butler’s pantry, hutch swap & all of the ironstone

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As I’ve been unpacking and settling in our new house, there are days when I can make a large push to get things done.  Other days, the bulk of my time and attention is required elsewhere, so I just have to sneak some work in here and there.  On those days, I’ve been working on small areas that I can pick at where there is time.

The butler’s pantry is one of those small projects…

It quickly became the dumping ground for breakables when we started unpacking and I was eager to get it tidied up.  Over the course of two busier days, I just took a little time here and there to get things in a somewhat organized fashion.

I’ve loved this built-in from the moment I saw it.  It’s more cabinet space, which is awesome, but it also provides display space and some great character.  I am definitely planning on painting it in a color (not white).  I want to make it look more like a piece of furniture, but I’m still formulating a specific plan.  It will involve bead board and some corbels, though!  I’m not sure, yet, if I’ll remove the upper cabinets and replace them with open shelving and/or a plate rack, or if I’ll just paint the current upper cabinets and adjust what’s around them to alter the look.  We’ll see.

I love how the little nook across from it is coming along, though.  I set that little stool and crock there quickly as I was sorting through things, but I really like them there.  I am on the hunt for a good indoor plant to plop in that crock.

The French kitchen clock is the first thing I’ve hung in the house.  I’ve had it in a closet for years and I’m glad we’re finally able to use it.  My grandparents bought it from France when we lived in Germany.  My mom has one that is identical and it’s hung in her kitchen as long as I can remember.  It’s nice to add it to my house, now.  It is a wind-up and it has a delightful tick-tock to it that feels (or sounds) homey to me.

Back in the living room, the white hutch was okay, but it did look a little small.  We had tried the blue hutch in there and it looked too big (but I like to display it with the doors open, which makes it even larger.)  I asked Jeff is we could swap the hutches one more time (maybe).

We moved the pine hutch that was in my office into the living room…

Much better!  The scale is better suited to the space and this house seems to like warm woods.  It might all change once we start painting, but it’s working right now.

On busy days, I also chipped away at unpacking my millions of boxes of ironstone.  Jeff said that I might have too much and I just laughed.  Not possible.  I do have a bit too much to display it all currently, but I have some future plans and we still have quite a few furniture holes in the house, so I’ll wait to decide if I need to thin the collection or not.

My parents are in town for a couple of weeks to help with projects on the house and spend time with the boys.  Tomorrow, we’re going to start painting!  We’ll start in the living room and studio, probably jumping between the two room.

I can’t wait to see how different the spaces look wearing my cooler paint colors on the wall!  I’ll be sharing previews on my Instagram stories, if you want to follow along in real time!

butler’s pantry, hutch swap & all of the ironstone

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63 Comments on “butler’s pantry, hutch swap & all of the ironstone”

  1. I saw a suggested change to an antique foldout desk in Country Living Magazine that featured that dreamy greenish blue paint on the outside, a blue and white wallpaper on the inside behind the shelves, and with a creamy white in the foldout desk. That combo! Sigh. It had Miss Mustard Seed all over it!

  2. The pine hutch looks gorgeous and so much better! Your new home is beautiful and I can picture is “mustardized”

  3. Marian, I can’t tell you how much I look forward to these posts and your instagram stories! Your new house is beautiful and it is so much fun to see what you have in store to make it your home.

    On a side note, I get a little warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you are in Minnesota. I love it there – both my parents hail from Minnesota and some of my fondest memories are of our summer trips to visit all of our relatives.

  4. I picture your lovely home with textiles being a dominant feature. Many Quilts…not only blue and white but others with small but colorful pieces. Draperies would not be amiss in this home too. Some area rugs too. And I also think some stripped (English) pine pieces. A few painted pieces but not as “chippy” as your last home. This home has a different quality of light and tends to be more “formal”. Keeping your artwork along the current lines. At least that is my “take” on it.

    1. Not only is the size of the hutch better, but I love the way the curves on top echo the archway next to it. And I am WAY too interested in what you’re doing to your new house. Thank you for taking us all along for the ride. : )

  5. The clock corner is so beautiful! Question–are you going to paint the wood paneling in your studio? If so, how? I have similar paneling in my sunroom, and I’m waiting anxiously to see how you handle yours!

  6. Your new home is beautiful! I am moving too but you are about a month ahead of me in the process. I am encouraged by watching you unpack! One question-will your parents relocate?

  7. I am so excited to follow your journey with this new house! I love the idea of a plate rack instead of the hanging cabinets in the butler area, but I know whatever you decide will turn out gorgeous! I also wanted to say, that following your move, has made me excited again about my house. For the longest time, we were in limbo, but now I’m inspired to start working on projects again. Thank you!

  8. It’s looking so nice, Marion. You are putting your touch to the house. The pine hutch looks beautiful in the living room.

  9. Love the nook and the way you styled it and your Ironstone collection looks so nice in your built-ins. Have a great visit with your parents and when you go to Gold Rush Days be sure to take lots of pics.

  10. The upper cabinets OR the open shelving will be beautiful either way. But…you’ll have less dusting with the cabinet’s glass doors! It will be fun to see it Marionized.

  11. What great ideas you are planning to do. It is fun to follow along. Wonderful to have your parents there for a bit to work and be grandparents to their grands while there—so fun for all, plus get some basics done, too.

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marian, for being a constant source of encouragement to me over the last 5 or so years. I mostly lurk, not commenting much, but you have truly helped me keep my chin up in difficult circumstances. Your constant inspirations and projects keep my creative bug going and have even inspired me to truly get going on my own business. I cannot thank you enough for letting God use you like He does. I really need to email you my story and let you know just how much God continually brings you to mind as a huge source of encouragement…. Thanks again!

    I love your new home, and am excited to watch how you bring it all together. I know it will be beautiful and perfect for your family. Blessings to you all as you get settled🏡

  13. You are so amazing!! I am not only talking about your designing talent and your artistic talent, but how you can still find time to unpack and take care of your family and still make time to post!! Amazing that is the word!! I am so enjoying like your other readers watching as your new home unfolds to become a Mustardseed Original!!

  14. So enjoying your new adventure!
    Don’t do a way with a glass cabinet EVEr. Paint it first. See if you don’t like the area better.
    Find another area for the plate rack. Love the clock, the history and that area . Looks good!
    Enjoy your family, don’t work too hard.

    1. I agree with Nan. Don’t EVER get rid of a glass cabinet. You can do open shelving anywhere. The cabinet will hold more and is infinitely more charming.

  15. I look forward to your posts and u Decieatubf your home always look to u for inspiration !! Love the book shelfs how they came out with all the iron stone and I love the pine cabinet looks great in the living room! U r putting your touch on your house glad u didn’t part with anything !

  16. It’s so fun looking at the birthing of your new home. I must admit I have really thought a lot about your space. Check out Nebulous SW. Have used it, it’s light but blends so well with both blue and gray. Try taking doors off butler’s pantry first and painting backs inside a wow! I agree you are going to have to use some wood tone furniture and warm up the space. I have about a half and half mix with white furniture. I also think the fireplace bookcases need paint. Love your posts. All of us wish you the best!!!

  17. I do the same thing with swapping hutches for the space. It’s coming together. Just enjoy your parents visit. Can’t wait to see the rooms painted!

  18. Peace lilies do very well in my crocks. They don’t mind sitting in a bit of water if need be. 🙂 Everything is really coming together and it is fun to watch. A consideration for the upper cabinet. Glass doors really help on the amount of dusting that needs to be done. Open or closed that is a great spot and will look lovely painted!

  19. I have the perfect plant for your home .. it’s no maintenance, only needs some water once a month (maybe twice if leaves start to curl some). But no deep watering. Leaves are beautiful waxy green. This plant loves ambient sunlight, but not direct sun. It’s called Zuzu Palm Plant (Zamioculcas or Zanzibar Gem). It will do wonderfully in your crock. If planted directly in a non-drainage pot, just put 2″ high gravel size rocks in bottom. This is a succulent plant that holds water in it’s stems. I buy mine at Home Depot, and would plant two of them in your crock. If you can’t find them in your part of the country, ask a nursery to order them for you. I have a photo of one of mine planted in a beautiful blue and white pot. Email me and I’ll send the picture to you.

  20. Looking good! Your warm woods are needed against the carpet 🙂 I wont mention again a wood floor will free up so many color options 😁 blessings for a continual positive move. Your church family must be just as excited!!

  21. Can’t wait to see how you paint the butler’s pantry. I have the same cabinets (except I have a wine rack) and have been wondering how to freshen up the look.

  22. The pine hutch really does look perfect there. If you are going to be painting the other shelves and fireplace mantle, I’m hoping that you will keep the hutch natural? Looking forward to seeing the walls painted. It must feel good to be getting started on that. It really is going to be fun watching this home evolve.

  23. I said “Yes” to the wood hutch and then I saw the register lurking behind it. That might put a crimp in your placement when winter comes but hopefully you will find a way around that problem. Thank you for sharing your new home with us.

    1. My same thought about the register. Not good to be blocked or that close to the furniture, unless you just closed. Yes this hutch looks great in this room – would also leave it wood as a nice contrast to the newly painted bookcases.

      1. It’s the air return and the hutch is covering only a couple of inches of it, so we thought it would be okay. We can always scoot it just a little to the right, so it’s not covering the vent, if need be!

  24. I love your idea to paint the butler’s pantry cabinets. Please leave the upper cabinets in place for now. You can always swap out for shelves in future. You might consider playing with the space between upper and lower cabinets, as well as rear wall of upper cabinets. You could swap out the hardware for something old-looking. Then you could add beadboard to rear of cabinet and in the 3-sided space between upper and lower cabinet. It’d create the illusion that it’s a custom cabinet that happens to fit really well in that nook.

  25. I am like several other readers in that I really look forward to your emails to see what’s been done since the last post. I live in the Nashville,Tennessee area & we were building a new kitchen a few years back so my cabinet guy took me around to several houses to see cabinets that he’d built. . The minute I walked in to a particular house & saw the cabinets, I I knew those cabinets were what I wanted! It was a magnificent 9,000 square feet house & there was a butler’s pantry in addition to all the other cabinets in the kitchen. In this house, the cabinets were the same everywhere, but, in the butler’s pantry, instead of solid wood doors on the upper cabinets, the owners had asked for copper chicken wire. It was gorgeous! The cabinets were a dark walnut stain with black antiquing so the copper really “popped”. Since you are going to paint that area in your house, I’d suggest you consider using copper chicken wire too.

  26. Marian, Just wanted to say congratulations and “bravo!” The house is great and you’re bringing out the best in it for you and your wonderful family. Thanks so much for bringing us along on the journey! Those of us who have similar houses are looking forward to seeing the magic you will work!

  27. Second Barbara’s comment about the cold air return behind the hutch. That’s a problem. Can you move the piece far enough to the right to allow free flow of air? Might be wise to check with a heating expert on this.
    I do like the more formal style of this house. After seeing the last place come together, I know this one will be another treat. That butler’s pantry….I covet it.

    1. Yes, we are having the HVAC system cleaned and serviced, so I will definitely inquire about it!

  28. Hi Marian, just noticed that they only did the crown moulding in some of the spaces…but not in the living room wonder why? Hopefully you will get crown moulding for that room, it really helps finish a room!

    Love that soft pastel blue on the side of the fireplace is that one of the colours you have chosen…it will go perfect with both wood and white furniture!

  29. What is meant by “Instagram Stories”? I click on those words and it takes me to Instagram…but no Instagram Stories. Sorry. I’d like to follow the painting of your rooms but am really lost when it’s anything computer.

    1. You need to click over to Instagram on your smart phone and go to the home screen. At the top, there are pictures of people you follow. Those are “stories” – short video snippets. I’ve been filming some of the progress on the room and mini tours of our new home.

  30. Marian,
    About the cupboard in your living room blocking the air return vent. My husband has done heating and cooling for 40 years. If you block that vent you stand a chance of it causing your heat exchanger in your furnace to crack which will allow carbon dioxide to release into your home, and it can cause your a/c to freeze up as well. It could harm your family. We had a friend to die with having his blocked in the winter. Not trying to scare you but it is unsafe.

    1. Oh my goodness! Is it still an issue if it’s just covering a couple of inches of the vent? We are having our HVAC system cleaned and serviced, so we’ll definitely ask about that. We can scoot it a little to the right if we need to. We do have carbon monoxide detectors by each bedroom as well. Safety first, I agree!

      1. I think the issue is totally covering it up. A little bit would be okay, just do not totally cover it. My example was an extreme case, but it could happen, and my husband has seen it a few times in his years of doing this work. Better safe than sorry. Carbon monoxide detectors are a must!

  31. I can totally see your wonderful butler’s pantry painted in “flow blue” with glass knobs & drawer pulls!

  32. I’m so enjoying your move, it’s been a lot of work for you. As u r figuring things out in your new home, it’s been inspiring me to fluff my nest, finish some painting projects. Make decisions on other rooms, and basically get my rear in gear ! I feel like a sneaky snoopy neighbor, just keep checking ig stories and my email for your updates. Thank you so very much for taking the time to include your fans in the process, you are soooo busy and its just wonderful that you r doing all this too. it’s teaching me so much. I also have your new book, the home design doodle book, and that has helped me also. I just got stuck and couldn’t make decisions and sooo I have several rooms half done. But im getting it ! I see what i need to do, i understand what the next step is. Big hugs from MD ~kim

  33. I love love love all the ironstone, I just have a couple pieces. I wondered if you dust them all the time or learn to live with the dust? I know in Arizona we get so much.
    Can’t wait to see more. Hugs, Di

  34. The hutch swap seems to be working quite nicely. Hiw wonderful your parents are owing to help and visit. I have one thing to say as a mother to boys and dogs, that crock in the stool looks perfect, but I can picture a running foot knocking it right Off! Don’t ask how I know, it’s a sad story.

  35. Love it all. I know you can make it work. We live in a 1980’s ranch, kind of cape cod looking. Once you walk in the door, it’s all 19th and 18th century. Paint, wide planked floors., ship lap, and all our primitive and antique things make a warm and inviting home. It’s a process, but one day soon it will all work.

  36. Love it all. I know you can make it work. We live in a 1980’s ranch, kind of cape cod looking. Once you walk in the door, it’s all 19th and 18th century. Paint, wide planked floors., ship lap, and all our primitive and antique things make a warm and inviting home. It’s a process, but one day soon it will all work.

  37. Perfect house for your family. Was there any doubt
    since it was part of God’s plan. His plans are perfect
    for us. I love the arches that create a warm and welcoming feel. Look forward to each email as your home unfolds its beauty under your talents. It’s exciting! Thanks for all the hard work.

  38. I quite love the blond wood in the butler’s pantry. Esp. when combined with light blue or light green walls. I would only swap the handles (too modern) and glass shelves for wooden ones. Lovely how your home is coming along!

  39. PS One question: the hutch is beautiful, but shouldn’t it have some feet? Are they missing/broken?

    Just curious…

  40. Oh Marion – It is coming together so nicely. Can’t wait to see paint on the walls. I and still drooling about your Craigslist pine cabinet! What a beauty!

  41. I love the little nooks like in the second pic with the green stool.
    The history behind your family pieces sounds so interesting. When I hand down pieces it will be like, “your grandma (me) bought this at the ‘marketplace’ that’s the facebook marketplace, or got this off the side of the road, or craigslist” just doesn’t have the same sentimentality. 😉

  42. Note to Jeff: There is not such a thing as “too much ironstone.” However, if Marion decides to part with some, please remember me!

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