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As we’re getting ready to say a proper goodbye to the house we’ve lived in for 11 years, I want to take some time to reminisce.  A few readers shared they felt sad to see the house empty.  An empty house to me meant that packing was done, so sadness was not an emotion I was experiencing!

But then again, our move might feel sudden, jolting, to most of you.  To me, though, it’s been the plan for several years, so I’ve had time to prepare myself and say goodbye to it slowly.

When we put our house on the market over three years ago, as excited as I was at the prospect of buying an 1800’s stone farmhouse, I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to my 1940’s cape cod.  I knew this, because I was trying to take as much as I could with me!  I removed the chandeliers, sconces, and even the faucets!  It’s a little silly now that I look back on it, but at the time, they seemed to be too precious to leave.  I realize it was an indicator that I wasn’t ready.

Now, I’m ready.  I’m leaving the faucets and sconces and all but one of the chandeliers.  I’m even leaving some of the furniture and accessories that the new owners wanted.

I’m also at peace, because the people buying our home are wonderful people with a special story and they are the perfect family to occupy this home that’s been such a place of growth for us.

So, don’t be sad.  This isn’t an end.  It’s just the close of a chapter and the opening of a new one.

So, as I think about this house, my favorite view immediately came to mind.  If you’ve seen even a handful of pictures of my house, you may have noticed that I like this shot…

The view is looking into the dining room from the home office (the old 1940’s kitchen).

I didn’t notice this view for several years, then one day I dropped a piece of plywood on my toe and sat in the chair in the corner of the office.  As I was rubbing my sore toe, I looked into the dining room from a fresh, lower vantage point.  Despite the throbbing, I actually thought, “Why have I not taken a picture from this position before!?”

So, I remedied that and it has become my favorite shot.

There’s something beautiful about the light, the composition of the table and chairs, the chandelier peeking into the corner and, of course, the star of the show – Eulalie the cow.

It’s even a great shot when I’m purging my house and the dining room table becomes a dumping ground, as dining room tables are apt to do.

My favorite view even graced the cover of Romantic Country magazine at one time…

As I was speaking to my mother-in-law today, I realized another reason why I’m not too sad about selling our house…

I can visit it right here on the blog.  I can virtually sit in the chair in the corner of the home office and appreciate my favorite view anytime I want.

And I’m sure I will.

the best view in the house

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42 Comments on “the best view in the house”

  1. I’m t tearing up as I read this post. You have such a wonderful outlook on life. I’ve not only learned many new decorating tips from you, but you’ve also taught me much about what is important in life. I only know you, and your husband and children, and your wonderful parents through your blog, but oh how I would love to meet you someday. Thank you for all you have done for so many. I will never forget the day my daughter-in-law e-mailed me from Watertown, NY, where me son was stationed in the Army, and said she came across a blog she thought I might like. Was she ever right!! Since that day, over six years ago, I have visited your blog every day. I wish you much happiness in this next chapter of your life, and thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. God Bless!!

    1. Oh, thank you, Becky! I’m so glad my blog has been an encouragement to you. 🙂 Thanks for leaving such a kind comment.

  2. oh my, timing is everything. I used to be a faithful reader, but life gets busy. Then every time I clicked on your blog it was about your move and all that it entails. Your words warm my heart and gives me pause to feel at peace. Some times this is the way our stories go. Our family has been on a journey with nearly the same timing of yours. Some details are a little different, mostly we are all about 10 years older, and have lived about 10 years longer in our home we are about to walk away from. We placed the house here, leveled the land, fought back the jungle, raised animals and kids. I have chosen to quit teaching which I loved dearly. Husband will have to commute about 5 hours, which means four days here, four days there, for about six years. If we don’t go now, we won’t be able to at retirement age. Family and friends think we are a little crazy. We are returning to an area we lived before children and have longed to return. One of our grown kids lives about an hour away. Our kids are thrilled and we know everything will work out. The new family to live here is young, with another baby on the way. They are excited for chickens, tree forts and cloth diapers on the line. Wishing your family good health and peace in your hearts. Plus, I’m so going to keep reading regularly 🙂

  3. What a lovely view! I’m sure I can speak for others when I say you’ve inspired many homeowners as you’ve shared your gift as a decorator with us. Looking forward to seeing you transform another house into a beautiful dwelling!

  4. When I saw your empty house on Instagram story, I thought it is even a beautiful house empty, every room still had an extra design element. The fabric starched wall, chalkboard wall, the wood added to the bottom half of the family room, the corner cabinets in the dining room. etc. Can’t wait to see what you do in your next home.

  5. That really is a lovely view! It’s interesting to see the changes the editors of the magazine made. Did they actually hang drapes, strip the table top, and hang something over Eulalie, or are those things Photoshopped?

    Thank you for sharing so much of your life in this home with us.

    1. Nope, that’s a real picture and it’s how my dining room used to look before I removed the curtains, painted the table top, etc.

  6. Well, MMS, as for me, I read your blog everyday and look forward to every single post. My online Oprah ! I have not commented in awhile because I get lazy 🙂 but I wanted to tell you I that I am very excited for your new home and for me there is something special when everything is packed up in a big move and it is just you and a suitcase – how freeing! I am excited to see your future home and where your imagination will take it. In the meantime, enjoy your family this summer.

    1. Oh, thank you so much! Yes, I’m really looking forward to the “next house” and going through the process of making it ours. 🙂 Of course, I’ll be blogging all about it.

  7. Marian,
    AWWW…..that view! You will have to forgive us long time readers who came to visit your home whether daily, weekly, or occasionally for being sentimental about your leaving. Like you said, you had time to emotionally detach yourself and get prepared for your next chapter so you are at peace with moving on which is a good thing.

    Things have worked out so well this time around for your family in regards to the quick sell of your home and Jeff completing his masters. I truly believe God had a hand in all of this because his timing is always the best. So while it might take your readers a little more time to process your moving, God has already chosen your new home and will reveal it in his perfect timing.

  8. Will your old posts remain accessible once you begin decorating the new home? I hope so- they’re helping me tremendously!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing this beautiful home and I do agree that is a great angle. Can’t beat that beautiful natural light in your dining room . And yes, I guess I was pretty sad too reading and seeing your home look so empty. It’s been fun seeing the transformation but look forward to following you on the next chapter. Hope everything falls in place for you and the family soon.

  10. I am tearing up also reading your post. I have loved your beautiful and comfortable home for so many years. I look forward to seeing what you will do with your next one and know we will all love it just as much as your old one.

    We will be moving from our home of 21 years for my husband and 16 for me, next Winter. We are having a home built in a Del Webb Community for 55+. I hope my attitude will be half as good as yours about leaving and looking forward to making memories in our new home. Thank you Marian for your inspiration not only in decorating, but for life.

  11. That was my favorite view of your house as well. Makes me feel a little misty eyed! That blue and white dresser is my all-time favorite of any of your furniture peices, ever. I have always just loved it, and I love that that view is one of your favorites, too.

  12. Hope you’ll continue to share things like this with us, Marian. And God bless y’all in your new home wherever and whenever it will be yours. I don’t know if it’s a legal thing or not but will you be sharing what pieces stayed with the new owners? It is surely a brand new chapter for you all and even though a house/home is important, it’s always foremost the people/family in it that make it special.

  13. Marian,
    Everything is about timing and it all fell into place for you this time around. Exciting for you and your family for the new beginnings !!
    I will miss your posts on your old home but justness like you we can still pull them up. We can now look forward to your new posts about your new journey and the new home wherever that may take you.

    I have learned a lit from you even at my old age about sewing and painting and not having to always be so perfect .

    You are very talented at everything you do!

    We are also contemplating a move out of
    State . A tough decision , but once we find the location Inam sure I will like it especially since it will be warm all year!!

  14. I know just how you feel. In 37+ years of marriage we have had 17 moves. The early moves because my husband was an Air Force officer. The later ones for job advancement. I hold each place we called home in my heart while I look forward to the adventure of a new “home” and new experiences. My children, now in their early 30’s, learned to be flexible, make friends quickly, and adapt to new situations with grace. We’re now at a point in our lives where we’re contemplating a “forever” home. I’m not sure where we’ll land but I can’t wait to start exploring all the wonderful possibilities. And….. icing on the cake, I’ll get to decorate yet another home and plant a new garden. Safe travels and Godspeed you on your path.

  15. Hi MMS, if others feel like I do … it’s a mixture of sadness and mostly happiness that you are moving on. We’ve all loved your home for so many years and it is good to know that it’s all there saved in pictures. I know your next home will be lovely too so that’s NOT a worry at all, lol. We all just love you so. At least I know I do! So here’s to a bunch of new beginnings!

  16. Ahhhhh…. Miss Eulalie! I had a suspicion that this was going to be your favorite view as it’s mine as well!! I adore farm animals. And Marion, I was able to pet a goat for the first time yesterday. I was in heaven! They were gentle, sweet and pretty! And I’m no spring chicken…… no pun intended.. Lol!
    I had a few tears reading this just now. I’ve only been reading your blog for about two years but you are one of my three favorite ” blog ladies”. You are talented in many ways, Marion. You will create and define yet another wonderful home to cherish. And, as usual, we will share that journey with you😚

  17. Ahhhhhh, I added your/our favorite photo to my “save” in subject : Decorating, on Pinterest.
    We have learned so much from you and in your sharing. Best Wishes for the next
    chapter. It will be nice to be along for the next ~ lessons in decor and life !

  18. I don’t always comment but that is a great way to say it all, anytime you want you can look at your previous home again. Thank you so much for all i have learned from you and will keep learning. I am 68 but we learn things everyday. I will be waiting for the next chapter in your adventure.

  19. Oh Marian, you take home with you everywhere you go, so I’m confident you’ll embrace your next living space in true style as well. Like the old gospel song says, “this world is not my home, I’m just passing through.” Thank you for letting us live, and move and find your new home with you! Blessings from Texas…..

  20. Love the view. Love the house. When the time is right, everything falls into place. Love your wonderful attitude. Can’t wait to see what y’all do next. God bless.

  21. Marian,
    I have such a different take on our recent sale of our house. We lived there for 32 years and did most of of the work ourselves to finish it including the complete upstairs of three bedroom and a bath. Recently made a master bath and walk in closet, just to sell it. As we cleared out all the ” stuff” to get ready to sell, I thought ” wow, this is a great house. Although I was anxious to move to our lake house for our retirement years, I couldn’t help but feel how much heart and soul we put into this house and how much I will miss it. It sold quickly ( 48 hrs) and I didn’t have time to adjust to selling it. As the closing neared I had a harder and harder time leaving. At the closing ( 1 week ago) , I couldn’t stop crying. All the memories of my kids as well as my grandkids at the house. But I just telling myself they are memories and we will make new memories at the lake house. Although it was time, I certainly was not ready and still think about it daily. Hopefully that will pass and I will only think about the new memories in the new house!!
    You are fortunate to be ready and looking forward to your new adventure.
    Good luck!!

  22. Dear Marian,
    All best to you and your family on your adventure. My son is married to a minister and we know the blessings of the lifestyle.
    It was fun for me to see the blue and white pitcher that I bought from you at the Lucketts Spring market sitting on your dining room table! It’s held lots of flowers this summer…

  23. I am sad. I have read your blog for a few years — not daily — but have to have my dose every now and then. I loved your little house and all the ways you made it special. It was so cozy and so, well, homey. I am glad you have such a positive attitude. I would be sobbing. I guess I get attached to houses and always cry when leaving each one empty. Now at 65, my dream is always to buy back the house where we lived during the happiest part of our lives — when my two boys were young. All the best to you and I look forward to finding out where you will be moving. Somehow I missed that part of the story.

  24. What a beautiful view! Would you share the color used on chest? Know it’s Miss Mustard Seed!!! Good luck on your move – so anxious to follow along.

  25. Marian,
    I began following you when my cousin bought a piece of your furniture and met you at Lucketts one year. She posted of the piece and how she had met you and ever since then I so look forward to your posts and blogs .
    You have given me the courage to open my own space in a co op. First time.
    Your future looks bright from here and we all await your next adventure in decorating!! Maybe someday I will meet you😊

  26. I was telling my husband about your husband being in the ministry and your upcoming move. Since I always refer to you as Miss Mustard Seed, he wanted to know your name. When I told him Marian Parsons, he commented “how appropriate.” I am sure you get that all the time!
    He also wanted to know if your readers were making bets yet about where you were moving.
    Then he said, “now I guess that wouldn’t be appropriate.”
    By the way, our son also completed his M.Div. last year and is doing a residency as a hospital Chaplain. You may recall that I wrote about him 5 years ago when his wife died suddenly, leaving him with a 18month old son. I will be anxiously awaiting to hear where Jeff will be serving! You all will make a wonderful team.
    Thanks to your cozy home that provided so much eye candy over the years!

  27. I love your perspective! Lots of wonderful memories but now moving on to a new adventure! I love this view of your home too! Have you already purchased a new home? Can’t wait to hear all about your families new adventure!

  28. Thank you for sharing your faith in God. It’s encouraging to hear and see God working in your life. It’s restores and encourages my faith.

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  30. Marion, good wishes on your new chapter in life. I know your new house will soon be home. Looking forward to seeing your treasures in a new place.

  31. As we are considering downsizing and leaving the house we designed and built to look “old” and accommodate our children and grandchildren (and now a new great grandson) I am experiencing some of the emotions you’ve shared. We are just beginning to “look” and I’m already feeling very emotional. Thanks for sharing about being “ready” to make the move.

    A stone farm house! What an adventure you will be sharing with us! Blessings!

  32. Congratulations on your new home! It’s fun to create in new spaces !
    We actually just moved to a new home about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t had time to do many actual decorating projects as much as I’d love to. ….especially the looking for great pieces for here and there part.
    I have a question about the rug in these photos and also about where do you keep all the lovelies for the different table settings? Do you store them out of the kitchen in a basement or closet elsewhere? I’d love to have some things for seasonally use, etc but not sure where to keep all the items that aren’t on display at the time.
    Then the rug is exactly the look I want, but I need to know if it’s functional for a large family (cleaning wise mostly). I’m expecting my 10th blessing in October so any rug we have will be getting lots of use. Any insight would be so very much appreciated!

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