Christmas Living Room 2016

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I was trying to write this post last night and my mind was just mush!  I found myself in a mid-sentence daze and I finally surrendered and went to bed.

So, now that it’s a new day, here is my living room dressed for the holiday season.  The living room is probably my favorite room to decorate for Christmas.  It has beautiful light and this is the room that is most “me”.  This is the room you’re greeted when when you first walk in the house and it’s one of my “pretty rooms”, meaning it doesn’t have to be as functional or hard-wearing as our family room.  I don’t have to worry about toy storage, accommodating wrestling matches, or housing a TV.


So, other than the tree, I’ve decorated this room pretty much the same way I have for the past few years.  Ever since I chucked our artificial tree and purged the bins of decor, I use a few favorite pieces, fresh greens, and that’s it.  It not only lends an “old school” vibe, but it’s simple and pretty.  I also like that it’s a little different every year.

I added fresh greenery on the top of the hutch, to the chandelier, and created a laurel around the rocking horse’s neck.  I use a mix of roping and sprigs, some purchased, some were free trimming from the tree farm, and some were scavenged from our yard.

I hung my pom-pom wreath from Anthropologie in its usual spot on the primitive hutch.


I also propped some wooden skis I found at a thrift store for $18 about 15 years ago.  The poles were acquired more recently from an antique shop.

I also kept the tree decorations simple.  I started with a few strands of lights and added the wool felt star garland from Restoration Hardware.  For ornaments, I used some grain sack stars and hearts, along with some simple wood ornaments found at Home Goods.  Since the branches of the nobel fir tree are feathery and thick, lightweight, smaller ornaments seemed to work best.


One of my favorite things to do in this room each year is to create a wreath on the chandelier.  It’s super simple and makes such a big impact in the space.


Here’s a video I made last year, showing my trick for getting the wreath to look full and stay in place…


I also tucked greenery into the goat bell I recently purchased for $4.00, which happened to fit perfectly on my rocking horse!


I used a variety of greens – lavender sprigs, juniper, fir, cedar, pine, and eucalyptus.  It really is just as simple as tucking until everything looks good to me.  Sometimes a piece will randomly fall out, but it stays pretty intact through the season.


In all the tucking, I wanted to make sure you could still see the bell, though!


On the side table by the sofa, I added an old wooden bucket filled with sugar pinecones.  I tried several different accessories in that place, but this seemed to work the best.  It fit with everything else happening in the room, but didn’t steal attention away from the features – the horse, the tree, and the hutch.


Aaaand, yes.  That’s a dog on the sofa.  I gave into letting Sebastian sit on the sofa in the front of the room.  He likes to look out the window and that’s really the only place he can do it at the front of the house.  Usually, I have a quilt spread out for him to sleep on, just to make it easy to clean, but I pulled it up for the pictures.

My paper white bulbs are starting to come up nicely on the coffee table.  I can’t wait for them to start blooming!

I’m in the studio today, working on my work space and some other things, but more Christmas decorating is on the way…

Christmas Living Room 2016

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