christmas decorating | one christmas bell four ways

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Last year, I shared a budget-friendly Christmas bell decorating idea post showing six different ways to use some store-bought sleighbells.  You can find that post HERE.  Since I received great feedback from that post, I decided to do another one this year for a set of bells I bought last week.

Like the bells I purchased last year, this set of bells was also from Target and came on a red & white door hanger…

threshold bell door hanger target | miss mustard seed

You know that red isn’t my color, even during the holidays, but I loved the bells.  They have a nice shine to them, they are heavy, and they hand a handmade look about them.  I think they also have a pretty ring, very important for a bell!  I knew when I bought them that I would want to cut them off of the hanger and use them in different ways.

Christmas bell decorating idea no. 1

All of these ideas are simple, but this one is about as easy as it gets.  I tied a bell onto a piece of twine and hung it from the butcher’s rack above my stove.

budget christmas decorating | brass bells | miss mustard seed

It adds a nice festive touch and it’s okay if it gets splattered while being right over the stove.  In that respect, it’s much more practical than a wreath or swag.

budget christmas decorating | brass bells | miss mustard seed

Christmas bell decorating idea no. 2

Tie on a pretty ribbon onto the top of the bell and just sit it on a shelf.  It would also look pretty on a stack of old books.  I like this idea because it is so easy and it looks pretty!

budget christmas decorating | brass bells | miss mustard seed

I thought a mossy green satin ribbon complimented the warm brass nicely.

budget christmas decorating | brass bells | miss mustard seed

Idea no.3

Tie it on a pretty ribbon and hang it from a doorknob.  I tied this one to our coat closet handle with a blue and white gingham ribbon.  It’s a sweet little Christmasy touch to the hallway…

budget christmas decorating | brass bells | miss mustard seed

budget christmas decorating | brass bells | miss mustard seed

Another nice thing about these bells is they don’t make a lot of noise when hanging from a door handle.  I used to hang sleigh bells from our front door and Jeff would always take them off because he found the ring to be obnoxious!  This one makes a little ring when the door is opened and closed, but it’s not bothersome.

budget christmas decorating | brass bells | miss mustard seed

Idea no. 4

This is my favorite idea and I actually ordered another set of bells, so I would have one for each stocking.  Tie a bell onto a stocking look with a ribbon.  It adds a nice little bit of shine and color to my plain knitted stockings.

Isn’t that so cute?

I have more ideas for these bells, but these are the ideas I had time to execute and photograph.  I think they’d look beautifully hung on a wreath, tied into garland, or even just hung from the tree as an ornament.

If you’d like to try some of these ideas, you can buy this set of bells online HERE.

christmas decorating | one christmas bell four ways

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26 Comments on “christmas decorating | one christmas bell four ways”

  1. Love, love the bells…however…I am not able to get to a Target store and for some reason, they will not ship to my zip code…

    1. I don’t know if they ship to your area either but World Market has some pretty brass bells. This is strange timing because I was browsing through their site to see if something was available at our local store and saw the bells. Then Miss Mustard seed . . . talk about synchronicity.

  2. Super pretty ideas! I would never have thought to take that decoration apart and use the bells like that!

  3. Marian, PLEASE tell me how you attach your bakers rack above your stove! I have a new hood & a new tiled background & I would LOVE to hang copper & wood items above it. I love your idea with the bells & I just ordered some brass bells the other day. Thank you for the ideas, they are so sweet!!

    1. I used a heavy-duty sticky tape, but it still seemed a little sketchy, so I tapped a small nail into the gap between the hood and the tile. I then used some wire to secure the rack to the nails. It’s a little rigged, but it works!

  4. I’ve been enjoying your decorating tips so much as well as revisiting details of the home tour. I found myself with a question – did the blue/white check Arhaus sofa not make the move to Minnesota? I suddenly realized it wasn’t around, or perhaps I missed it? Everything is so lovely!

    1. We’ve actually only had it for a year, so it’s always been in Minnesota. Can you believe we’ve lived here for over 3 years?? The sofa is still in the living room and I’ll be sharing it soon when I take pictures of the whole living room decorated for Christmas

  5. I love the bell ideas, especially on the stockings. Do you have a link you can share for your knit stockings? I’ve been looking for something similar. Thank you!

    1. The stockings were from Crate & Barrel a few years ago, but they no longer carry them! 😞

  6. Have you ever featured the cute felted star garland that is on your hutch? What a cutie…it’s festive but doesn’t scream Christmas.

  7. Literally just purchased these bells yesterday morning & then saw your post in the afternoon! I knew they wouldn’t stay on the red door hanger too! I’ve threaded mine with black & white striped ribbon & hung from similar stockings that I found at HomeGoods! Love these bells & so happy to see that you do as well!

  8. Hi Marian!
    I looked at these bells at Target. Are the ones you purchased about 3″ tall? From your pictures, the bells appeared smaller to me. I love all your decorating ideas you share! Merry Christmas!

  9. I had to laugh because I have bells on all the exterior doors so that I know if someone is coming or going. They drive my husband crazy!! I started this when the kids were little so I could hear them if they went outside. They are now in their 20s but I still like to hear the bells.

    Those bells you bought look really large and nice and the fact that they SOUND good is the best. I hope to find some like that someday.

  10. Marion,
    As always I love all your ideas!
    I can’t wait until you set the table for Christmas with your jadite and the 12 days of Christmas plates!

  11. Do you remember where you got the sign on the door in the hallway? I have three doors in succession—a powder room, my studio and a pantry, and would like to make them accordingly. Have had little luck finding something attractive for all three.

  12. Amazing how one little bell can be used in so many ways and add just the right touch! What color is the back of your entryway door?

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