My family room has been undergoing some changes over the past few months…years, really.  It’s been one of those slow makeovers that has happened (and is still happening) as the money and time are available.  It started a couple of years ago when I painted the walls and cabinetry and made new curtains.  In January of this year, we installed new hardwood floors.  Since then, I’ve been waiting.  Busy with freelance stuff, busy with the Lucketts fair, busy with life…  and too tired to think of making new slipcovers, curtains, pillows, etc.

Last week, I was walking through the family room and got a little distracted…and that led to rearranging the furniture and rearranging the stuff on the walls and making new pillows and slipcovering a small ottoman.  I can see the room taking shape.  It’s not drastically different.  The bones are the same and the main furniture arrangement is the same, but the subtle changes are making it closer to how I always envisioned it.  On the way are new curtains, painted bar stools, some new slipcovers and upholstery and a new cow painting by Cindy Austin (who painted Eulalie for me.)

So, moving the furniture around in one room always leads to moving furniture in other rooms.  I took the channel back chair out of the living room to use in the family room, so I was left with a stray chair.  I just plugged it in where the channel back chair was, thinking it would be a clashing mess…

DSC_0291 (424x640)

…but it looked surprisingly okay.  I’m not sure I love, love it there, but I don’t feel like I have to reupholster it tonight.  🙂

DSC_0302 (406x640)

DSC_0295 (640x424)

…and one of those chairs is still pink and hanging out in my office now.  With the steam mop.  Nice.  (I just realized how silly it was to watermark that photo! )

DSC_0301 (424x640)

Anyway, so all of this talk of upholstery leads me to the main topic of this post (finally)…drop cloths.

DSC_0308 (424x640)

They have been the primary fabric I’ve used for slipcovers and upholstery until about a year ago.  I used them because they are durable, inexpensive and neutral.

DSC_0309 (640x424)

 A couple of things happened, though.  First of all, Lowes stopped carrying the Finish Factor drop cloths that were my favorite.  Don’t they know we were using those for slipcovers and changing the fabric and brand messed us up?!  The FF drop cloths were a great cotton canvas and they would get pretty light when bleached.  The drop cloths I find now are a pretty dark oatmeal color and just look more like utilitarian drop cloths.  The other thing that made me look for a new fabric is that I started doing more upholstery.  Drop cloth fabric will tear if it’s pulled too tight, which isn’t good when you’re upholstering.  So, I started looking for other fabrics and, after ordering and trying a few different ones, I found a fabric I love.

It’s the 16 oz. Romanian Hemp Canvas from Hemp Traders.  At $16/yard, it’s still affordable and it’s a dream to work with for upholstery.  It’s heavier than drop cloths, so you definitely need a beefy machine if you’re getting into pleats and that sort of thing.   The thing I love is that the weave looks exactly like grain sack.  The fabric is out of stock currently (I may be partially to blame since I just ordered a bunch), but they said they have ordered more.  I’ve kept this fabric hush-hush for a while, but I figure I might as well share it.  It’s a big world and it’s okay if other people want to use the same upholstery fabric I do.

DSC_1606 (424x640)


I’m going to use this fabric to slipcover my family room sofa.  It’s darker than my current white twill Ikea slipcover, so it will stand up much better to two small boys.  I would really love to buy a new sofa, but I’m not ready to take that plunge.  Making a new, more durable and dirt-friendly slipcover will prolong the life of the one we have.  For the other pieces, I’m going to use antique grain sacks and the Hungarian hemp linen I’ve started ordering from a wholesale source.  This isn’t a source I can share, but I’m ordering a bunch, so I can sell some online.  This fabric is gorgeous, but unfortunately, it’s pricey.  It’s the kind of thing that is a splurge, so I’m just giving you warning before you get too excited about it.

DSC_9637 (424x640)

 So, there’s an update on the fabrics I’ve been using lately.  Hopefully it will be of use if you’re looking for an alternative to drop cloths.

Tomorrow, I’m taking the French cane chairs to have them professionally stripped…

DSC_0300 (424x640)


…and my t-shirts are finally in!!  I’ll make them available in the online shop soon (as well as some leftovers from Lucketts.)


  1. Larissa ~ Prodigal Pieces

    I know how you feel, seems daunting sometimes. Thanks for the fabric info. I have some rockers to do! :o)

  2. Pine Tree Home

    Thanks for the tip and info! I’ve been searching for fabric for my bamboo seating set to reupholster the cushions. I used drop cloths for the cushions of the sofa, but wanted something different for the chairs as they are in a different part of the house. I ordered some fabric from the site you shared. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Adding to the project list!


    Your decorating process is so similar to mine! I get distracted, too! But that’s a good thing. LOVE the new fabric! We also used the Lowe’s dropcloths for lots of projects and have found the quality to be not as good as it used to be. Have you also noticed the cloths are “pieced together”? The seams ruin it for me.

  4. Jennifer Rizzo

    I love the fabric on that side chair. it has great colors,

  5. Kim

    Thanks for sharing your source for the fabric. I can’t wait to order some. ~Kim

  6. Danielle

    Lovely fabric! I’ve been trying to figure out a good fabric for our dining room chairs.

  7. Lorraine@MissFlibbertigibbet

    Great tip on the fabric! I have searched for awhile for something similar but using the keyword “linen” didn’t do it! Obviously the word “hemp” was the key! It may look different in person but that chair doesn’t look bad against the drapes. It doesn’t match but it goes…..maybe a small lumbar pillow out of the drape fabric would make it tie more until you decide for good. Can’t wait to see those cane chairs finished! Pretty!

  8. Marie Claire

    I was all excited to see the fabric at Hemp Traders, but our blocking software won’t let me access the website. You see, it falls under “drugs”, and that’s a no, no…….you know. 🙂

  9. Rita C

    I so enjoy your blog and seeing what projects you’re into – all gorgeous! Love your new fabric. I’ve been holding 10 yds of a heavy sail cloth a friend gave me to have my chaise slipcovered – finally took it to the local laundromat to have pre-washed this weekend – it took the owner AND his wife to lift it once it was wet! They said they couldn’t ever do it again, but I assured them the next time it would be in the form of a slipcover. 🙂 It weighed 14# dry; I can’t even imagine how much it weighed when wet. Can’t wait for mine to be complete!

    And thanks so much for the tip on the sewing machine for heavy duty fabric!

  10. Vicki

    Love the new fabric… very pretty! I actually used your idea & had custom covers made for my dining room chairs @ 2 years ago – still love them!

  11. Judy Beeksma

    Love that fabric…the weave is the perfect size! Those cane chairs are just lovely!

  12. Snobz design on a dime

    hello your fabulous ….
    I have found a new drop cloth I liked even better than the Lowes, its from Home deopt , it is light weight ….so it’s soft and bleaches well. I like the 8 weight because it’s is soft enough to take iron ons with no problem.
    It also is very light in color and pretty so no bleaching is really needed, unless you want white.

    Be Blessed,
    Lucretia Hommel

  13. MAH

    Walmart has great drop cloths!!! Much better than the ones that Lowes use to carry. I made my dining room curtains with them and covered my living room sofa with them, the finish on them once they are washed and ironed is very much like linen.

  14. April

    I totally understand the distracted thing! 🙂 And, although I have not tried my hand at upholstery, I do love the fabric tips & what you’ve done with all the fabrics in your home!

    I have a question that is totally unrelated to this post 🙂 I have painted & waxed a desk that is getting a LOT of use by a small child & wonder if I shouldn’t have use Poly instead ~ crayon marks, scratching with toys. Can you Poly right over wax? Or would I need to strip the top & do it all over again?


  15. Kaille

    I love the chair in the corner! I am a huge fan of pattern mixing and I think the fabrics in the chair and the drapes marry well 🙂

  16. Kathryn

    I bought Lowe’s drop cloth about month ago. couldn’t get it to bleach very light and figured your slipcovers were lighter due to my computer monitor. Glad to know that the drop cloth is NOT the right kind. Bummer too. I initially bought vintage linen sheets from a seller in France. And then she and I became great friends. And then she passed away from a brain tumor. And now I can’t cut into those gorgeous sheets. So I’m looking for the right fabric to slipcover my two sofas. Thanks for the lead. But at $16 yard…it’s still pricey!
    Your room looks inviting and the graphic pattern on the chair is a nice mix in the room. And btw…do you play the piano?

  17. Thirkellgirl

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that is using one of your pictures of your new kitchen without a watermark… not sure if you gave her permission or if she just cropped it off.

  18. Cindy

    I think the chair looks delicious in the family room. The fabric is a visual treat … it’s gorgeous! Thanks for the tip on the new fabric too… The texture is wonderful and so is the color! I have been looking around for good cow photos, and have some taped to the wall in my art room, but i’m still debating… I have to cook on it a while… sooooo, we’ll see what happens!


  19. PattyM

    The artist canvas sold at art supply and craft stores is a good alternative to drop cloths and is less expensive than buying canvas at a fabric store (maybe not some of the on-line fabric stores but I like to see and feel fabric before I buy it). I haven’t tried it yet and was hesitant to share the information for fear of a price hike once they figure out everyone wants to use it for upholstery! The other advantage is that it comes in a variety of widths, some of which are wider than normal bolts of fabric. I’ve noticed that the rolls go on sale frequently at our local art store, Plaza Arts. Does anyone know what artist use for sizing? I’m not sure if it makes a difference but I’m more inclined to buy the fabric that hasn’t been treated. By the way, I think the upholstered chair looks great with the curtains.

  20. Patti G

    Personally, I think moving the chair in that space
    makes everything pop more. The wood tones
    are brought in – the pattern fills the window area
    that is a solid white – it gives it a real pizazz (sp??)

    Love that little sitting nook!

  21. Donna

    Hi. Love your house. You are soo talented. Would you mind telling me where you found the la,mps in your bedroom?

  22. Courtney

    Yes, I have missed those wonderful old drop cloths that they used to carry too~ wonder where they all went? I love finding other fabrics to try too- and when you find one you love- you just have to stick with it. At least until they change it 😉 Thanks for the tip- that fabric looks amazing.

  23. Christine

    I have been picking up drop cloths, too, for when my windows are trimmed and I can actually make and hang curtains. I like another option with nice texture. I have a few yards of Italian linen my grandmother used for paint canvases. I love layering.

    I wanted to ask you where you have your chairs professionally stripped? I’m in your area and haven’t had any luck finding someone. I actually want to have several French doors stripped before I hang them as pocket doors. I’d love your recommendation.

    BTW. Seeing you in person? If you gained 30 pounds, you carry it well. You didn’t strike me as …um… extra curvy. (God bless a previous husband for that term!)

  24. Susie

    First off…..I love the chair! I think it’s meant to be when a spontaneous change of furniture proves positive. I know how difficult it is to try to perfectly match fabrics, and you would probably never have put these together, but it works….really!

    So, I just had to check out the website for the hemp fabric. Even though they are out of the specific fabric you use, they do have lots of others available. Have you tried any of these?
    God Bless You

  25. Mammy

    The online shop! Please get it up and running! I NEED it!

  26. Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker

    Tell us about the feel of this new fabric. It is soft? Is it is rough? Somewhere in between? I absolutely love the color; it’s more of a natural linen color, but thicker fabric in that color is AWESOME!

    I have 7 small children (my oldest is 11) and they do tear up the furniture, so I love this darker shade!

  27. Dar

    Wow you have a lot of chairs in such a small area.

  28. Marti

    I love the new fabric it’s really beautiful! Still wish I could sew! Lol

  29. Corinna

    I absolutely love the fabric on the ‘not clashing’ chair. The colors especially speak to me!

  30. Elaine

    that is a good tip Marian! wondering how you find all these cool places to purchase supplies!

  31. Peggy Thal

    Like your tip about the drop cloth material. Also, like how you are always moving things around. I do that a lot also. Maybe, I am never totally satisfied or just want to change things so I can decorate more. It is such fun. Thanks for an informative post.

  32. Kim

    Love the fabric you shared but I also love the curtains! Can’t believe you are getting rid of them!

  33. Jelena

    Thanks for sharing that fabric source, Marian!
    I will soon be working on my living room (after I am done painting the walls and trim), and I need to find fabric that would be suitable for a “lap chair” for my spoiled English Setter. In our old house, we had only one big armchair he was allowed in and not by himself either – only when someone was sitting there. He likes to pretend he is a lap dog (all 54 lbs of him), and I need something that is durable and wouldn’t get or look dirty quickly. Looks like that Romanian hemp canvas would fit the bill.

    By the way, what is the URL for your online store?

  34. Lucy

    Hi Marian, I’m new to your blog and really enjoying it! LOVE your style and practicality!! Will you have hints on re upholsering soon? I’d love to give it a try!

  35. Rhonda

    Such a pretty living room, even in the growing stage! I gave my two daughters your book for Christmas, and it is fun to see them incorporating your style and tips into their decor!

    My college daughter found a great second-hand sofa and two wing chairs that I thought we could slip cover. But even at our fabric store’s 50% off sale, cream colored twill would be about $600 to slip cover all three pieces (almost 30 yards of fabric)! Ouch! So we may find some drop cloths!

    By the way, have you done any tutorials on slip covering?

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Yes, I would definitely go with drop cloth for that much fabric, especially for someone in college who will probably be moving a lot.

      • Rhonda

        Thank you! And after exploring your blog today, I see lots of helpful tutorials! I will be watching them and learning! Thankns!

  36. Georgia

    I love reading about you’re upholstery projects! I’m thinking of trying my first one this summer and was wondering what you’re thoughts were on fabrics like from Joann Fabric? Would something like a printed duck cloth or canvas hold up very well?

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      Definitely. Most home decor fabrics that have some weight to them are going to work okay for upholstery. Just stay away from anything that’s thin or fragile.

  37. Jill Keeley

    The chair just added a lot of warmth and depth to the room. Love it there. Perhaps this could be an alternate fall/winter look, compared to your simple, cool blue and white.

  38. Suzi

    So I actually really love the print chair in the family room. And it looks like its mate, the pink chair, has a thing for the steam mop and you may not be able to separate them 😉 The linen-look fabric is gorgeous. I have a new linen sofa that has some wool and heavy fabric on the back cushions so have been wanting to slipcovers the pillows for summer & this would likely work. My sewing will sew through a yardstick, seriously. Thanks for the source. Save your money till the boys grow up and buy a new sofa then…teenage boys have a very “healty & unique” odor that doesn’t wash out, trust me, I know. So that drapes…are you interested in selling them? I was just considering ordering the fabric for a friend.

  39. LIsa Stilwell

    The timing of this post blows me away. I just went to Lowes day before yesterday to buy drop cloths to do my couch, and i noticed they looked different so I didn’t buy any. I wondered what I would do, and now this great info came through to my inbox today! It’s as though it was meant for me. Thank you for being on time and for calming one troubled heart. 🙂

  40. Dana

    How do you like your steam mop? 😉 I just moved to a fixer up with horrible tile in the kitchen and hard wood throughout the rest of the house.
    Love, love your blog, Marion! Thanks!

  41. Linda McDonald

    I love the mix of the fabric. It is not so matchy. It gives a more frenchy look . It was inevitable that your great taste would become even better. You’ve been exposed to better things which tend to be more pricey. Once your eye has really been trained its hard to go back. Thanks for sharing. Linda

  42. Kathryn

    I noticed on comment that got my attention….the where is the slipcover video tutorial. I have trouble finding your video tutorials as well, but I know you have many. Sometimes I’ve stumbled upon them in YouTube. Is that the only place to find them. Could you put a button at the top for Videos? Or tell us how to access them easily? Thanks….and sorry to be such a bother because maybe it’s just me missing something. Or anyone else can chime in. Thank You!

  43. kristin

    Yes, that Romanian Hemp Canvas is a beauty! As far as the drop cloths go–that must be the problem! I went a few months ago and thought “these DIYer’s must be crazy” because the drop cloth was horrible. It even had little runs of bright pink in it. I instead went to Hemp Traders and ended up with a very nice fabric. Word of caution–the fabric that looked “white” online was a very heavy cream. I suggest getting fabric samples sent and calling first to get a sample from their current lot (I was suggested to do this). The customer service was very kind and allowed me to return my fabric. They then sent me samples that were a better match to what I had been looking for. Still have yet to use the fabric. I was going to do the paint stripe treatment for pillows like in your book Marian. Now I have decided to use that fabric to make a slipcover for my ottoman with the pleats as you have shown. The pillows are now going to be a tan and white ticking fabric.

  44. Mary Borgsmiller

    The chair is perfect!!!! I love the touch of color in the print and think it looks fabulous in your room. I wish I had that chair because the colors and print are really me! I wish I could find someone to do slipcovers. No one in my area wants to do that. My machine is not heavy duty and I’m too much of a novice to try it. If u ever want to sell that chair….I’m willing to buy even tho I am in Missouri. Keep the wonderful tips and projects coming, your style is me to a tee!

  45. Barb Bradford

    I was wondering if the hemp is scratchy, or is it as nice as the drop cloths?


    • Miss Mustard Seed

      The hemp has a very nice feel to it, especially when it’s washed.

  46. Donna

    Do you mind sharing where you got the flowered fabric on the chair and the name? Love it and your decorating style!

  47. Rachal

    I think it’s funny… you get distracted and do a living room make over. I get distracted and eat a brownie and watch Bravo tv! Love your stuff!

  48. tammy

    Where do you take your cane chairs to be professionally stripped? I have two that I need to have redone and I don’t know anyone in the Mechanicsburg/Harrisburg area.
    Thanks for any help!

  49. Miss Mustard Seed

    I just took them to The Country Stripper in Westminster, MD.

  50. Mary Deckert

    Have you ever tried the Paint Essentials 8oz. 100% cotton duck canvas drop cloths from Amazon? The reviews are mostly from people who have used them for slipcovers and drapes and they’ve given them good reviews. I ordered one to slipcover a wingback chair and I’m hoping it’ll be good quality.

  51. antiquechase

    I have a cane folding screen and never thought of having it stripped… wonder how I would find someone to do that? I was going to repaint it… it’s all splotchy, like the cane soaked up more paint in places.. looks like a tricky project either way.

  52. Leasa

    I am so excited about your new cow painting!! I was planning on getting Eulalie soon, but will now hold out to see this painting. Any clues on what she will look like?

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      I’ve asked for a black spotted cow for this one. 🙂

      • Leasa

        Sounds like a Holstein which is exactly what I want! I grew up on a dairy farm and I really miss my cows. I can’t wait!

  53. Traer Beaudette

    I love that hemp fabric! I ordered 20 yards before the Lucketts fair for projects! I didn’t know that is the one you used to. Love it! Hope it comes in soon because I want some more 🙂

  54. Christie

    Thank you for this post! I do not have kids but I have dogs and cats. Dogs are not allowed on furniture but cats are (I can’t figure out how to get them to stay off when I am gone from the house). The hemp fabric you mention here would work much better with hiding their hair and the sand (we live in SC) they bring indoors.

    • MJ

      Set some mousetraps and put them on the furniture. Then cover with a layer of newspaper. When the cat jumps on the paper, the traps go off, not hurting the cats but maybe teaching them to stay away.

      Worked for one of mine, but not the other. Maybe you will have better luck. LOL

  55. Carol

    Hi Marian – I’ve been making slipcovers since 96 and a ‘slipcover professional’ since 2005. By far, the 12 oz. beefy brushed denim in Natural is my best seller. White is a close 2nd. It gets softer and lighter with each washing. My kids are grown but I have four cats and couldn’t imagine life without slipcovers! Love your site.

    • maureen

      Where do you find the 12 oz beefy brushed denim ?

  56. Colleen

    Hey Marian,

    Thanks so much for sharing this source. I have a large L shaped slipcovered couch and a regular couch this is slip covered both in white. I have loved being able to strip them down and wash then when needed. I have 3 teenage boys (and 30 of their BESTEST friends hanging out all the time) 4 cats and 2 English Bulldogs. The white was great until I got my second dog. He digs in the yard and tracks the dirt in. Plus he’s a slobber-er! He likes to rest his head on the arm of the couch and it’s pretty gross. So…I really need to get away from the white-white. These other options you shared are perfect. How does this fabric do getting washed over and over and over again? That is the true test!
    Thanks for all you share. Love your blog and ideas.

  57. Barbara

    Thank you, thank you! I have been looking for something like this! I had been a big fan of drop cloths as well and they just aren’t the same any longer. Silly people! Linen’s great, but not quite as beefy as I’d like it to be.
    Many thanks!,

  58. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

    thanks for sharing Marian. I always wondered where you get your gorgeous fabric and how much it runs per yard.

  59. Pine Tree Home

    The fabric has arrived! Did you prewash the hemp?

  60. Miss Mustard Seed

    They wash it in the factory, so I do not wash it if I’m using it for upholstery. I was anything I make a slipcover out of to make sure it does well through my washer with my soap, etc.

  61. joanie

    I found some washed grain sack fabric at Pottery Barn. It’s pricey at $25 per yard and is out-of-stock until October. It’s lovely though; having never been near a grain sack, antique or relatively new, I don’t know if it is a good replication.

  62. Abby

    Hi Marian, I absolutely love your style!! I have bought you book, several of your milk paints and am slowly redesigning my house (on a budget) to “mimic” your style.

    I have a question about the fabric: Have you tried other colors in hemp? They are still out of stock on the one mentioned above and I am just curious how you choose this one? It seems a bit darker, but with 3 kids, 2 cats and a black lab……I think that may be a better option. How did you know which weight/ounce to go with? I have ordered a few swatches from them…..but am still confused

    • Miss Mustard Seed

      The weight and weave of that fabric are almost exactly like a grain sack, so that is why I like that one the best. I have ordered a similar hemp canvas, but I didn’t like it as much. I bought their sample book when I first found them, so I could look through them and make sure I got what I wanted. It’s sometimes hard to tell online. I have not ordered any of the colors, but they would be great options for upholstery. It just depends on the look you’re going for.

      • Abby

        Thanks, Marian. I think I am going to hold out and wait for it to come in:)

  63. gertie @ The Old Block House

    Thank you for the link to the Hemp Traders. There is a black hemp in the sale category that may be just what I’m looking for to use on our bedroom curtains.

  64. Elizabeth

    I’m considering using hemp from the website linked to reupholster a rocking chair for my nursery. My question is about the feel of the fabric. How does it feel? I have had trouble finding hemp in any local fabric stores so I haven’t been able to determine whether or not it would be comfortable enough that I would love sitting on it 6-8 times a day.

  65. cindy

    I’m making a sofa slipcover and saw Miss Mustard Seed’s she was making – it is almost identical in shape to mine. Mine is going wonderfully, except for the outsides of the roll arm. They don’t fit up under the roll arm, rather they hang down straight, even when sewn well into the curve of the front of the arm. When I sew the skirt on, I will have to gather this fabric hanging down which will kind of wreck the thing. I’ve looked at many slipcovers now – how do they get the fabric to fit around the roll arm properly???

    • Arleen Brown

      I have two ideas: 1. use upholstery pins. They have a screw in pin. 2. One could use industrial strength velcro tape (either glue or sew on type) right under the roll of the arm, one side attached to the sofa and the soft side on the slipcover.

  66. janet

    Is the hemp fabric washable and is it comfortable want to use on a sofa and 2 chairs?

  67. Toni ehle

    I just bought 21 yards of the hemp for a sofa recover. They just emailed me that its on its way so they must have gotten their shipment in. I never order fabric like this because I m not good at choosing fabrics for upholstery so I’m trusting you. Love your taste in decorating so I’m sure it will look just great

  68. Nancy B

    Hi Marion. I was looking through your how-tos and tutorials and read through this one since I’ve got several upholstery projects I need to tackle. Just wanted to let you know that the Hemp Traders link in your post is no longer working. The do have the fabric in stock, though.

  69. Janice

    Hello-you’re link is not working, but I found the website…which color did you use on the furniture in this post? Thanks!

  70. Denise

    Looking at buying Tristan chair from soft surroundings. Have I seen one in your home pics? If so, got dimensions, just wanting to be sure a man would fit in this chair? Slipcover is washable too? Would appreciate your feedback. I did chat but need a limitless more info? Many thanks

  71. Julie

    Hi Marion, I used your slipcover tutorials to make a slipcover for my love seat. Thank you so much 🙂 I never would have had the courage to tackle it on my own! I wanted to share with you the fabric/source I decided to use (I debated forever on the fabric). Fabric-store dot com has heavy weight linen-cheap! It is less than $9 a yard and they are always running 10% off specials. You really can’t beat the price. I think they still send free samples as well. The slipcover is over a year old and the fabric has held up beautifully! I used to have white denim slips on my couches and they were so heavy that when I washed them they were difficult to handle by myself. The white linen seems to have the same durability without the super heavy weight of the white denim (especially when wet). Thanks again!

  72. Susan

    Link for fabric isn’t working but think I found it. I’m unclear about color you choose. Can you post or let us know color choice or other alternative. I’m in the mood to start this project but am hanging up on the fabric. SOS· · · – – – · · · – – –· · · – – – · · ·

  73. poussière d'Argence

    Il est regrétable qu’on ne puisse avoir la traduction en français, je ne parle pas anglais.
    Tes photos sont superbes et j’aime beaucoup tout ce que tu présentes.
    mais je comprends rien au texte.
    Douce soirée.

  74. Lisa Carol

    Is the item number H-C16? The link is no longer working and I want to be sure I’m ordering the same fabric. Thanks!

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  76. Linda Foster

    Since I saw your website a couple years ago I did try making some things for my granddaughters with the drop clothes. So, my question is I have a couple pair of black jeans that some % of the fiber is hemp and they have a very yucky odor, have you notices any odor with this fabric, I have two wing chairs I bought from the good will years ago and now am finally going to slip cover them for my sewing room… Would love to hear your thoughts.. I could afford drop clothes…LOL


  77. Diana C

    Hi, I’m also interested in the Romanian Hemp canvas fabric to slipcover a summer cottage sofa.
    Does anyone know if it’s scratchy-feeling to sit on in bare legs, etc.?

  78. susie

    can anyone tell me what the actual material it is on that lovely chair. I looked up the Romanian hemp and it doesn’t appear to be the same thing. I would love to use that same material if you can supply me with the name, type, code etc. Thanks…….Susie

  79. Gabrielle

    Hi Miss Mustard Seed,

    I am a HUGE fan and you are such an inspiration. I’m sure you hear that all the time. I am 22 and will be moving into a place of my own very soon. I bought vintage furniture and new fabric for reupholstery in a very light cream–near white color. My question is, because I imagine lots of my furniture will look like yours–HOW do you clean it or get it to stay so clean since they are so light colored?

  80. marian


    A lost of my furniture is white, but the hardest working piece (the family room sofa) is leather and the other ones that are used a lot are slipcovers, so I can wash them when they get gross. I’ve also learned that the antique hemp sheets and grain sacks are very forgiving with stains, etc., even though they are light. They are much more forgiving than a cotton twill, for example. I hope that helps!

    • Gabrielle

      Thank you so much for responding!! I really appreciate it.


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