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Well, we’re finally home for the summer.  We got all of our trips done back to back and I won’t have to pack a suitcase again until I go to France and Italy in the fall.  It’s so good to be home, although I loved visiting family and then unplugging (quite literally) with our church’s pastors and their families at a private island on Rainy Lake in Canada.  I’ll share more about that trip in another post, but I thought I would first share a nice surprise I found when I got home…

The hedge of peonies planted by the previous homeowners (five bushes in all), had blossomed.  The bushes were dotted with fluffy pink flowers.

Knowing that peonies are short-lived, I helped myself to a few of them for a bouquet.

I even painted them for my oil still life series, but peonies have me beat for right now.  The painting wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t turn out quite how I hoped.  I have a lot more work to do on flowers!

Until then, I’ll just admire the real thing.


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28 Comments on “peonies”

  1. I understand about flowers, I have a terrible time with them. My instructor says to squint and paint the lights and darks. I did that and believe me it didn’t look like a flower. If you figure it out let me know.
    Good Luck, Jeanne

  2. Oh my goodness, there’s nothing prettier than peonies. You’re so lucky they grow where you are. Our Texas summers are not very kind to my plants, though I fuss over them every year. Enjoy….and welcome home!!!

  3. Ours bloomed and were gone d/t heat. Usually, they are around a little longer. Glad to see them look so beautiful.

  4. Love peonies. My backyard neighbor is so kind letting me pick from her bushes. In September, she is digging out some peonies and I’m going to have them in my backyard.

    1. Sandy, be sure to look up how deep to plant them, or maybe your neighbor can help you out. I unknowingly planted a couple of my bushes too deep, and they get buds each year, but as of yet have never bloomed. So I have to dig them up and replant this fall. Also, when you transplant, they may take a couple of years to bloom. But so worth the wait!

      1. Also you might be better off starting with your own nursery grown bush. Peonies are very hardy plants that can live for decades but once they’re settled in they really hate to be moved. It can be done but it takes some babying.

        1. Years ago my dad split some of his peonies, which were planted by his mother (my dad was born in 1916), and planted them in my flower bed. They did fine and smell lovely. I bought some at a nursery that had no smell at all, and I ended up yanking the nursery peonies out. I think the smell is half the beauty of the flower. I hope you have good luck with yours.

          1. Yes, you have to check the variety of the ones you buy or plant from anywhere. Some peony varieties have stronger scents than others, like all plants.

  5. Peonies are one of my hands down favourite cut flowers. I have several bushes and I never feel guilty cutting them.

    This year we had heavy heat early in June and then rain, the two worst things for peony blooms – my peony blossoms were decimated and I didn’t get to cut any.

  6. Photography is an art form too, and you have done a beautiful job with that today 😁❤️ Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  7. Found a bouquet of five peony buds at Sprouts on Saturday and they were calling my name. Grew up with them in IL as well as gladioli. It’s been fun to watch them open …last two buds are just opening today. did you know you can dry them? May try that on these… pretty.

  8. MY former mother in law from Oregon called them PEE Own Iies. I always thought
    that was so cute. She would be 99 years old this year.

  9. I miss hydrangeas and peonies in FL. On the other hand we have royal poincianas, citrus blossoms, and colorful bromeliads. I guess we should enjoy the blooms where we are planted!!!

  10. My absolute favorite flowers. And lilacs. But alas, they do not thrive here in the deep south where I’ve been transplanted. Blessings to you today, sweet Miss Mustard Seed, enjoy them!

  11. Peonies buds can be held in refrigeration and then forced open later if you have an abundance of buds. Florists do this for special brides who marry out of the normal peony season !

  12. Peonies buds can be held in refrigeration and then forced open later if you have an abundance of buds. Florists do this for special brides who marry out of the normal peony season !

  13. I’m in Kansas and ours are but a distant memory. Most years right after they bloom it rains and destroys them. Absolutely love the smell.

  14. My favorite flower. I’m going to find a variable that will grow and bloom in south central Mississippi!

  15. Peonies are my favorite with hydrangeas coming in second. Wow, Minnesota is 6 weeks behind our growing season in central VA as I had peonies blooming well before Mothers Day. Just wondering do folks in the Mid-West say “Pee-Own-Nees” or Pee-O-Nees”? I am guessing the later as the first way is usually how I hear it pronounced in the South.

  16. LOVE your peonies…………first time I knew what they were was a home we had back in the ’70s…….previous people had put about 12 of them in a row………..white, light pink (as yours) and deep pink. I brought in a bouquet for our dining table and came back later to find ANTS crawling all over the tabletop. Ants are part of the process to force the blooms, but how do you have a bouqet without ants?????

    Painting them………….we just came back from Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls, Canada. Met a wonderful painter by the name of Angie Strauss…………travel friends purchased one of her larger paintings of peonies!!!!!!!!! Check out her online gallery website:! Keep painting peonies!!!!!!!

  17. I miss having peonies in my garden. I’m looking forward to planting them now that we’re finally working on our garden plan. Are you going to share your paintings of them? I’m sure they’re lovely.

  18. Oooh peonies ❤️ I just love them, especially in pink. My pink ones bloomed this year for the first time…and I was not at home for 8 days, doggie-sitting at my daughters house in The Netherlands. But got just back home in time to enjoy them for two days 🤗
    I love everything you do in your house and are looking forward to see all your next projects to come.

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