“Boxwood” Green Studio Doors

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Last week, I took some time to work on the studio doors.  It’s been on my to-do list for a while, but it’s one of those projects that isn’t urgent, so it kept getting knocked down the list in favor of more exciting or pressing endeavors.  With everyone home, trying to juggle school and work, feeding four humans and three animals all day, etc. it has been even more important for me to set out some small, tangible goals and get them done.  It’s good for my own mental health to celebrate small accomplishments!

So, I worked on the studio doors.  I reinstalled the trim we removed to see if installing a new door was going to be a doable project, touched up the paint…

…and then repainted the doors in the custom Boxwood green I used on my butler’s pantry, the kitchen island, and the cabinets in our laundry room.  At first, I wasn’t 100% sure that I liked the change, but as I’ve lived with it for a few days, I really love it.

It just adds a pop that relates to other pieces in the room, like the little footstool and the painted art cabinet.   And it looks fresh and cheery to me.

And I love it against the floors.

In this crazy time, I waffle between feeling excited to tackle all of my projects to being completely unmotivated!  I’m sure many of you are experiencing a similar thing.  How do we find a balance in this new normal between downtime and productivity?  I have found that it’s important for me to be productive in some form or fashion each day.  It keeps me moving forward and focusing on the positive, even if it’s just positive things happening in my bubble.  And, when I work on a project, I can focus just on that project and the world feels normal.

Me with a brush and a bucket of paint feels pretty normal.

It’s motivated me to work on other projects that have been hanging out on my to-do list for a while…when I find the time!  This time at home has been surprisingly busy!

“Boxwood” Green Studio Doors

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45 Comments on ““Boxwood” Green Studio Doors”

  1. Have you considered a window film on the door with large pain of glass? Makes me a little nervous with children and animals in the house. I have used it on the utility room window. Lots of light without prying eyes of the nosey neighbour. Don’t think I can attach a photograph. Keep safe and well c

  2. I love that green, it looks fantastic on the doors.

    I am a work-from-home medical transcriptionist in Canada so a lot of my daily life hasn’t changed, work is just slower to come in because most in-hospital/clinic visits and elective surgeries have been cancelled. Now that the doctors are doing phone consultations things are picking up a little. I still need to be at my desk for the entire day to catch work as it comes in and sometimes there can be 30+ minutes between files so I’ve started listening to audio books on my phone and working on small crafts that I can put down with no problem when work appears. Right now I’m cutting wire pieces for a wire tree I want to make and finishing a crewel work kit that I’ve had sitting around for, ohhh, about 20 years. I kid you not, the date stamp on the price tag is November 22, 00 and it cost a whopping $5! It will be good to get that finished.

    Sometimes, feeling productive is actually as important as being productive. At least that’s what my bundle of wires is telling me!

  3. Ohhh the green is so much better for the room. I love it. The blue was very cold, and the green warms it up.
    Great choice.

  4. I just love the green doors!! They are such a nice compliment to the blue features too. Hooray for the small accomplishments that really aren’t so small.
    Thanks for the eye candy:)

  5. These green doors are so fitting for your space. I love how the color coordinates with all the wood, blues, and white/linen colors. It’s so lovely. The grey doors were pretty, but these are prettiest! I am right there with you in regards to downtime and productivity. Even with all this extra time, I’m having a hard time balancing things! I find myself doing A LOT of correspondence, phone calls, and zoom time with prayer, women’s ministry, and checking up on people. While those aren’t bad things, I haven’t gotten to some of the major projects I’d like to accomplish. I need to pray for balance!

  6. So soothing and I love how the stool and yarn pulls the colors together.
    Take good care~

  7. Love the change and boxwood is a favorite color from your chart. I wonder if the little transom window should match the door.

  8. I love the doors! Green is probably “my color” in decorating, though we have much less of it in this house than our previous one! I absolutely relate to the challenges of balance. Just prior to all this time at home, I had quit my job at a quilt store. My daughters and I were supposed to go visit my Mom for her 88th birthday- that didn’t happen. So I have been adjusting to not working outside of the home (first time ever in 58 years!) as well as not being allowed to go out, and not really wanting to risk it as I am at higher risk. It is stressful in a weird way– some days are pretty good, some days not so good– I am trying to go with it, and give myself some grace. My husband and I have been making it a point to walk each day- which does help with the routine!

    1. Green is my favorite color so of course I love the green doors! You are inspiring me to work on projects. I’ve taken up beginning crochet thanks to you, Marion.

  9. Boxwood green one of my all time favorite colors! As we speak I’m about to paint my grandsons high chair that same color. It’s from the 1940-1950’s and can’t wait to see him using it! Little miracles and blessings everywhere. Thank you Marian for always reminding us of that!

  10. Love the green doors! Did you consider painting the white trim around the glass, green as well? Just a thought. Love your home!

  11. I am a blue gal, but the green is lovely. Even when I was little it was always blue! Isn’t it funny how we choose our favorite colors when we are little and 60 years later they are still our favorites! Love your decorating style! Be well!

    1. Love the green color. I am off work and trying to do as many projects that I can. I am working on my she room. A room of my own. Green is going to be one of the colors of my walls. I plan on painting each wall a different color according to the color scheme of the furniture against them. Green will emphasize my beautiful fish tank. I have chairs to reupholster that I found on the side of the road. Your tutorial is perfect for this project. I am so thankful for these blessings in disguise.

  12. I love how it pops. Could you please tell the source for those wonderful small shelves by the door? I love them.

    1. They are from Target! They are just metal picture ledges, but are perfect to use as my drying shelves.

  13. Hi Marion, I have been a subscriber for a long time. I was wondering if you could do me a favor? Did you watch”Sanditon” this past winter on Masterpiece Theatre? (Jan-Feb.2020) Could you binge-watch it? It won’t go for a second season with ITV so getting Season 2 is a campaign I joined for ITV-Masterpiece to consider a Season 2 to finish this “cliff hanger” of a story. We are on Twitter and Facebook (Saving Sanditon.) But first watch it yourself. I am hoping you will join us and petition to have another season. “Faith like a mustard seed…..” Thank you…love all you do. Inspiring. Sherry Stuifbergen

  14. Hi again, with the CO-Vid recovery bill Congress just passed, PBS got 75 million dollars. So I feel that “Sanditon” is in their budget to give us Season Two. Again, Thanks, Sherry

  15. Last week I painted the subway-style tiles on our old hearth green. Then I stenciled a border. The tiles were in rough shape and the fireplace is a 100yo gas one, non-functioning. Even though we can’t safely use it, we want to try to restore it so it’s a decorating asset instead of a hole-in-the-wall eye sore. Painting the tiles was the motivation I needed. I love that painting is one of those activities where you can do other things while the paint is drying between coats.

    1. I agree! Painting almost always gets me excited to do more. It’s such a (relatively) quick and easy way to transform something.

  16. Looks wonderful. I think I’d consider painting the inside trim of the transom window above the door in the green.

    1. I sort of like it white, since all of the other windows are trimmed in white, but even if I wanted to paint it, it’s vinyl trim that’s really best left unpainted.

  17. Is anyone else seeing an ad, it’s usually the MMS TV on my android tablet, pop up on the left and covers about a fourth of my screen nearly top to bottom? Not sure if there’s been a change to the site? I also lose my keyboard when the page does some sort of refresh. Since my connection is slow, it appears to occasionally happen when the ad running below the comment box changes.

    1. Someone else mentioned it, so it might be a rogue ad. There has always been a video ad, but a close button should appear in just a few seconds. It also shouldn’t be taking up most of the screen. Sorry about that!

  18. Beautiful as always. How would I get that color in regular paint (not milk paint)? I recommended that my sister paint her island in her new kitchen boxwood but I don’t know to go about having sherwin Williams mix it up. Thanks for any advice/info
    And happy easter to you and your family.

  19. Love, Love the boxwood green. I hope you would paint your front door that color as well! It’s just the prettiest shade of green, warm and cozy and goes so well with your blues!

    1. It is a pretty shade, but I love the color of the front door. I feel like it works better with the color of the siding.

  20. Hello,
    Would it work if I painted my outside front door with boxwood green? Should I use the hemp oil as a finish? Or something else to protect the door surface from the weather? Thanks for the help! Happy Easter and Happy Spring everyone! ❤️💚💙💛🧡

    1. Is the door currently raw wood? Or is it painted/wearing a finish, metal, etc? If it’s raw wood, milk paint would be fantastic finished with a few layers of Tung Oil. If it’s metal or already painted, I’m afraid the extreme changes in temperature and the moisture would be tough on it. You can always have the color matched in a paint that’s meant to use outside.

  21. Love the green doors, but would definitely paint the existing white window trim on doors in that same green color. The tiny bit of white trim interrupts the eye, IMHO. Love your studio!

  22. Just a great result that adds the extra pop of color! Love your studio so much, it is just such a positive vibe in there.
    I am a newby in painting projects and plan to paint the cabinet doors in my bedroom.
    You always seem to get really great results with just a brush and roller, without streaking or brush marks ( as far I can see).
    I’m just afraid that my finish would not look as professional, when tackling the doors with the brush and roller option.
    So I thought about purchasing a paint sprayer, or is this to tricky for a novice?
    What was your prep work for the doors?
    Could you recommend using a chalk paint / or milk paint also for highly frequented cabinet doors, painted in a whitish color (these doors get washed down frequently )
    Questions over questions, but if you have the opportunity to lern from the best, you should at least try :o)
    Sending you the best wishes fro Germany, stay healthy and safe.

  23. I love this green but I thought the doors were awesome in the blue. Please tell me the blue color paint name? I hope to paint some doors this color when we get our next house in 2 weeks. Please and thanks very much! Love your style.

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