craigslist wardrobe score

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My parents are here!  They are visiting for two weeks to help with house projects and spend time with us.  We have walls to paint, chandeliers to hang, things to fix, and two birthdays to celebrate.  It’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks.

Today, we had a big to-do list, but something came up that we just needed to squeeze into the day.  I had been trying to coordinate the pick-up of an antique pine wardrobe listed on craigslist for several days and it just hadn’t happened.  I finally heard back this morning and it was still available!

I knew that an hour trip to pick up the wardrobe might just be asking too much.  Jeff agreed it was a great piece, though, and worth taking the time to get.  He took the van and my dad to pick it up while my mom and I knocked out some painting projects.

I’ve grown used to buying pieces sight-unseen, but I was nervously awaiting their arrival…hoping the wardrobe was just as beautiful in person as it was in the pictures.

It was.  Maybe even better.

Jeff and I carried it up the steps to the upstairs guest room/sewing room.  Once we add some shelves, it’ll be a perfect place to store folded fabrics, thread, notions, etc.  And it will go beautifully with the French daybed.

The pine is so yummy and those carved details are one of my favorite parts.

It even has a working lock with a skeleton key…

I bet I can guess the question that is at the top of your mind…

Will she paint it?

No.  I’m not going to paint it.  Well, let me clarify.  I’m not going to paint the outside.  It’s possible I’ll paint the inside.  Probable, in fact.  I’m planning to add some shelves inside and I think that will look better if it’s all painted.  Especially with stacks of linen and hemp!

Maybe Mora… hmmmm.

I’ll have plenty of time to think about it, though, because painting the inside of this wardrobe will be close to the bottom of the to-do list for a while!

One of the painting projects we worked on today was priming the studio.  Oh, I can’t wait to show you how amazing it looks with even just the white primer!  If you’d like a preview, you can check out my Instagram stories.  I’ll share updates on the blog soon!

craigslist wardrobe score

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84 Comments on “craigslist wardrobe score”

  1. Well I couldn’t wait, so I took a look at your instagram photos. It’s going to be fun watching you make this home your own:)

  2. Marian, this looks like a German Grunderzeit Keifer Pine closet, circa 1870 – are you sure you want to paint it? They retail for thousands. Best wishes. Love your work!

    1. Although come to think of it, the scroll mouldings at the top look Austrian. Anyway, these are often imported by antiques dealers Bonnin Ashley, in Miami. #UselessTrivia

  3. yes!! Miss Mustard Seed is scoring on Craigslist….. She’s back !! 🙂 🙂 🙂 … a great piece Marion…

  4. Fellow readers: Can one of you help me understand how Instagram Stories works? (All I see are Marion’s photos.). Must I be signed up and logged in to Instagram in order to see them? (I’ve been viewing her Instagram photos as a “visitor” without logging in.). Where is the link? Sorry to be behind the times! Thanks for helping!

    1. You can only see IG Stories from your phone. Won’t work if you’re viewing IG from your computer. You probably do have to be signed in as well.

    2. Susan, if what you are looking for on Instagram are longer writings like blogs have, they don’t usually exist. What you see written below the picture by the “author” is the extent of the “story”. A Story on Instagram is just a picture with a description or comment, and then comments by that person’s followers.

  5. Marion, the carved details on this piece are YOU. I would attach a beautiful silk tassel to that skeleton key so I wouldn’t lose it if it falls out.

  6. I absolutely love the wardrobe which will be a great addition to your bedroom! What an incredible find on Craigslist.
    The wood is so pretty that it doesn’t need painting on the outside!

  7. Wow! That armoire was definitely worth the hour drive. Like you said the pine is so yummy and I love the color! Painting the inside will look great too and sometimes you can leave the doors open! Great score! I’m so excited to see the changes you will make to your new home to make it your own!

  8. Please don’t paint this piece even inside. It is one piece that should be left “as is” I think. Hope Jeff is happily settling into his new church and ministry. Have a wonderful visit with your parents.

  9. We live about an hour and a half east of Rochester in WI. We have a split unit in our 4 season room and never have a problem even in the coldest days. The floors may seem a bit cold but we don’t go barefoot. We cannot close this room off and and still it works great.

    As for Instagram stories, I view them on my IPAD. I think you have to follow Marion and then when there is a new post, a red ring appears around her picture. Click on that and you’re in.

    My daughter, granddaughter and I took a class from you in Sun Prairie WI – hope sometime in the future, you do those again only in Rochester

    1. Oh, good to know about the mini split! Yes, these floors might be cold, even with insulation, so we might put down wood flooring over the decking. We’re going to try it for a season, though, and see how it does first.

      And I didn’t realize you could see Stories on the iPad! That’s great to hear.

      Oh, and was your grand-daughter the one who painted the vanity?

  10. First welcome to the Midwest I live in rural Iowa and am one of your biggest fans. You will love Rochester. It is an amazing community that gives back in so many ways. We are blessed to have it in the Midwest. I am loving your insta stories as I admit I wondered how you would put your mark on the newer house. I can totally already see your visions and can’t wait to see them when finished!!!

  11. I have a similar antique pine wardrobe (with working skeleton key) that comes apart in 13 pieces. When I bought it some 30 years ago, my then 8 year old daughter asked “can I have that when you die”? The first time she expressed any interest in inheriting anything! She still wants it.

  12. Love the wardrobe, and I’ll add my vote not to paint any part of it. Any wood piece with this kind of patina and in such good condition should be left alone, IMHO. And welcome to Minnesota, Marion and family. I have lived here all my life, growing up in the Minneapolis area, then 18 years in Red Wing (which you MUST visit…about 50 minutes northeast of you), and now in the southeast metro. I hope you love your new home, and I know I will enjoy watching what you make of it.

  13. I have so enjoyed following your moving journey. I live in Portland, OR and we just found our final home about a year ago. I love hearing fellow believers moving stories because I believe God delights in bringing together the pieces to make our home (the location, job, people, and pieces inside). I have a very similar armoire that I scored on Craigslist a couple years ago. It’s such a treasure and picture of how God delights in simply giving to us.

  14. I am in the “do not paint any part of this amazing piece” camp. If you must have color on the inside, there are some options that would be temporary. Fabric, painting a piece of luan that has been cut to fit the inside and peel and stick wall paper (or regular wallpaper that is embossed then painted) are some ideas I thought of. Now, when it comes to attaching shelves …. I’m not sure.
    One other thing, did your son do a science project on Sebastian’s DNA as I suggested a while back?

    1. She could build a shelving unit out of a nice birch plywood that fits inside the armoire and paint that. Nice painted interior without altering the original piece.

    2. No, he didn’t! I tried to convince him, because I thought it was a cool idea. Maybe next year.

  15. I have an older IPad, is that a new feature as I don’t see what you have described. I am a follower. Thanks for your help. -Marsha

    1. Unfortunately, the Instagram Stories can only be viewed on a smart phone! I know it’s a pain!

  16. That is absolutely beautiful!! I love pine so much. Several years ago my husband and I rented a cargo van and drove 3 hours to buy a pine hutch off of Craigslist. I was so nervous I wouldn’t like it when I got there, but luckily I love it and it remains one of my favorite pieces to this day. at’s something I’m doing more and more. I always wonder if I’m crazy but so far so good.

  17. Marian, you are a magnet for amazing Craigslist finds! What a beautiful piece! I am sad that you left Pennsylvania and I never had a chance to meet you in person – but am so enjoying following your new house progress! Wishing you all the best in your new home!

  18. I am in love with anything antique Pine!! My favorite look of anything else .
    What a beautiful piece you found!

  19. my husband calls me “the paint queen”, but i would not paint this piece, even the inside. i wanted a red, polka dot interior in my kitchen cabinet with the glass door, so i cut red and white polka dot fabric to hang behind the shelves and wrapped each shelf with the same fabric. it sets off my glassware and white hobnail milk glass pieces and i can remove it if i ever want a change. i use this cabinet many times in a day and it’s held up beautifully for probably ten years. love the cabinet!

  20. I have an almost exact duplicate! Found on Craigslist, too, from a women who brought with her from the U.K. Mine is our kitchen pantry.

  21. Whoa!! that is a gorgeous piece. I’m so enjoying your new adventure. I can’t wait to see you put your signature touches on this house.

  22. What a score Marion! That piece is meant to be yours – because you will love it and give it the treatment and respect such a magnificent piece deserves! It’s gorgeous! May it bring you many years of happiness! Can’t wait to see if you do decide to paint the inside – it will look beautiful! Looking forward to all your future posts/pictures of your new home! Wishing you and your family many blessings!

  23. I love the wardrobe! It’s so lovely. I do have a question though. This has been on my mind since I started following your blog, but I’ve not taken the opportunity to ask. I’ve often looked on Craigslist for furniture and have seen some really nice pieces at great prices. My problem is, that here in the Atlanta area, you have to be really careful about who you’re dealing with. Anyone else have misgivings about meeting someone or going to their house to pick something up? How do you all deal with this? Help!

    1. I’ve written some posts about shopping craigslist and one of the tips I always emphasize is to not put yourself into an uncomfortable (or unsafe) situation. Always go with a friend and bail if anything seems sketchy. Most people are just normal people wanting to buy or sell something.

  24. I agree with the others…don’t paint the wardrobe…even the inside. I would find a way to line it with wallpaper inserts or fabric, as suggested. You can also add shelves without putting a nail in it if you make corner supports for each shelf and then stack the shelves. Just an idea. It is yours. You can do what you wish. I know that there have been so many things that I ended up selling later and this might be worth more money as a resale if it isn’t painted. Happy Decorating!

  25. Such a beautiful wardrobe! Have you considered wallpapering the interior with one of the new repositionable papers. It would give the interior some color but it would not be permanent like paint. I am in a rental and I have papered the back splash area in my kitchen and behind my bed with this paper and it is beautiful.

    1. Yes! I always paper the interior surfaces of any antique storage pieces with beautiful vinyl-surface wallpaper. Generally, the interiors of such pieces are rather grubby and the wallpaper provides a clean, wipeable surface.

    2. I actually hadn’t, but that’s a great idea! I wonder if starched fabric would work as well… Hmmm.

  26. I see this armoire has or has had woodworm. The telltale marks are there. It could be still active. I purchased a gorgeous antique pine armoire in Germany with similar woodworm evidence on it, and in the process of working on the armoire, we discovered a big, fat white worm deep inside the wood, still chewing away on the piece. We bought a woodworm “killer” in a squeeze bottle with a very fine tip and squeezed the poison into the openings, to eradicate anything left. That was years ago, and the armoire has suffered no damage since then, so I assume the infestation was indeed stopped. A bit of investigation might be in order. You don’t want woodworm to infest your house (which it can). In our German apartment, our cat used to sit staring at a particular spot on the hall floor — getting down there, ear to the floor, we could actually HEAR the gnawing underway.

    1. Okay, that’s just gross. But very helpful if it turns out to be true for Marian’s piece.

      On a side note, don’t remember seeing so many comments with MariAn’s name spelled wrong – hurts my eyes. 😉

    2. Oh man! I have never had a piece infested with anything, but i’ll check this one out. The wood may have been damaged prior to the piece even being built, but it’s worth a close inspection to make sure!

  27. ohh, so happy for you, to have your parents there, such a kind, loving, and helpful Mom and Dad, (awww) made me teary eyed with joy for you and your family! <3
    LOVE the wardrobe! will be gorgeous with your linens and treasures in it !
    yes, painted interior !!!
    high five!

  28. Shoot…I don’t have a cell phone of any kind so no Instagram for me. I hate missing out. Loving your posts here.

    1. I don’t have a smart phone either. I just recently installed instagram through Microsoft and am now able to see the stories. I’m not a techie and I was able to do it. I hope it works for you too. 🙂

    1. I don’t have a smart phone either. I just recently installed instagram through Microsoft and am now able to see the stories. I’m not a techie and I was able to do it. I hope it works for you too. 🙂

  29. And your Dad thought his Craigslist runs where over……little did he know that would be one of his first tasks! haha

  30. MMS! A gorgeous wardrobe to meet your needs! I hope you will do with it whatever your heart is telling you. For this time it is yours to enjoy.

    hugs from Camano Island

  31. MAN…gotta love some Scandinavian pine (at least it looks like it, to me)! I have several things in pine and I love how it just exudes warmth! Once you get all the light colored trim/cabinets painted and the walls the way you want them…that’s when that rich pine will really shine! Love your updates…I know it’s taking you away from your new nest but please know that we are all living vicariously through your posts!

  32. Everyone can’t just run out and buy more furniture to go with a new house. I had to make do with existing furniture. Married for 50 years and moved to old 1970’s style home. Had some antique pieces which don’t look right now in this house. How do l make things work in this house? Just not happy with this look.

    1. Well, I really couldn’t do that, either! I sold a bunch of furniture on the other end as well as other household goods, clothing, etc. and saved it all to use to buy new pieces that were better suited to this house. You can do the same! Sell pieces in a yard sale or on craigslist and use that money to buy pieces you love.

      1. That’s what I do as well Marian. If I move toward a different direction in my décor or see something I love more than I sell some things. In other words, I sell something to replace something.

        Otherwise, I couldn’t justify having an attic or storage area full of stuff not being used collecting dust. I have my eye on a new rug so I am gearing up for a big community yard sale in the Fall to sell some things first that I no longer use to buy the new rug.

  33. I have a cabinet that is VERY similar to yours.. I wish I could take a picture and post on here. Because I think it’s a reproduction, a very good one but not a real antique. I’m wanting to paint mine I just don’t know what color yet. Loving your new home!!

  34. I noticed your pine living room hutch in the Sept. issue of Country Living magazine and when I checked the credits was not surprised to see “Photographer/Designer Marian Parsons”. Nice picture.

  35. Your pine piece is beautiful. Please don’t paint the outside – or the inside. It’s great just like it is. I love pine mixed with other wood.

  36. You find the most awesome things!!!!
    It’s hard here in Florida to find anything that’s not rattan or palm trees! 🙈

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