Letting Go

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I get asked, “How can you stand to part with things?” a lot.  There are different answers for different pieces.  Sometimes, it doesn’t work with my decor.  Other times, the piece is worth more to me to sell than to keep.  The main reason is space and I just can’t keep it all. 
I made a very tough decision this morning and loaded my beloved slipcovered French Settee into the back of my dad’s truck to take the Lucketts to sell. 
This piece fits perfectly in my space and it’s just my style.  This is a hard one to let go.  Here’s the problem.  It’s very impractical for my family.  It looks great when it’s all fluffed, but it gets the biggest butt impressions in the long down cushion and then looks sloppy.  It also has wooden arms, so it’s not comfy to stretch out on with a book.  As much as I love it, I don’t want a piece of furniture in my house that I don’t want people to sit on. 
My aunt brought me a beautiful Empire style settee that fits perfectly in the space, it’s comfortable and it’s practical.  I am going to slipcover it just like the last one.  You can see the back of it in this U-Haul truck pictured below.
So, it will be bitter sweet when and if it sells. 
I also had to share a sneak peak of the things I bought yesterday.  A fan, a baby scale, a wooden stool and some goodies my dad brought up for me.
Donna is rubbing off on me!  Do you see the huge metal sign I bought?  It’s not going in my house, but it was so cheap, I had to buy it.  I know someone who is into the industrial/junk thing will go nuts over it…hmmm…and it would look so cute in my boy’s room.  So, maybe I won’t be too sad if it doesn’t sell and it will end up in my house after all… 
Some things are ok to keep.
Miss Mustard Seed
Letting Go

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20 Comments on “Letting Go”

  1. I hope your sale will go better than your wildest dreams. Sorry to see the settee go, but He, you've got a replacement already.
    Did you see how Donna is rubbing off on me too? (and so are you).

  2. I've got the same kind of sofa, which is filled with down feathers. I'm the only one who loves it, which isn't fair to the rest of the family who needs a place to sit. 🙁 I'm just waiting for something better to come along before I get rid of it.

    How did you make that paper wreath? I have dozens and dozens of super old books. I'm looking for paper projects.

    Take care.

  3. I feel like the proudest rusty metal lovin'mentor EVER today. 🙂

    I so know what you mean about letting a loved item go. I have a sofa I adore looking at but it hurts my back to sit in. Hence, we only use half the livingroom. That's CRAZY.

    How I wish I could be your assistant for the day at Luckette's! I could even pretend to be a gaga-ing customer when it was slow, you know, to draw the masses in. Sigh… I want you for my neighbor! I wish you much success!


  4. Wishing you tons of luck at Lucketts!! Sell it all!!!

    I know many people are ogling you finds in that last photo, but I'm mesmerized by your lawn! We do not get lawn like that in Arizona. Our's has a very brief semi-green phase (about now), then is brown for the rest of the year. 🙁

  5. Good luck at Lucketts! I wish you the best. I am not as strong as you. I would keep the sofa. My tribe would be sitting on the floor. I wish I lived closer and had boatloads of money cause I would come and buy that there sofa. I just love it!

  6. I have the same problem. My husband restores and remodels yard sale furniture for resale; and there is occasionally a piece that I really pine for, but have to let go for your same reasons. I tell myself that there is always another piece out there that I might like even better. Sally

  7. I'm sad for you that you have to part with it – but I understand where you're coming from. The French settee is gorgeous and will make someone very happy!

    Looking forward to seeing the new settee all slipcovered and in its new spot!


  8. I imagine space would be an issue. Selling your settee makes sense, especially with a young, growing family. I'm sure someone who will love it will purchase it; you can always take consolation in that. I'm looking forward to seeing the cover for the new sofa!

  9. I'm in your boat Marian. I buy things all the time because they are such a great deal and are amazing pieces. It breaks my heart when I can't find a home for them and have to sell. You're right though, in the end, practicality takes precedence.
    Thanks for a great post.

  10. i have the same problem. i try to only buy thing i really love and would want for myself, but then i want to actually keep them for myself. i resolve to buy it and let it sit in the garage for awhile, hoping that with time i will find something new and will let go of the old. it is (unfortunately) impossible to keep all of this good stuff, so i understand your struggle!

  11. I had the same experience with a settee that I bought and had reupholstered. The back and sides were rattan and the seat was a fixed cushion. It was beautiful but not practical for my family. It broke my heart but I sold it so I truly understand your dilemma. Speaking of dilemmas, I would welcome your input again concerning this:http://www.thediyspot.com/2010/05/drawer-dilemma-part-2/ The prospective design was inspired by your record cabinet makeover. Also, if you're interested, I am offering a giveaway until March 29. Hope you do well at Lucketts.

  12. I think it very handy that things don't fit, or match the decore… or I would keep everything! Imagine if you had unlimited space.. My house would have to say 'welcome to hoaders not-so-annonymous'!
    Your new couch will look great, it has really nice lines, and a couch has to be comfy doesn't it? Or whats the point?
    Love the sign by the way..
    🙂 Flick

  13. Praying for you that the sale goes well this weekend and that all your hard work will pay off. You have some wonderful things to sell. I know you will have a great time. And hopefully will get to see some blog friends. Love & blessings from NC!

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