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Many of you noticed the jute and seagrass rugs throughout my house in the partial house tour and asked some questions, so I thought I would share a bit more about them.  After trying a bunch of patterned rugs in my home, I realized I didn’t want so much pattern on the floor.  I wanted the rugs to be quiet, so the fabrics and painted furniture could be the stars.  The rugs in the living room, dining room and kitchen were purchased from Joss & Main with credits I earned there.  They are the Barbados Rug by Safaveih.  I would describe them as nubby, but soft.  They don’t feel scratchy, but since they are so heavily textured, it feels better to wears socks or shoes when walking on them.  They’re definitely not rugs to snuggle on.

missmustardseed-20 (534x800)

missmustardseed-74 (427x640)

I have found these rugs to be very forgiving with crumbs and spills so far.  I’ve only had them for a month or so, so we’ll see how they hold up long term.  I have noticed that they are getting softer and matted down a bit with wear, which is a nice thing, in my opinion.

The rug under the table in the family room is also from Joss & Main, but has more of a flat basket weave texture.  I thought it was the same as the others when I bought it, but when it showed up, I saw it was a little different, which is fine.

missmustardseed-220 (534x800)

This is the only rug that has started to unravel in a few spots, so I am not hopeful that this one will last for years and years.


The one in the family room is the heathered jute rug from Pottery Barn and it’s definitely my favorite.

missmustardseed-77 (427x640)

The weave is very flat with a braided appearance.  This is the softest of all of the rugs and feels the best underfoot.  It was also the most expensive, but I did manage to buy it on sale.  I have found it to be durable and forgiving when it comes to everyday life.  The only thing I don’t like about it is the shedding.  It’s nowhere near as bad as the wools rugs I’ve had in the house, but it still sheds and get’s all over my black workout pants when I’m exercising and have to hit the deck for some pushups.  That’s a small thing, though.  Almost all natural fiber rugs shed, so it’s to be expected.

Jute rugs do need a pad under them and I really like the felt variety.  They add a nice cushion and the rugs don’t budge.  We also used carpet tape on some of the edges.


The other thing about these rugs is they “shed” dust.  I don’t know if this stops after a time, but the pad catches most of it and I vacuum around the edges, which obviously I didn’t do right before the picture above!  I imagine this would be an issue to someone with dust allergies, asthma or other breathing problems, so be mindful of that.

To care for the rugs, I’ve been vacuuming them with the floor attachment instead of the rug beater, so it’s a bit gentler on them.  I’ve just been blotting up spills with a towel and that’s done the trick.  As I said, I haven’t had them very long, so I’ll have to give you an update in a year or two, but I’m loving them so far.

PS – This is not a paid promotion of any of the products mentioned.

about my jute rugs

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36 Comments on “about my jute rugs”

  1. We will be needing rugs soon and I really like these. They will suit our taste and needs. I’m glad you shared about them. PS: praying and thinking of you all. Blessings and favor. Xoxox

  2. Marian, I so love that you have incorporates jute rugs.
    I LOVE my jute rugs to bits! I have the IKEA Tarnby rug in my master bedroom which has been down for almost four years now. I don’t treat it any differently to my carpet and it has held up great. There are a few minor areas of tufting/unravelling though I think the natural, heavy texture embraces these imperfections really well.
    I love the weave of all your rugs, particularly the braided one.

  3. I have jute rugs from Ballard Designs that I love. They are so rich with texture. I have had them for six years and they look like they did when I got them. The only thing I don’t like is the shedding but is very little. Your rugs look great and I really like the one from Pottery Barn.

  4. I love the look of jute rugs but after 5 years of the dust shedding problem, I gave up. I would roll them up and clean under them and vacuum them and even take them out and beat them on the clothesline like my grandma used to do. Unfortunately, it never got better. I ditched them for indoor outdoor rugs and haven’t looked back.

    1. I’m looking for some new rugs and need low maintenance with a house full of little ones. What sort of indoor outdoor rugs do you have? Do you recommend any in particular? Would love something with the same vibe as the jute but without the shedding.

      1. My husband is a textile engineer specializing in rugs. He introduced me to polypropolene rugs. Before we were married I had wool area rugs and had allergy issues. We have boys, dogs, cats – a busy home. These rugs are amazing. I spilled a container of green latex paint on the one in the dining room and a bisel steam cleaner removed the paint with no stains. We take them outside and shampoo each summer and they clean great. The only the only thing I am aware that damages them (besides a determined golden retreiver puppy) is sliding funiture across the rug can cause friction burns melting the fiber. These are indoor rugs.

  5. The one in your dining room is just like mine, except I got mine from Home Depot. I cannot remember the size. Mine has some “unraveling” a bit on each end. But, I cannot decide if my cat with no claws did it, or if it was just stretched a bit over time. I have had mine since April. I still love it though. The “dust” does settle after a few months.

  6. I’ve been looking for a rug to go in my dining room, hoping to find something that is easy to clean up after meals. Love this…thanks bunches.

  7. I love the look of jute and sea grass rugs and have really admired the one in your dining room. However, I have read mixed reviews from other décor bloggers who have them. Many have said its not the ideal rug to have under a dining table because their texture makes them hard to vacuum and get up crumbs, etc.

    I wouldn’t think it would be much of an issue though if its a dining area that only gets used every now and then and not daily. I passed up a round 6 foot sisal rug recently that I saw at the PB outlet. I keep thinking in my head is this going to be practical under a table that is in a eat in kitchen area. I really love the look though especially when they are used in a sunroom.

  8. I had tried a jute rug years ago under the dining table. I debated between that or an indoor/outdoor. I decided the jute was to nubby and hard to move the chair back on. I also had two young girls and was concerned about spills. I rolled up the rug and returned it to Crate and Barrel (?). The very next day my daughter spilled an entire cup of apple juice–down the crack in the table, all over the floor. I was so glad to have decided against the jute. I ordered up an indoor/outdoor from PB with a flatter weave and it worked great. When we moved I transitioned it to the outdoor back patio. I LOVE PB for rugs. We have the chunky wool and jute rug and love it. After the girls do a few rounds of X Box Kinnect it pulls up and sheds. But it is soft and a wonderful rug. Also, check out the kids/teen sections in clearance for cheaper ones. We got a Chenille/Jute stripe in natural tones in an 8×10 for $250 for our bedroom.

  9. I enjoy your post along with Savvy Southern’s. Both well done and informative. You both have a feel for decorating that I find others do not quite hit the mark. A heads up! have you checked your photograph on your “about me” I see an added feature. Is that intended or has your photo be altered? Thought you would like to know.

  10. Thank you for the information regarding the shedding, I have asthma and find these very uncomfortable to live with. This is a good example of why I am so glad you are such a detailed blogger. Thank you for all your hard work.

  11. We bought a sisal for the dining room as a “starter rug” since the room was large and it looked beautiful with heart pine floors. We picked the pattern from our carpet store and had a neutral band attached. When we finally found “the rug” we had this one cut down to fit my 13’x10′ breakfast nook and I had it rebranded in black. Two rugs for the price of one. After 10 plus years, they still shed. Keep a good pad under it and pull the rugs back to vacuum up as much “hair”. Very kid friendly, I had 3 sons.

  12. Good to know. After much searching and getting the “vision” for our new old home, I too decided I wanted to keep the rugs quiet. Saw your purchases and the blog post on the Barn Room rug at For the Love of a House Blog. I pulled the trigger when I got a $50 coupon from Home Decorators and saw they were offering free shipping and free rug pads to boot! We have not gotten them yet. Excited. Thanks for the updates.

  13. Hi Marian!

    I had a red jute rug that I got for a great price. It was a beautiful warm red but it “shed” so badly and was so uncomfortable under foot that I was happy when our (since passed) lab Tessapoo, threw up all over it and I had to throw it out!!!

    I have been looking at some rugs on Joss and Main. Of course, I am drawn to color, but I like what you said about wanting your furniture to be the stars of the show. I am going to definitely keep your advice in mind.

    To another subject, my darling DannyO is going out of town next week and I am going to scrape the top of Grammy’s dresser as you suggested quite a while ago. I will send you a picture.

    Also, another question. I have a beautiful Duncan Pfife couch that was my Grandmas, horse hair and all. I want to attack the upholstery myself. The fabric I got for free(!!) is light. How do I keep that fabric clean??? I am thinking of using my stash of muslin to do all of the work until the very end. I know you may not be able to answer me, but perhaps one of your followers will have the answer.

    Sorry so long… continuing to pray for your family and your “new” normal.


  14. Agree with you about how nice natural rugs look in a home, I actually like the feel of the texture underfoot. We got a large area one and a runner for our NY apt. The runner is in our hall and the other is in a dining area. Got them both from Company Store and have had them around four years.

    Unfortunately they are not forgiving when it comes to spills even though I’ve been quick to mop them up and so we have some lighter patches and stains, as ours didn’t have a rubber backing we were able to flip them and that has made a big difference appearance wise, one can still see the lighter patches but they are not as obvious, have seen online some people have stenciled patterns on theirs which I was also considering if flipping hadn’t worked.

    As much as I love them not sure if I would go for sisal or jute when living in an apartment with small children. Read with interest what Kate had to say re polypropylene rugs and would consider one of their natural weaves for the dining area.

  15. I just got the PB jute and chenille rug in 9×12 size and love it so far. Just the look I was going for, and even my husband, who didn’t want a “grassy” rug likes it. It is soft underfoot. I don’t have a pad under it and am not sure I need to. It’s not slipping or sliding but it does have latex in the backing, I think. Is that why you need a pad over wood floors?

  16. Thanks for the review Marian. I too want to replace my family room rug with a neutral/no pattern look. I’ve looked in the PB store and still not totally sold on the jutes for the reasons many have said – not feet friendly, and constant shedding. It’s only me so I don’t have to worry about kids or pets. But they sure are nice to look at.
    I’ve seen some on Crate and Barrel that I’ll need to check out and will look at Ballards and Home Dec that others mentioned.
    Look forward to the next rug wear update!!

  17. All I can say: Sisal rugs are the only natural fiber rugs they would last forever: The only (big) problem is the “rubbered” latex back. After 3 years and some sun on the rugs the latex will be brittle !!! Lots of dirt but from the top they still look wonderful – now they are in my husbands garage / workshop.
    Jute rugs : stay away !! I had a 3by 5 in my office , after one year you could see were I placed my feets. First I thought it was the cats fault but no, my feet.. The material is too soft and will shed.Wool rugs are gorgeous , soft and age nicely but not recommended if you have cats.
    I`ll go for cheap sisal rugs ,they are high traffic & cat resistant (they love the rugs too). After 3 or 5 year they switch to the garage or next time into our tack room in the barn.
    Good luck and buy a good vac for your jute rugs , they shed like a cat the winter fur !! Have fun…

    Dani & cats

  18. I love the look and texture of these. They look lovely in your home, and they work well with coastal decor too. I am actually in the market for a couple of jute rugs and I like your advice about using the felt pads underneath with tape. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I have owned several of these rugs for years. Purchased them in 2006… They are still on my floors today. Yes the jute rugs continue to shed, but they wear like iron. Spills seem to disappear over time. The sea grass seems to breakdown faster. The ones that have the fringe eventually unravel near the fringe. I prefer the one that has no fringe. That one is my all time favorite. I love it’s chunky texture. They are a great value with years of use. I was very fortunate to purchase mine during a end of summer sale from Pier One Imports. The largest was a 6 x 9 I paid $60.00 for it! It’s still on my living room floor. 🙂

    Pro: wears like iron, looks great, gives the room texture.
    Con: shedding fibers.

  20. Love the look of the natural fiber rugs and have had several of them throughout the years. The only problem is they have a delicious “grassy” smell to them when new that my pugs find irresistible, and pee on them! I think they smell like the outdoors. Have not had that problem with wool or polypropylene rugs.

  21. I have the same PB rug and have had it for 5 yrs now Sadly, the shedding gets worse with age as the jute will fray and break and the chenille is chenille so it sheds. I have to use a roller to get it off everything. My 7 month olds fleece jammies get covered in the fibers. Just wanted to give my opinion on it. When I find a replacement this one will go down in the basement. Its a great rug just thought after awhile it would stop shedding not get worse.

  22. I have the Ikea Tarnby in a few rooms and it holds up great with floor attachment vacuuming only.
    I seamed a few World Market banded sisal runners together on our staircases. 3 years later they are showing some light staining. Mostly because my husband refuses to take HIS shoes off indoors like the rest of us.
    I bought a natural carpet cleaner kit online called “Host.” It is fibrous, sand colored stuff that looks like what the school janitor uses to mop up vomit. I know. Gross. Unfortunately, It doesn’t really make a dent in the dirt stain but lightens up the overall tread a bit.

  23. I will be interested to see how you like your rugs, even in the next 6 months. For the past 2 years my main living room has had a jute rug in it from Pottery Barn and I have been so disappointed in it. It is completely worn out, stains everywhere from the most minor spills, and clear patterns from foot traffic. I am also so over the shedding of the rug. I have a 9 month old son and the fibers get all over his clothes and mine, and they are not the kind of fibers you just brush off… they really work their way into your clothes. Finally i have not been able to find any genuine way of actually cleaning the rug. It seems that there is no way to clean a jute/sisal rug and you just have to replace it. A disappointment after spending a large chunk of change just two years ago, not to mention I love the look of the rugs! No more wool rugs for me either; I am back to the drawing board!

  24. I do think they look great in your house. I love the way they are natural, and they go with everything. I really like your Pottery Barn rug the best too. It looks soft, and the textures and color are really beautiful… thanks for sharing the different sources, i was wondering about that…


  25. I bought one of the jute rugs also, they are awesome looking rugs, they do shed terribly. Our dogs are constantly chewing on them. As of right now I’m looking for new a rug. Save yourself some money and headaches and don’t purchase one.

  26. Hi! Your jute rugs are beautiful. I am considering the PB heathered chenille one you have, but it’s a bit of a splurge for me (in a 9×12). Are you still loving it? I see you mentioned some shedding — does this get better or worse with time? Any issues with this rug shedding dirt (the way some jute rugs do)? Finally, I see you mentioned rug pads–do you use one for even this one? (I saw it has some sort of cotton backing, right? Damaging our laminate floors is definitely a concern.)

    Thank you so very much!!! I am a new fan of your blog. 🙂

  27. Hi,
    I was researching jute rugs and that is how I found your site. I have a jute rug from RugsUSA and although I just LOVE the look of it, the dust and shedding is such a nuisance! So I was thinking of the Pottery Barn version. In your post which was very good by the way, you mentioned doing an update after about a year or so. Would you mind doing so in the very near future? I need a rug, I love the naturals, but don’t know which way to go on this. Thank you.

  28. I bought a PB jute chenille rug earlier this month, but the shedding is so bad I’m returning it. It’s a gorgeous rug, and if it were in any other room, I might consider keeping it. But, this is the room where kids play on the floor. The little jute fibers are all over my house and all over our clothes. They stick mercilessly to athletic wear and cotton clothing. The shedding weaves it way into the fibers of our clothes, so even after we launder them, they still have little itchy jute fibers hidden inside. I’ve noticed the shedding getting progressively worse over the month, not better. The loose fibers are unnoticeable on our medium oak floors, which is why I might consider it for a different room. But, sadly, this rug is not functional for a family with children.

  29. I can’t agree more with the Jute rugs shedding and big dirt piles that collect underneath from he natural fiber.Have had mine for three years and am ditching. They are in a room that gets morning and afternoon sun so that you constantly see the tiny fibers as if I have several shedding animals. Gotta Go!

  30. I recently purchased the PB Heather Chenille Jute rug and I love it, however, it has an odd smell. Has anyone else noticed this? It’s in our living room and is the first room you walk into when you enter the house so I smell it every time I walk in the door. Does the smell go away after a while? Is the smell a normal thing for this type of rug?

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