Braided Jute Kitchen Rug

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One of the questions I’m asked most when I share my kitchen on social media is, “Where did you get the rug?”

The answer is, it’s a braided jute I purchased from Joss & Main a few years ago.  It has worn really well and has even been hosed down a couple of times to remove stains and an unfortunate “stomach bug incident”.

It did finally start to unravel along the edge, though, creating a loop that we all kept tripping over.  Jeff finally took a pair of scissors to the offending loop and then, well…it looked like this…


So, it was about time to get a new rug.  It was one of those things that hung out on my mental shopping list for a while, but I was never compelled enough to actually buy one.  It just wasn’t a big priority.

When I was in Raleigh visiting Jeff’s family, I took some time to go to World Market.  That’s a fun store to just mill around in and, while I was milling, I found a new braided jute runner that was perfect for my kitchen, so I picked it up.  It’s the  Natural Chunky Braided Jute Flynn Rug

The nice thing about this rug is that it has a backing, so it’s more substantial and (hopefully) less likely to unravel over time.

It’s a small change, but the new rug looks sharp.

Just another small finishing detail to this kitchen makeover.

You can read about my other jute rugs HERE.

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Braided Jute Kitchen Rug

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18 Comments on “Braided Jute Kitchen Rug”

  1. Just curious but do the previous owners of your current home follow your blog? If so, have they commented on the changes you have made?

    Also, did you visit your old home on your trip back East?

    1. I don’t think so. In MN, you never meet the buyers, though. If I did meet them, I would give them a big hug for accepting our offer when it was contingent upon Jeff getting a job. They didn’t have to do that and it was huge blessing to us.

  2. The problem I have with kitchen runners is that we trip over them unless they really lie flat. (Read: embarrassingly clumsy family) Does this one lie nice and flat?

    1. The first one I had lays much flatter, so you might prefer that one. Just search “braided jute runner” on Joss & Main. This one sits up a little higher, just because of the lining.

  3. I just miss the color you had in your old house.! I am probably in the minority, but you have so much white now, it just seems so plain😟

    1. The balance of color in this home is about the same as my last, but I still have more color I’m going to add in the kitchen island, the butler’s pantry, accessories, etc. It’s just taking a while for it all to unfold. It’s not finished, yet!

    1. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it with this one, either. It does have a backing on it, which means it will take longer to dry, but it’ll still work.

  4. I’d love a runner in our kitchen “work zone”: how does this one feel on bare feet? I live in Raleigh….sorry I missed you! 😉

    1. This one feels nice, which is why I like it. The fact that it’s braided mades it softer underfoot.

  5. Love your new kitchen rug and will be checking it out at neighboring World Market for my kitchen.
    Question: How do you keep it clean in a high traffic area like the kitchen?

    1. The nice thing about these rugs is they really don’t show a lot of splatters and spills. I just wipe up any bigger (chunkier) spills with a towel and warm water and I vacuum the crumbs. If it gets really bad, I can take it outside and hose it off!

  6. I love everything about your kitchen! The backsplash is perfection, as are all the colors and finishes. Thank you for sharing your home with us. You have been a huge inspiration to my own home renovations.

  7. Love the rug but I have trouble with a rug slipping on tile especially with a dog running over it. Suggestions how to prevent slipping?

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