Neat Steam Cleaner Review

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When I shared about the progress in the ensuite bathroom a couple of weeks ago, the thing I was asked about most was the steam cleaner I bought to keep the tile, grout, and glass clean!  So, in this post, I’m sharing the brand of steam cleaner I bought and offering a review for those who are interested in purchasing a steam cleaner.

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First of all, I have used a steam mop to clean my hard floors for years.  I love my steam mop so much that I’ve given them as gifts.  It is definitely my favorite way to clean tile, sealed wood, and even my painted studio floors.  It gets the floors squeaky clean and sanitized and doesn’t require any cleaners or chemicals.  My steam mop (I currently have the older version of THIS ONE) does come with some attachments, but it really is best to use on the floor.  It’s a little bulky to lift, especially when it’s filled with water.

So, I started looking into getting a steam cleaner that I could use to keep our new bathroom, particularly the shower and around the tub, looking like new.  After reading a bunch of reviews, I purchased the Neat Steam Cleaner.

neat steam cleaner review | miss mustard seed

It’s new and I’ve only used it a few times, so read this review with that in mind.  I’ll definitely share in a year or two how it’s held up and performed over time.

It comes with a ton of attachments and wands for cleaning upholstery, mattresses, tile, glass, grills, floors, and more.  It is boxy, but it’s on wheels and can be pulled around like a canister vacuum when you’re cleaning floors.  (So, you can just get this instead of a steam mop.)  It also comes with various pads, covers, and brushes designed for a variety of cleaning tasks.  The hose is a nice length and I’ve been able to reach all of the surfaces I’ve wanted to clean.

neat steam cleaner review | miss mustard seed

I always fill my steam cleaners with distilled bottled water and a few drops of lavender essential oils.  Tap water would be fine in a pinch, but minerals and such can eventually clog it up, so distilled water is best.

neat steam cleaner review | miss mustard seed

So far, I have used it on my sink, counter, stove, tile, grout, and toilets.  I keep a pretty clean house, but I was able to find one nasty spot to clean to show you how well it works!  This is the threshold between the kitchen and my studio.  I have scrubbed it with a cleaner and sponge so many times, but could not get it looking clean.  I decided I’d give the steam cleaner a try…

neat steam cleaner review | miss mustard seed

…and it worked so well!  I couldn’t get into the tight corner against the door frame, but all of the areas I could reach cleaned up nicely.

neat steam cleaner review | miss mustard seed

The steam does leave the surface wet, so I wiped it down with a dry, clean rag.  For that reason, it’s not totally hands-free cleaning, but it does do all of the hard scrubbing and sanitizing for you.

A few things I’ve noticed after using it a few times…

  • It does take the steam cleaner while to heat up, much longer than the instructions state.  It might be because it was full or because it’s new, but it took about 20-25 minutes.  In subsequent uses, I filled it and turned it on to heat up while I vacuumed and cleaned other surfaces.  It’s not going to be good for quick spot-cleaning for this reason.  My steam mop heats up in about two minutes, so that’s better for quick cleaning.
  • While it’s on and hot, it’ll really spit out water when you start using it after letting it sit for a few minutes.  I now point it into a sink when I start using it to catch that initial spray of water.  It’ll release steam after just a few seconds and that extra step saves a lot of water clean-up!
  • The steam is super hot, so just be careful with it to avoid burns.
  • Vacuum or wipe up loose debris before steam cleaning.  The steam will just sort of push it around if the surface is dirty.
  • As I said, when you’re using one of the attachments without a pad, it’s not completely hands-free.  You do have to wipe the dirt off the surface that you just loosened with the steam.  When you’re cleaning a floor, the pad will pick up the dirt.  (And the pads are washable and reusable.)

Steam really is my favorite way to clean and it leaves surfaces looking so good.  There are never streaks or a residue left as there can be with some cleaners and it does an amazing job at cleaning up spots, grime, and grease.  It’s the kind of tool that you start using in one place and, before you know it, you’re walking all over your house wondering what you can use the steam cleaner on next!  Or, maybe that’s just me!

I used it on my kitchen backsplash, around the sink, it got the grease off the range hood, I cleaned the cooktop and grates, doorknobs…

Here is a video showing the threshold cleaning in action…

There is a $40 coupon available on the Neat Steam Cleaner on Amazon right now, making it $150.

Does anyone else love steam cleaning as much as I do?  Any other favorite steam cleaning brands to share?  Any other cleaning/housekeeping-related questions for me?

PS – This post isn’t sponsored and I have no affiliation with Neat or Shark.  I am sharing a review of the products I purchased as a customer.  This post does contain affiliate links.

Neat Steam Cleaner Review

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44 Comments on “Neat Steam Cleaner Review”

  1. Where does the dirt go? Does the cleaner have an attachment with a cloth cover? I’m interested, and intrigued, but still wondering….. Thank you for your wonderful overview of the product.

    1. When I wipe it after I steam clean it, the dirt comes up on the cloth. Steaming it just breaks up the dirt/grime and sanitizes the surface. And yes, it comes with a floor attachment and mattress/upholstery attachment that both have washable cloth covers.

    1. Yes, I steam my studio floors and they are painted. As with any painted or finished surface, you just don’t want to let the water sit on the finish. I steam painted surfaces on the lowest setting.

  2. Do you know if it can be used on engineered hardwood? Also, does it impact the stone seal over time?


    1. I have always used steam mops on my engineered hardwoods (in our last house) and never had an issue. I never left the steam mop sitting on it and I always used it on the lowest setting and kept the mop moving, so moisture didn’t get down in the cracks between the planks. It can void a warranty, though, so just keep that in mind!

  3. Marian, thank you for featuring this product. I used the $40 off coupon and got one. THe peace of mind that I could actually get things really clean right now during this pandemic!! Just very appreciative of you sending out this email today!

    1. Yes, that’s how I feel, too! When I had it out, I used it on a bunch of nearby doorknobs.

  4. This was so helpful ! I just ordered mine right now. Thank you for this post! Question? …..Would this replace your floor steamer or do you use both?

    1. It certainly could. I kept my steam mop since I already have it and it heats up much quicker. I can use that for spot cleaning the floor. This steam cleaner is much more versatile, though, since it has so many attachments and wands.

    1. It’s not 40% off, but $40. There is a small box under the purchase price that says “check to use $40 coupon”. Just check that box.

    1. I have a Shark currently (it’s linked in the post.) I’ve owned two Oreck Steam-it mops and I really loved them, but they both died after about 2-3 years. I decided to go a little cheaper with the Shark since I was having to replace it more often than I expected. I used it a lot, though! The Shark has been great. My only complaint would be some of the parts are a little cheap, so I’ve had to replace a couple of them, but it’s been great otherwise.

  5. Thanks Marian. Have you used it on your glass shower doors yet? I am really interested in how it worked on them.

    1. No, I haven’t used it on the shower doors, yet. They haven’t really needed it since we squeegee the glass after each use. I will do it soon, though. It comes with an attachment that looks like a squeegee and I assume you just run it over the glass to remove any soap scum, residue, and to sanitize it.

  6. I have a steam cleaner by Shark but it’s lodged in my closet so you have inspired me to get it out and use it.

  7. I absolutely love cleaning with my hand held steamer!!! Windows are so clean!!! I also feel everything is sterile too!!!! Have fun the cleaning is endless.

  8. Just ordered it primarily for glass shower doors and my antique stove (the kind up on legs and everything exposed to grease and grime). Not to mention the tiled mud room. If it works in there I will gladly give my knee pads and scrub brushes a heave ho. Thank you

  9. What about cleaning the jetted tub. You mentioned it once and said you would do a post on it. I never feel like the jets are clean! I love my steam cleaner too! Thank you for all you do.

    1. Oh yes! I will do a post on that. I fill my tub with water, about 1/2 gallon of vinegar, and a dishwasher tab and run the jets for about 20-30 minutes. I’ll then scrub it out and it’s squeaky clean. I’ll definitely use my steam cleaner around the jets, though, since those have so many nooks and crannies.

  10. the only thing more fun than a steam cleaner is a power washer. they are totally addictive… and i just realised what a sad sentence that was!

  11. Thanks for this! My husband just bought something similar and you gave me the idea to ask him to clean the outside of my french kitchen door with it. It is NASTY and nothing I do gets it clean! Even a pressure washer!

    1. Oh, I hope the steamer works! It worked on everything I tried it on so far, but I’m sure it has limitations, too!

  12. Marian,
    This is opening up a whole new cleaning world for me! My biggest struggle is with a fiberglass shower enclosure. Have you ever used a steamer to tackle one of these?

    1. I haven’t because I bought the steam cleaner after we ripped out our fiberglass shower. I definitely would’ve used the steam cleaner on it, especially around the door where mildew would be hard to reach with a sponge.

  13. Marian,
    I’m wondering if you use a toothbrush in addition to your steamer to get that back corner under your studio door…maybe that would reach the grime?

    LOVE all your posts…you are more addictive to me than steam cleaning!!! (although I’m going to order the shark floor steamer right now!!!)

  14. Thanks for the review, I’m buying one!! In the meantime, you know what really works on glass shower doors…dryer sheets. After you shower and while the glass is still wet, wipe it with the dryer sheet. Then rinse and dry with a towel. It’s amazing. It’s one of those tips I read about on Pinterest that actually does work. Now if I could find a trick to clean my baking pans 🙄

  15. Thank you for the cleaning tips. I ordered one today also, so we will see how it works out, especially on our tiled shower which has been a challenge to clean. I am always inspired by what you share with us.

  16. I use to have a Steam Buggy and I loved it. When it died I could not find it again. Thanks for the info.

  17. Wishing I hadn’t updated shower with stone tile and GROUT! I squiggy but still get black stuff between tiles on grout. Will it remove it? I tried everything but only bleach works which isn’t recommended for the stone.

    1. I can’t say 100% from experience, but I believe a good steam cleaner will remove mildew, etc. That is one of the main reasons I purchased it. I wanted to be able to keep the nooks and crannies of the shower nice and clean.

  18. Wow, I really appreciate this post, because I never even knew about steam cleaners until now! I am so interested in getting one!

  19. Being as you do have pets, be aware that essential oils can adversely affect them, so I have read. I know you like to use your lavender….

    1. I’ve heard that if you have pets you should avoid using … Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential Oils .. these two Essential Oils are supposedly VERY toxic for pets.

  20. The worst thing I ever did was use natural stone in my shower. You can’t use anything worthwhile to clean, like bleach. We have to seal it far too often. So, when I redid our last bathroom, I used porcelain tile that looks like marble. Not quite as luxurious or costly, but beautiful. Problem solved.

  21. After receiving my Neat Steam cleaner I was so anxious to use it. It does clean well, but it is very hard work. Probably a lot easier for younger girls. It didn’t completely clean a tile shower with mildew. Probably will need many more treatments and it did not remove hard water stains which I was hoping. But it does feel good to see and know how clean the floors are and counters, sinks, around the toilets, etc. Glad I bought it. Another tip that I have been very grateful for that I learned here in the comments was about Norwex cleaning clothes. I absolutely love them and the videos. You CAN teach old dogs new tricks! Always inspired by your Blog, thanks Marian.

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