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The studio was hustling and bustling today.  My mom and Kriste came to help, since we had a huge to-do list.  We worked together to get everything ready for the workshop tomorrow.  We have four lovely ladies attending and I’m pretty excited that it’s a small workshop.  I think they are more relaxed and you really have the chance to talk.  I also get to pamper these ladies with a fun “buffet” of things to glitter…







And pretty ribbons and twine to replace those flimsy, stretchy metallic hangers.


And they each get a “Merry & Bright” banner and a full jar of glitter to take home.


We included some inspiration on the table as well.


While Kriste was working on that, my mom and I were working on the slipcover for my mom’s wing chair (as well as making a video tutorial as I was doing it.)  I had too may things to do to get it done, but I hope to work on it more on Monday.


My mom also made a pillow for the chair.  She was fretting over it and I kept hearing oh-goodness-es and oh-no’s, but it turned out just fine.  We even were able to fit in some of the blue she wanted.  A cording that was in my stash was the perfect trim to coordinate with the fabric I selected for her room.


I actually made the bedskirt already, but I haven’t had a chance to take a picture of it.  I didn’t make a tutorial, either, because I was pushing to get it finished.  You see, it was her birthday on Wednesday and finishing the skirt was my gift.  I also took her out to dinner and managed to clock myself in the face with her car door, but we had a nice time despite my clumsiness.  (I actually was bleeding and the door hit me with such force that it twisted my head and gave me whiplash.  Yeah, I can be a disaster at times.)

Anyway, I also worked on a couple of fun photo shoots.


I’ll share more pictures in a few days, but I was just loving this little corner of my studio today.  I wanted to take it all home and make it fit somewhere.  Maybe in the next house…


I’m off to get a good night sleep.  I have the workshop tomorrow and then Jeff & I are cutting down the wood for my parent’s built-ins and he’s taking me to see the last Hunger Games movie.

Another busy day…


  1. B Folk

    I’m sure those four ladies are so appreciative of the fact that you are still holding the workshop for such a small group. It will be fun! I just watched “The Star of Bethlehem” DVD, what a nice reminder for me of what Christmas is really about. Eager to see what Kim’s room reveal looks like, but not in a rush, I am enjoying the snippets of progress.

  2. Deb

    I wanted to attend the workshop! It is my birthday today, spending it my daughter and husband at Penn State. Yesterday, my daughter and I started redoing a chair that was in my basement for 20 years and in my parents basement before that. It is just the wood frame. I am sewing new cushions and she painted the chair. It will go in her living room. I too want to see mockingjay part 2 as soon as possible. Can’t wait for more posts on Kim’s room.

  3. Alice R

    So many fun and interesting things going on! Be careful with that car door – I once needed stitched when I did that. That would really wreck your schedule!

  4. Carla

    Marian — ouch, you sound like you are dangerous to self. I really love the bkue you are using for your mom’s room. I think I am going to repaint a room I have that is blue with “in your face” (which is what stuck in my head thanks to your dad). Love that you have been posting everyday lately. Don’t know how you keep up.

  5. Paula-Windmill Farm

    Can’t wait to see the wingback chair video. I have mine in the garage, fabric purchased, all the piping, batting, everything I need to do it. But just have needed a push of confidence to do it. I have done lots of other items, chairs, but not as large as this wingback. So can’t wait. Thank you for sharing. PS>Do you sell those cute little paper houses you are doing glitter on?

  6. Char

    I would just go crazy if I ever had the chance to attend a workshop, and of course meet you. I adore everything you do, your creativity inspires me on a daily basis. Thank u so very much. My new go to line when thinking of shopping is yours; ” shop your house”. !!! Love it and you Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Valerie

    I envy your energy! You get so much done even clocking yourself! Hope your face is feeling better and thank you for all the beauty that you show me.

  8. Garden, Home and Party

    Wish I lived closer! Your mom’s room is going to be amazing.

  9. Pat Smedley

    What is the greenery in the photo that has the blue berries on it?

  10. SueSchneid22

    I so wish I could have come to the glitter workshop! But,circumstances didn’t align and it was not to be. I know the ladies had a wonderful time- you would make sure of that, I know.

    Best always!

  11. Naomi S.

    I love all the containers of pine cones and ornaments and things to glitter. I must get busy on some holiday decor. After I survive with four little grandsons, all under five!

  12. Deborah D

    Marion, you are on crazy, busy lady. I love how everything is arranged for the workshop. Wish I lived close enough to attend one.

  13. JoanMarie

    Hello Marian,
    The workshops look like so much fun and I will be anxious to see how your Mom’s room comes together. All so inspiring!

  14. Marsha

    What a fun day at the workshop I’m sure!! I like the glitter house. My Mom’s birthday was Wednesday, too!

  15. Jo

    Watch out with the car door. A friend of mine did that and knocked out one of her front teeth!!! The studio looks great and looks like a fun day!.

  16. Amy Joanne Mogish

    A wonderful relaxing morning creating glitter projects with a fun group of ladies! Marion, your studio is inspiring and beautiful, felt like a homespun welcome from the moment we walked in the door! Loved seeing you and Kristi again…..Thank you!

  17. Lauren Baxter

    Ooo that looks like it’s going to be so much fun! Again, wish I was closer so I could join!

    Oh no! That sounds terrible! I hope your ok, and with no black eyes.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor


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