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Today in the studio, Kriste and I worked creating two very different Halloween/fall tables.  In the one I’m showing today, we went with a black/orange/spooky classic Halloween theme.  Neither of us are big on decorating for Halloween, but this was so much fun to put together and we both love how it turned out.

Miss Mustard Seed-192

We featured Flapper Black MMS GGG (Miss Mustard Seed’s German Glass Glitter) on several simple projects on this table.  We glittered live and wooden pumpkins (found at Target), some clearance plastic crows, pine cones and paper bats that we made into bunting.  We made them with the same glue & glitter technique most people learn in elementary school.

Pick something to glitter…

Miss Mustard Seed-1996

…have some glitter at the ready and work over some paper or a container, so the glitter can be reused.

Miss Mustard Seed-2000

Miss Mustard Seed-2001

Brush on a white all-purpose school glue…

Miss Mustard Seed-1998

…and immediately sprinkle the glitter on.

Miss Mustard Seed-2004

Miss Mustard Seed-2009

Allow the glue to dry before handling the freshly-glittered decorations.

We combined all of the creations in one tablescape, which we had a blast putting together.  Kriste was doing some last minute bunting trimming as I was setting up the shoot.

Miss Mustard Seed-190

And here are a ton of pictures we took…

Miss Mustard Seed-194 Miss Mustard Seed-196

Kriste opted to glitter the stems and tops of the live pumpkins in a “drippy” style.

Miss Mustard Seed-2018

…and just dusted the pine cone tips to keep the natural element, but add a bit of moody sparkle.

Miss Mustard Seed-2057

 Miss Mustard Seed-2029

The bats are just made of black card stock, glittered and then glued to orange twine to make a bunting.

Miss Mustard Seed-2031

It looked perfect hung over the dental-cabinet-in-progress that we used a buffet.

Miss Mustard Seed-2038

For the table setting, we used white ironstone plates, linen napkins and some bread boards we made as “placemats.”  I found the antique black-handled silverware while shopping a couple of weeks ago and bought them with a Halloween table in mind.

Miss Mustard Seed-2045 Miss Mustard Seed-2021

The witch’s broom place card was a project I did for a few years ago.  You can find the tutorial HERE.

Miss Mustard Seed-2023 Miss Mustard Seed-2024 Miss Mustard Seed-2037 Miss Mustard Seed-2028 Miss Mustard Seed-2046 Miss Mustard Seed-2112 Miss Mustard Seed-2105 Miss Mustard Seed-2066

The glass glittered birds looked perfect perched on some antique apothecary bottles I picked up last week.

Miss Mustard Seed-2068 Miss Mustard Seed-2071 Miss Mustard Seed-2040 Miss Mustard Seed-2053 Miss Mustard Seed-2073 Miss Mustard Seed-2094

We used pages from an antique encyclopedia as a “table runner”.  Kriste looked for spooky words and images and was especially proud of finding this vulture…

Miss Mustard Seed-2100

I sprinkled some preserved oak leaves from Wegmans for color and everything came together nicely.

I’ll share the fall table we put together in a few days.  I have a lot more to share before we pack the van for the Chapel Market, including the booth setup (aka the “green zone”), a few other finds and makeovers and one of the biggest giveaways I’ve ever had on my blog…


  1. phyllis henry

    Marian- You are a gifted photographer, and I appreciate so much that you use photos so liberally in your posts. While you also have a wonderful ability using words to describe and explain things, your photos are what I store away in my mind (and on Pinterest) for future inspiration. Every little detail speaks to the Mustard Seed “look”, and I love to read each blog as soon as they are posted. Thank you so much for giving us so much to work with and spreading your mustard seeds so plentifully. I am always inspired by your creativity and envious of the energy level you must possess. Your new studio seems to have unleashed so much more from you, and I hope that you continue to share this new growth and inspiration with us.

    • Jacki Jones

      Nicely Said!

  2. Kelly - Talk of the House

    Pretty and spooky at the same time! Looks like a fun table setting. The book page runner is just perfect for this table. I am looking forward to seeing your fall table and your green zone, AND your biggest giveaway sounds super interesting!

  3. Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker

    Sodium Hydroxide is lye. I went to buy some today but no one local carries it! How funny to see that particular bottle!

    I have old bottles, but they are all cobalt blue ones.

  4. Donna C

    Love Halloween! This setting is spot on and I am sure your boys will be over the moon once they see it! Wished I lived closer to help! Good luck at Chapel Hill!


    It’s like all you guy’s get to do is play all day.How fun.The studio must be a dream come true for you.And to think when you were pregnant staining your floors scooting around that ALL THIS CREATIVITY WAS JUST WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED!Have a wonderful day Marion.

  6. Catherine

    I absolutely love this. Who knew something like Halloween, with its garish orange and black, could be Mustardized? I think you should write a holiday decorating book. You have such a tangible approach that isn’t over-the-top… just simple, pretty, tasteful, but still festive. So many holiday decorating guides make you feel like you need to deck out your entire house, when really just a few white pumpkins or some glitter bats are easy to do, look adorable, and make a big impact.

  7. Becky

    UMMMM! I just have to ask!
    WWWWHAAATTTT was the reason you’re NOT having a RETAIL STORE?
    Are you sure about that decision???? 😉

    • marian

      I would love to, but I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it! I am planning on having occasional sales and workshops. I have a few more things to finish up and then the studio will be open to the public and there will be things there to purchase. It just needs to be at my own pace, so I don’t feel controlled by it.

  8. Susan

    Love the pumpkins with the glitter it great! Makes me want to glitter everything. The table is wonderful with the wooden cheese boards.

  9. JeanFB

    What an awesome spooky arrangement! And I’m lovin’ that dental cabinet.. I SO wish I lived near by, I would definitely snatch that one up for my art/craft room!

  10. Kathy F.

    Phylis Henry (first commenter above) already said it perfectly. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you, MMS!

  11. Lindsay Eidahl

    I love this tablescape! It looks great! We are hosting a Halloween party for my kids and their friends later this month and you have given me some great ideas!

  12. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

    I don’t do Halloween decor either but if I did…! Your black glitter is so pretty. It’s so nice that it is so finely ground so it doesn’t look clumpy the way a lot of courser ground glitters do. Great finds in the black handled flatware and apothecary bottles. They work great with this tablescape. Also, that dental cabinet is to die for!!! It would make perfect crafting storage! I’d love to know a price if you’re willing to sell pre Chapel Market.

  13. Judy H.

    Marian, you continue to best yourself! What a fabulously done tablescape. As usual, no detail was overlooked. I’ve never been a glitter person, my only exposure had been cheap discount store glitter, I had no idea what the “good stuff” could do. Having been enlightened, I’ve been on the look for glittery projects. I have some young grandsons who would love that bat garland and the pumpkins. They live out of town, but will be coming to spend Halloween with us and I’ve been thinking about how to decorate for them. This is the perfect idea! Thanks, Marian!

  14. ScrappyMama

    What an AMAZING setting!!! I don’t decorate much for Halloween either, but I DO love to decorate for fall. I am sooooooooooooo loving that dental cabinet!!!

  15. Shirley@Housepitality Designs

    Love all of the glittered pumpkins…the table is “spooky spectaculous”…. and must say I love the “broom” place cards!…Is your studio open to the public?…

  16. Judy H.

    BTW, did you have a template for the bats or did you free hand them? Thanks!

    • marian

      I printed a couple of different sizes of bat silhouettes off the internet and used those as a guide.

  17. Liz

    That is just fantastic and so creative. I think Martha Stewart should watch her back! LOL

  18. Simply Suzannes at Home

    Every little detail is perfect, Marian.
    I bought several long-stem freckled pumpkins this season, too. I love the glitter you put on yours. What a great idea!
    Where did you buy your bread board ‘placemats?’ LOVE them!
    I’m hosting a Halloween inspired gathering on the 25th and saw so many great ideas in this post.
    Thanks so much for sharing your talent!
    Have a great week(end),

  19. Sara

    Marian, I was so excited to read this posting this morning. I have spent the last month refinishing the almost exact cabinet. We had to have four missing drawers made for it, but were lucky all remaining drawers had the original hardware. I painted mine in a glossy white and love it. Spent all day yesterday moving and rearranging furniture in the house to make room for it. Sara, Ohio

  20. Jill Wendt

    What an amazing photo, and I would love to have it all!

  21. Loretta

    Oh my! Love the bottles. As an old lab tech I’d love to have found them!

  22. Jill

    I’m not big on Halloween either (even though it’s my birthday), but I totally love these photos and everything you did! Such cute ideas! Fall is my favorite season, so I can’t wait to see what the other set up will be! I also love the tables that I’m assuming your husband made for the studio!

  23. Rose

    Please tell me you are not taking that dental cabinet to Chapel Market! I love, love, love it!!! I can’t make it there. We are travelling across the country and hope to be in your neck of the woods in two weeks….

    • marian

      I am taking it there!

  24. Rose

    Please tell me you’re not taking that dental cabinet to Chapel Hill. I love,love,love it!!! And I can’t make it to Chapel Hill. We are travelling across the country to your neck of the woods in two weeks…..

  25. Beth Beal

    I love those wooden pumpkins just the way they are, but a little glitter would be fabulous!

  26. B Folk

    I can’t stand halloween. However, the decorations above are beautiful, tasteful, and well-thought-out. The old book pages and lab bottles are so original, just like everything else you do! Good job!

  27. Olivia

    LOVE THIS! you are such an inspiration, I love everything that you post. And was so glad I got to meet you last year at the Chapel Market will defiantly be there again this year! (me and my mother was the one that gave you some blue,red and white flowered flour sack fabric we thought you would like) 🙂

  28. Patti

    So fun! Can I ask the source of the breadboard “placemats”?


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