Basket Makeover

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I recently saw some antique baskets with numbers and letters painted on them and I just loved their look.  I am a big fan of baskets, anyway, and the idea of painted letters and numbers on one had never occurred to me.  These antiques inspired me to finally work on a basket I got at an auction a few months ago. 
This basket was sturdy, but it was “blonde.” (Nothing against blondes…I am one, but I’m not a fan of blonde baskets and wood.)  It was only $1.00 at the auction and I knew I could do something with it.
Can you believe it’s the same basket?  I decided to stain it in my favorite dark walnut stain.  I simply used a chip brush to apply the stain and a rag to wipe off the excess.  I allowed it to dry overnight before I sprayed it with a satin polyurethane. 
I used black acrylic craft paint and free handed some random letters and numbers. 
I was going to take it to Lucketts, but I love it and I’m keeping it.  For now. 
I have a fun day ahead of me.  My three year old is “graduating” from his first year of school and his class is putting on a program in the morning.  From there, I am going antiquing with my shop owner and then my dad, aunt and uncle are coming up with a U-haul and pick-up truck full of furniture and fun stuff for me.  Not only are they bringing me goodies, but they are driving up here to help me at Lucketts.  Have I mentioned that I have an awesome family?    
Miss Mustard Seed
Basket Makeover

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31 Comments on “Basket Makeover”

  1. What a handsome looking basket now. Works perfect for that space.
    How great of your family to provide you with goodies and moral support too… hope you have an awesome sale… Good Luck

    Hugs, Deb

  2. How cool that your family is coming to help!! That is super!!
    Loving the basket! That will probably be one of the first things to go at your sale.

  3. Hi Miss M, the basket has seriously got a new lease on life, I much prefer the 'brunette' colour for baskets and wood also. Your fabulous hand painting turned out beautifully, of course, and the whole look is great. (a project just came to mind…)
    🙂 Flick

  4. A sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm! What a great idea, staining a basket – I'm with you, the blonde baskets just seem too contemporary for me for some reason. Yes, Frau's suggestion to bring lots of tissues to your son's graduation is right on – it will be the sweetest little ceremony – we used my daughter's preschool graduation picture on her high school graduation invitation! Ciao, bella!

  5. You really DO have a wonderful family! And I'm sure it's a joy and a blessing to them to love and support you because you undoubtedly do the same for them!
    I hope your sale is a huge success, Marion!

  6. Looks great! Why didn't I think of staining baskets? I have a couple that I only use to store stuff in my closets because of their color. Love the letter/number combo on the front!

  7. I think your tip to stain the lighter baskets is fabulous! I have several that could use a little updating! I wish I could run around gathering stuff for you to paint..I love looking and buying but hate the painting part. Can I just be in your family??? Can't wait to see your new loot!

  8. The basket looks great! Love how you added the white pillows. It adds such a nice touch. Good luck this weekend at the Lucketts Spring Antique Market. Hope to see you there as my husband and I are planning on coming.

    P.S. My thoughts are with you on this special day as your baby "graduates".

  9. i LOVE the basket- have seen some like it as well and wanting to do my own, but need to find the right basket first.
    my 3 yr old is also having a program today at her school for the end of the year. and my 4 yr old graduates preschool in 2 weeks and will head to kindergaten this fall. i am so happy and so sad at the same time. i no longer have a baby in my house, and as much as i am thrilled that my kids are growing and learning to respect others and be good people, i am sad that it is all going by so fast. too fast! sigh.

  10. You have just transformed my basket buying – the number of times I have passed over something because the colour was wrong! A deep vote of thanks.

    There is nothing like family… and they must be so proud of you!

  11. Isn't it difficult when you fall in love with something you're intending to sell?! What a cute basket!

    How sweet of your family to travel to help you!


  12. It's hard to believe it's the same basket. I'd keep it too. You can always move it some other time.
    I know you're a much larger blog than little ole me, but because you are a follower, you get to be featured on Featured Followers Friday. 🙂
    good luck with your show!

  13. Looks awesome! I am so glad Memorial Day weekend is coming up … the holy grail of rummage/garage sale weekends around here. I have so much on my list to look out for ~ squeee!

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