Christmas Master Bedroom 2016

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Friday was a productive day working at home.  I had a lot of little things I needed to catch up on and check off the to-do list and I wanted to get some more Christmas decorating done.  So, I bounced between doing things I needed to do and things I wanted to do and was able to make some nice progress in both categories.

One thing I completed was the Christmas decorating in our bedroom.  I used to only decorate the living spaces, but I’ve come to love bringing a little bit of the decor into the bedrooms as well.  I don’t go overboard, but I like adding some fresh greenery and a few decorations.

I *needed* to get our bedroom decor done, because that is where our advent calendar is!


The advent calendar is one of my favorite Christmas decorations.  My blog friend, Ann Drake (On Sutton Place), made those mini stockings for me out of grain sack scraps I sent to her.  I think this is my third or forth  year using it and it’s definitely a keeper.

I’d love to hang it on a bannister, but the end of our bed is really the only place it’ll work in our current hom.


I bought the clay tags off of Etsy to number each stocking.  My boys are Lego fans, so we use the Lego advent calendar each year and I just stuff each day’s present into the coordinating stocking while the boys are at school.  I don’t stuff them all in or they would peek!


I tuck fresh greenery in the arms of the chandelier.  It’s a mess when I’m “making” it, but I just spread an old blanket over the bed to catch the needles, etc. and then shake it out when I’m done.  Surprisingly, it stays pretty neat for a few weeks as long as no one touches it!


This year, I used pine roping (local tree farm), fir branches (free tree trimmings), seeded eucalyptus, juniper (both from Wegmans), and cedar (from my yard).  You can see a tutorial on how I create the chandelier swags HERE.

I added a little tree this year, next to the dress form.  It was a total impulse buy when I was at Wegman’s.  This one is actually a live tree that was sprayed white, but I loved how it looks so much like a feather tree.



I kept the tree in its red plastic stand and fit it into an old galvanized mop bucket.  Pinecones hide the plastic holder, but I can easily shift them to add more water to the stand.


As I did last year, I added some fresh greenery to the top of my wardrobe (which was an epic craigslist find!)


And I also added some greens to the little chandelier in the corner.




I made those little drippy candle sleeves with a glue gun and spray paint.  You can see the tutorial HERE.  (On a side note, I read the post that I just linked to and was cracking myself up.  Sometimes I forget the random things I’ve shared here over the years.)



If you’re wondering how I photographed a mirrored wardrobe head-on, it’s because the mirrors are warped just enough that I can stand directly where the doors meet and I become invisible.  Warped mirrors aren’t very helpful when trying on clothes, but they are handy for “trick shots” like the one above.

In addition to decorating, I took some time to make some gingerbread dough on Friday, so I can make cookies and houses again this year.  Click HERE to see the ones I made last year.

 More Christmas decorating to come…

Christmas Master Bedroom 2016

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15 Comments on “Christmas Master Bedroom 2016”

  1. Those sweet mini stockings are just too cute! Glad they made another appearance this year. I think perhaps your post title should read Christmas Master 2016 though. Too much eggnog??

  2. Love the Christmas bedroom!
    My bedroom set is like your French Provincial high boy, only your’s has the lovely key holes. I bought mine in the early eighties and always wanted to refinish it but never decided on a paint technique and colour.

  3. Oh Marian, I’m so delighted to see a touch of Australia in your chandelier! Gum leaves! How lovely! I’ve been trying to use these as garlands and wreaths over the past few years, but they dry out soo quickly! Why some clever person in Australia hasn’t started marketting artificial wreaths of Gum, I have no idea. Many of our Gum flowers are bright red and very ornamental.

    While you’ll all be hunkering down for Christmas, we’ll be out on our decks, having BBQs in the sun, then romping in the surf! 🙂 Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas season, Marian. Thank you so much for your blog, which is always a sensory delight. Long live the good times!


  4. I absolutely adore your bedroom already and the decorations you chose are perfect! Those little stockings are adorable! Thank you for sharing. Have a beautiful Christmas with those you love!

  5. Just the right touch in the bedroom not too much, not too little! Just serene and pleasing. Am going to go get me some greenery whenever it stops raining! We’ve sure had a lot these past few days here in Central Texas Hill County.

  6. With every room I see in your home I am more and more amazed at how extremely talented you are.
    Your home is breathtaking and made even more so with the Christmas decor.

  7. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love all the greenery. And the little stockings. What a good idea for an advent calendar!

    Your high-boy dresser is beautiful. I’ve been thinking about how to redecorate a spare bedroom in my house and I think that style dresser would be nice. Don’t know if I could ever find one, but it’s nice to think about.

    Looking forward to seeing more Christmas decor.

  8. Marian, this is so lovely. The advent calendar is so sweet and the clay tags take it up a notch. Your master has me dreaming of fresh cut greens. I live in Florida and they just don’t last here. Right now people are buying trees and it is 82 degrees out…the needles drop so fast.
    This was the first time I decorated our master bedroom for the season and shared it on my blog today too!
    I think having a touch of Christmas in the master is so worth the extra effort.


  9. Very beautiful!! I just asked the question about how you got that shot without being in it and you answered it, awesome!! I haven’t even started decorating yet but I love looking at yours!!

  10. Marian,
    Your bedroom is so dreamy! I LOVE the Christmas decor! It’s just the perfect festive touch without being too much for the relaxing space.

    I must ask- What is the finish of your tall dresser? It’s absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been needing to refinish and piece and I think that it may be just the inspiration I need to get started.

    All the best,

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