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When I was in North Carolina, Jeff’s mom surprised me with a gift.  We were sitting on the sofa one afternoon, chatting, and she leaned forward to get out of her chair.  “Come with me.  I have a gift for you.  It’s a thank you for helping Jeff finish his Masters degree.”  I followed her into her bedroom and she pulled an antique blue & white coverlet off of a quilt rack.  She folded it over carefully and handed it to me.  “I’ve always loved this and I know you’ll love it, too.  It has your name all over it.”

In fact, I had always admired that very coverlet and it was such a lovely, thoughtful gift.  Maybe the best gift she could’ve given me.

I realized later that Jeff’s mom giving me an antique textile when Jeff graduates has become a bit of a tradition!  She gave me an antique crazy quilt from her family when he got his undergrad degree.

Of course, she didn’t need to give me anything at all for either occasion, but she did and I accepted them.

The coverlet is in beautiful condition and it’s so well made.

It does have initials on one corner, but is not dated.  I would guess it’s 1800’s, which is just crazy to think that something that old is folded over the ottoman in our living room.

And, what do you know?  It looks perfectly at home there.

It has someone else’s initials on it, but it certainly does have my name all over it.

PS – I just learned that my fabric is available on, in case you haven’t been able to find it at a local quilting shop!  You can purchase it HERE.

the gift

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25 Comments on “the gift”

  1. It’s just lovely, and don’t you wonder at it’s provenance? If I were you I would feel that it was a great compliment to be entrusted with this work of art and history. Your mother-in-law must love and admire you a great deal.

  2. What a beautiful antique coverlet and such a loving gesture! I think when you receive a gift unexpected it makes the gift so much more special. I know you will treasure it forever.

  3. Lovely, a gracious gift and a gracious acceptance of the gift!! I find it is very hard to accept gifts, but when I give them it makes me feel so good. Something to work on for me.

  4. Oh Marian,

    This heirloom from your husband’s mother is a wondrous acknowledgement of your loving support making Jeff’s master’s degree possible. It is graceful gift on so many levels and is beauteous on your ottoman.

    Love and admiration from Camano Island.

  5. Oh my!! What a beautiful piece that is and it so fits you and your house. Quite a nice gift! You are lucky to have such a sweet Mother in Law.

  6. Beautiful gift. My mother in law is so opposite of yours! You are very fortunate to have one that is loving, kind, and caring. It truly is a blessing. So heart warming knowing there are some mil’s that treat their dil so lovingly!a

  7. Is there any chance you would share a photo of the antique crazy quilt your mother-in-law gave you previously? Would LOVE to see that too !! This coverlet is beautiful and I agree, it fits perfectly in this room.

  8. Hi Marian! Your coverlet is absolutely beautiful! I wish I had it in my collection. Cherish it and treasure it for it is one of a kind.

  9. The coverlet is beautiful and fits in perfectly with your decor and color scheme. More importantly, the gift is precious because it is from your husband’s mother. It is obvious that she treasures you just as you will treasure the coverlet.
    My mother-in-law crocheted and knitted afghans, baby blankets, and Irish fisherman sweaters for our family in the Clarke family pattern. I treasure all of these items and have passed most on to my adult children.

  10. How pretty! I have always admired those coverlets, but I think that’s the prettiest pattern I’ve ever seen! It looks perfect in your home! It’s always fun to wonder who owned it long ago and where it’s traveled. How wonderful to have such a loving, kind and caring mother-in-law! I’m sure she so enjoys having you for a daughter-in-law!

  11. It’s just beautiful. I’ve been looking at them lately, and really wanting one.
    I know you will enjoy it so. Such a thoughtful gift.

  12. Your antique coverlet is just so beautiful! How thoughtful of Jeff’s Mom to gift this to you! Enjoy! Blessings!

  13. There is a quilt book called Remember Me. It is about a woman who traced antique quilts back to
    their original families. One that sticks in my mind was a friendship quilt that she handed back to a family.
    Imagine that! You have a treasure there and a treasure of a mother in law!

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