#happymailmovement giveaway | crocheted dishcloths

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With the heaviness that’s hanging over our country right now, I thought offering up another #happymailmovement giveaway to my readers would be a nice way to kick off the week.  It doesn’t make anything right or better, but it’s an itty-bitty way to spread a little happiness. I’ve been spending a lot of time while under the stay-at-home/safe-at-home orders working … Read More

How to Crochet a farmhouse dishcloth (for beginners)

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Just so you don’t miss it, I’m giving away a set of three of these dishcloths towards the bottom of this (rather long) post!   Ever since I started showing my crocheted dishcloths, I’ve been asked by readers and followers if I could share a tutorial for how to make them.  Since I’m a beginner myself, I have been directing … Read More

crocheted mittens & dishcloths

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Over the Christmas break, I did a lot of intentional sitting around.  While I’m not typically a sitter-arounder, but was much needed and I embraced the slower pace.  I didn’t want to be entirely idle, though, so when we weren’t playing a game or doing something together as a family, I pulled out my yarn and bag of hooks and … Read More

crochet vs. knitting

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As I shared last week, I learned to knit over the Christmas break.  I’ve been wanting to learn for a while, so I bought a couple of knitting books and supplemented them with YouTube tutorials when I needed to see someone perform a particular stitch.  I haven’t knitted anything particularly useful, but have been making squares and rectangles to practice … Read More

easy chunky crochet snowflake tutorial

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I wanted to make crocheted snowflakes this year, but I knew I didn’t want to make little lacy, dainty ones.  I didn’t want to get into fine, tedious work with little hooks, but wanted something quick and simple to do while I was watching TV.  So, I worked on making a simple, chunky snowflake that will complement the chunky knit … Read More

vintage/farmhouse-style glass cozy crochet tutorial

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Years ago, I was shopping for inventory for the Lucketts Spring Market and found a ziplock bag containing some cream crochet work.  I wasn’t sure what they were initially, but I’ve learned how to hunt and peck to try to find things others might overlook.  I’m the one crawling into the depths of an antique booth, opening all of the … Read More