Christmas Gift Guide for the Neatnik

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After reading this post, you might be glad you’re not on my Christmas list!  I actually have given steam mops as gifts before, because I think they are so awesome.  But, I’m one of those people who enjoys cleaning (most of the time.)  It’s a good time for me to think and I almost always get inspired when I’m cleaning.  I also love being productive and watching a room transformation from messy and fuzzy to clean and neat.  If you get it, you get it.  And, if you get it, here is a gift guide for my fellow neatniks…

I think some things on this gift guide would make nice hostess gifts and stocking stuffers, especially crochet dishcloths and Swedish brushes, but some of these are just good gifts to give yourself to make cleaning a little more enjoyable or easy during the holidays and into the new year.

christmas cleaning gift guide | miss mustard seed




lavender cleaner | horse hair dish scrubber | dish brush | dried lavender | steam mop| glass spray bottles | bottle brush | wool dryer balls

striped crochet dishcloths | Savon de Marseille soap

To highlight a few of the things in the gift guide round-up above…

A good steam mop is one of my favorite cleaning tools.  It gets floors so clean and it dries in minutes.  It’s so much neater, easier, and more effective than traditional mopping.  I’ve been using steam mops for years on tile, sealed hardwoods, my painted studio floor, and even on engineered wood in our last house (on the lowest setting.)

A few years ago, I decided to ditch my plastic dish brushes and only use those I found pretty.  I have become a brush snob in the process.  I have a few plastic brushes for specific jobs, but most of the brushes I use for cleaning have wooden handles and natural bristles.  I tend to like German (Redecker) and Swedish (Iris Hantverk) brushes and I have brushes for everything!  I also started using glass bottles for my cleaners.  I use Mrs. Meyer’s (lavender), but I’ll also make my own cleaning products – soapy water, lavender water, bleach cleaner, vinegar cleaner, etc.

I’ve always loved the Savon de Marseille soap for how pretty it looks by a sink, but it also does a wonderful job cleaning grease, oil, and other stubborn stains.  I use it to wash my paintbrushes (even oil) and stains out of clothes.

I started using wool dryer balls about two years ago instead of dryer sheets.  I’ll put a few drops of lavender essential oil on them and throw a couple in the dryer.

cleaning gift guide | christmas gift ideas | miss mustard seed

Wecks jar | glass spray bottles | Savon de Marseille soap | crochet dishcloths

I have dried lavender on hand to make sachets.  I put them all over the house…in our clothes, table linens, linen closets, my fabric and yarn stashes, and with hats and gloves when they are stored off-season.

iris hantverk brushes | christmas gift ideas | miss mustard seed

Iris Hantverk brushes

Aren’t these just the prettiest brushes? Normally giving a brush might be a little lame, but these are so sweet that I think they make good gifts.  I use mine all the time in a variety of applications and they are very durable.

neat steam cleaner | christmas gift ideas | miss mustard seed

Neat Steam Cleaner

I shared a review of the Neat Steam cleaner in THIS POST.  It is a great tool to clean and sanitize bathrooms, windows, kitchens, upholstery, etc. and it can double as a floor steam mop.  The downside to this one is it takes about 20 minutes to warm up and it’s not as easy to maneuver as the Shark steam mop listed above.  But, the Neat steam cleaner is more versatile.  It does a fantastic job at steaming away dirt, grime, and grease.  It’s not a miracle worker and won’t work on everything, but it works on a lot and, as an added bonus, it sanitizes surfaces.

removable toilet seat | christmas gift ideas | miss mustard seed

Removable Toilet Seat

If anyone gives a toilet seat as a gift, I need to know about it.  This made the list because it is awesome and you will thank me for it.  Give it to yourself as a gift from the men in your life…  It is a removable toilet seat.  You simply twist the plastic knobs where it attaches to the toilet and it pops right off.  When I clean the boys’ bathroom, I take off the seat and hose it off in the shower.  I’m able to clean all of the nooks and crannies on the seat and the toilet and then I put the seat back on.  I can’t believe I didn’t have these in my life sooner.  Now, all of our toilet seats are removable.


marthat stewart's organizing | miss mustard seed

Martha Stewart’s Organizing

And, lastly, this book is a great motivator to get things organized after Christmas.  Not only is it a beautiful book, as you would expect from Martha Stewart, but it’s filled with practical tips and great information.

If you’re a neatnik like me, this gift guide is a little slice of delightfulness!  If not, well, maybe you’ll get some ideas for cleaning supplies that can help make cleaning quicker and more tolerable.

What are some of your favorite cleaning tools and supplies?



  1. Angela

    I absolutely love my removable toilet seat and it’s a soft close…HELLO! hahaha

  2. Stephanie

    I think we are kindred spirits when it comes to cleaning—although I have seven young children and we homeschool, so my home is never even close to being as clean as I’d like it to be! But I adore my wooden dish scrubbing brushes, Norwex microfiber cloths, homemade cleaning solutions, Mrs. Myers soaps, and have used glass spray bottles. This was such a fun list! One thing you didn’t have on the list that I would add, though, is beautiful dish towels. You own so many of them! Have you ever noticed that there are people who never seem to have enough clean dish and hand towels for the kitchen?!?! It’s unthinkable! Towels make such lovely gifts, and you could put a pretty wooden spoon or rush on top and tie a bow around them.

  3. Irene Kelly

    Every Christmas I always put Williams Sonoma or Stonewall Kitchen towels in my gift baskets they are the absolute best kitchen towels I have ever used. And I am always flipping thru Martha’s Organizing book. And I have two of those toilet seats that I purchased not gifts.

  4. Amy

    Speaking of removeable toilet seats, mine is removable, soft close and on a self cleaning toilet. Self. Cleaning. Toilet. (Not that I don’t still scrub the inside of my toilet bowl, I just don’t have to scrub it as often. )

    It might be the best idea I ever copied from my mom.

  5. beverlee b lyons

    My gift last year was a toilet with straight sides…..none of those curley ques that get unmentionable, nasty things in the curves and cracks.
    I am going to buy some of that soap. My kitchen is little and I don’t like clutter, but maybe this.
    Thank you…

    • Mary

      I love reading this–you guys are my peeps! There seems to be this attitude out there that creative people are not neat and don’t clean their homes because they are too busy being “creative.” So I have always enjoyed when you freely admit that you enjoy keeping your home clean and neat Marian. I love taking good care of my home and feel very unsettled if things get dirty or messy. I will admit that when I am in the depths of a project, the project area is a bit of a disaster, but I always clean up when I am done. So clean on fellow creatives!

      • Miss Mustard Seed

        Yes, I can get messy in the middle of a creative product and sometimes I just need to close the door to my sewing room or studio, but I need things to be clean, neat, and organized to be fully creative and productive. If things are too messy or dirty, I can’t focus on the creative work.

  6. Claire

    They make easily removable toilet seats?!?!?!? what?! You have changed my life!!!!

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Yes! And they are very easy to remove and put back on. They have been amazing, especially for the boys’ bathroom.

  7. Donna T

    I bought the Neat steam cleaner after your article and love it so far. I took it to my sons very dirty house and the dirt just melted off his shower walls and baseboards. I did my laundry room which was not as rewarding. Vacuuming and dusting can happen as it warms up to reduce wiping up of dirt.

    • Terry

      I got one also after Marion’s recommendation. LOVE IT.

  8. Traci Madison

    I have the Shark steam mop and the same toilet seat. Both- GAME CHANGERS!

  9. Patricia

    You didn’t mention the Wallace Sleigh Bells this time. It’s one of my favorite things from your recommendation and now I have 12- and this year’s was a gift to my new granddaughter . At least something wonderful happened for us in 2020!

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Wallace Bells are going to get their own post! They are one of my favorite things, too, and I want to address some of the most FAQs about then.

  10. Tracy

    I have 2 boys and a husband and I changed all of our toilet seats to removable seats years ago and it’s the only way to survive as the only woman in the house! I take them off and bleach them in the shower weekly.
    Also, last year my husband gave me a Dyson vacuum for Christmas and it’s now my most used possession – I love it! Never thought I would love getting a vacuum for Christmas but I did!

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Yes! I was actually going to put my Dyson vacuum on the list, but ended up not adding it. I have two Dyson uprights. One is 15 years old, but it’s still going. The rug beater isn’t as effective as it used to be, but I just need to get it serviced. We bought their top-of-the line upright this summer and it is crazy how much dirt it pulls out of carpets.

  11. Kirsten P Dehmlow

    This is a great list – thank you! Wish I had the removable toilet seats when I had 4 small boys in the house!
    What do you use to label your glass spray bottles?

  12. Meredith MacRitchie

    My plan is to move to glass spray bottles for my cleaners… I have the Meyer’s concentrates, so why not put them into nice bottles? And you are always tempting me with the brushes because they’re so pretty! But the toilet seat… okay, I was not a boy mum until my girls were 5 and 7…. I never understood the complaints of women who had boys because I hadn’t experienced it. Now that he’s 5? 😫 what a genius invention!! This post was perfect for me, and yes, I get it!

  13. Terry

    How about a resource for the glass pump bottles in the first picture on your sink. The ones I find are a greenish glass. I love the two you have are different shapes.

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Those are from Target in the bathroom section. I think they might be by Threshold.

  14. Jana

    Many years ago I got a toilet for a Christmas gift! I was dating my now husband and going to college and he knew I needed a new toilet and that I had no extra money. I wasn’t offended at all – I did think this is a practical guy – maybe too practical? 😂
    He has been a wonderful, very practical husband who even has a romantic side to him.

    • Marian Parsons

      I love that! We have had a few Christmases that we had to give very practical things, because we just didn’t have the money for any splurges. While I enjoy being able to get more goodies and having a larger budget for presents, that was a very sweet time and I have fond memories of making Christmas special on a shoestring.

  15. JC

    This is a great post! I too changed to a wooden dish scrub brush. I’ll never go back to plastic. Thank you for the mop link. I have wanted one of these. I hear so many love steam mops and how well they work. Who knew the french soap could be found on Amazon. Thank you!

  16. SueA

    There is NOTHING better than a heated toilet seat. And maybe only adults with cleaner bathroom habits should have them. Believe me, you will never look back.

  17. Randa

    Actually, I find myself wondering how to get *on* your gift list as these are all totally awesome gifts! Kindred spirits.

    • Tamara

      I really enjoyed your post! Very helpful. So, you use these wooden brushes for cleaning bathrooms and in your kitchen? I have always used sponges, but I really hate them. Do you clean the brushes?

      • Marian Parsons

        Yes, I use brushes for cleaning the bathtubs, too. I have plastic brushes for the toilets and I’ll supplement with paper towels or wash rags that I was wash and reuse.

  18. Connie

    Love this list! And now I‘m thinking we have removable toliet seats and I didn’t even know it! We recently moved into a new home; I never heard of these seats but they look just like the one you pictured. Thanks Marian!

  19. Jean M Clayton

    Hi Marian, I love your blog and your creativity! What is the name/brand of the brush in the lower right side of the picture of brushes. It looks like a blush brush but stiffer. I would use it to clean my tub jets. Thanks so much!

    • Marian Parsons

      I think the one you’re looking at is a mushroom brush! I use it as a pastry brush and I don’t think the bristles are quite stiff enough for scrubbing tub jets. I do have a tub brush by the same brand that is great for scrubbing the tub and jets.

  20. Mary Frances

    I wore out a steam cleaner and have yet to replace it. I also would love to get any of the brushes that you show here. Maybe I should mention this to my kids!!

  21. Pamela

    Not sure if old comments, because…Christmas, I’m catching up on older posts. But if you do see it I want you to know we have removable toilets on three of ours and I love them. They also are battery operated so that there is a soft blue glow night light underneath you can you set on a timer. My husband was so enthralled with this purchase a couple years back that when we had our pastor and his wife for dinner for the first time before joining the church, he took our pastor into the bathroom to show him our fancy toilet seats! He actually enjoyed it I think! Anyway, we put our CRAZY out there and they still let us join ha ha


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