one from you when I was a Lucketts – duh! But, oh well, it will be fun to make one! Have a wonderful visit with your mom!


    1. Yes, I love my little wreaths. I liked the ribbon they came on, but it just wasn’t long enough. I like using a mix of 70 and 90 grit.

  18. The curtains are wonderful. If I were to look at that on the bolt, I’d never think curtains, but it looks absolutely wonderful. I really need to think a little more outside my comfort zone of solids and get wild n crazy with some patterns.

  19. I just finished two sequine letters out of 17 for my children’s names on their stockings. Only 15 more to go…..One a day, and I’ll be done by Advent. Yeah….Slow and Steady Gets them Ready. I borrowed that from a preschool curriculum title.

    Beautiful rooms, I think I hit TJ’s myself this Friday and checkout their pillows.

  20. LOVE the curtains! Stunning fabric. So simple and yet they really work with the room. I love keeping decor simple but then going a little mad with curtains or cushions! That way, I can always change them when I get bored (which is fairly often) without having to redo the entire room! lol x

  21. I really really like these curtains, but I have to admit that I still love the other ones you had just a little bit better. Maybe that’s my bold color & pattern love trying to come through. ;^) Love the pillows though! I never think to look at TJ Maxx for pillows. I’ve been making my own lately & they’ve been selling quite well at my craft shows. I had an order to make more for my next one on Sat. Thank YOU for that inspiration & using the painters cloth for the fabric.!

    1. Well, the other ones are still hanging in my living and dining room. I love them, too, but using them in my family room as well would be overkill.

  22. I am in love with those curtains !!!!! I sew alot but have never tried curtains, yet.
    My question is, how do you determine where to mount the curtain rods? Is there a formula or do you just “eye ball” it??
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, skills and talents with all of us.

  23. I saw those pillows the other day and thought of you! I am making curtains for my living room using your tutorial. Unfortunately my fabric was not as inexpensive as yours. 🙁 But I’ve been eyeing it for a year and it finally went 20% off.

  24. I have a question about a piece of furniture on your portfolio. It’s a chest/dresser, light blue, with Robert Frost’s poem in a frame above it. I’m curious about its dimentions because there’s a piece very similar to this for sell on craigslist close to where I am. I was wondering whether they’re about the same proportions.
    If you still have access to this piece, would you mind measuring it for me?

    I have been visiting your site for a couple months now. Love your ideas and your tutorials. If I only had more time!


  25. Love the post today. Quick question about the boxwood wreath…do you know where it came from? I know you said you got it as a gift, but was wondering if it said on the box it came in.

    1. Alana, the wreath is from Wuslu–it’s a decor company. Click on the hyperlink she provided, and it takes you to the website.

  26. Thanks for saying thtat you don’t like sewing!
    It is one of my least favorite things but it seems everyone is Blogland loves to do it.

    The curtains add such a wonderful and fun touch to the room. I’ll cheer you on as you sew up the other panels. 🙂

  27. LOVE your style!! You make everything look so classy, but cozy, lived-in, and quaint all at the same time! I LOVE how you have some blue with some greenery…so nice! I never thought of a live boxwood wreath, but that makes sense since you can just stick boxwood into dirt and as long as the dirt doesn’t dry out completely, it will root. Is the wreath base some of that live-wreath green clay stuff? I’d LOVE to try to make one!!!
    Have fun with your mom!!!! I just spend the day with mine, and I always hate when it’s over! Funny how as a teen you want to be with friends all the time, but when you get married and have kids, Mom is the best friend there is! 🙂 Have a great week!

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