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I hope you had a great weekend!  Mine ended up being unusually busy as we’re getting the house put back together after all of the projects, working on finishing other projects, getting ready for back-to-school, and trying to get back into some sort of a routine.  As soon as the stay-at-home orders hit back in March, I was completely knocked off my usual routines and it has been a struggle to get them back.  I’m working on it, though…getting there.  I was really hoping to paint because I’ve been missing the easel and my palette, but I just ran out of time.  Let’s talk about some antique finds today…

The Friday before my parents went back home to PA, my mom and I decided to hit a local antique store to see if we could find any of the items on my list.  We were lucky to trip across an outdoor flea market with a few vendors set up around the antique mall.  I really missed Gold Rush (the big antique events in Oronoco and Rochester every August) this year.  This wasn’t the same at all, but it was a nice little surprise.

You can read about my previous Gold Rush Days HERE, HERE and HERE.

We actually did find a few things on my list and had a pretty successful excursion.

I found this beautiful footstool to use in my home office

antique french footstool | miss mustard seed

Of course, I am going to recover it,  but the shape and legs are lovely.  I am always on the lookout for footstools and small ottomans because they are so useful.  I have them tucked all over the house for propping feet, as extra seating, or as a small step stool.

antique french footstool | miss mustard seed

We also found a couple of antique wooden shoes.  (Actually, we found these on an earlier shopping trip.)  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them, but at $10/pair, I couldn’t pass them up.  I ended up hanging them above the coatrack in the foyer.  Since it’s where we kick off our shoes, I thought it would be some fun 3D art.  I am planning to paint at least one pair.  I was planning on painting both, but one has a name and date written on it and it’s just too sweet to paint over.  Maybe I’ll paint over the pencil lines…

antique wooden dutch shoes hung on the wall | miss mustard seed

I picked up these stacking vintage trays for $10.  I like to use trays to frame out small objects in a grouping or collection.   It just makes them look tidier.  For now, they are just sitting on the small chest by the door until I figure out what to do with them.

vintage stackable trays | miss mustard seed

$10 seemed to be the magic price, because I bought this vintage mannequin for $10 as well.  Someone restrung the legs and arms with elastic, so it can only be in odd poses with the arms and legs bent, but I sort of like the quirkiness of it.

antique artist mannequin | miss mustard seed

antique artist mannequin | miss mustard seed

I also purchased a blue onion flour jar.  I have a lot of blue onion spice and dry goods jars, but I didn’t have one for flour.

antique blue onion flour jar | miss mustard seed

It’s a pretty piece and was $30.  I put it on the shelf at the end of my kitchen island with the other pieces I have.

antique blue onion flour jar | miss mustard seed

And, I bought this little basket for $1.00.  It was the perfect size to tuck a planter inside.  Unfortunately, I needed it to replace a large ironstone bowl Esmé broke!  It wasn’t a particularly valuable bowl, but I’m always sad when a piece of old ironstone breaks.  The basket is a good replacement, so it’ll just make a mess if it’s toppled, but it won’t break.

antique basket and toledo scale | miss mustard seed

antique basket and toledo scale | miss mustard seed

I bought a few other little things, but this was the bulk of the haul.  I’m hoping to recover the footstool this week!

Have you scored any fun antiques in the past couple of weeks?

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antique finds with mom

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33 Comments on “antique finds with mom”

  1. I love those kind of day, when you find a little hidden place, with little hidden pretties that come home to be repurposed and reloved. Nice too when doesn’t break the bank$$. Even better with your Mother!

  2. Pretty finds! Sounds like your summer is winding up like mine but I must admit I am looking forward to the crispness of Fall. How is Sebastian doing??? We haven’t seen him photo-bombing lately LOL. Stay Well!

    1. He’s doing great! I show him more on Instagram stories. The cats have become the bigger photobombers!

  3. So confused when you said you are going to “remover” the stool, until I read on and found out that, actually, you are going to “recover” it! Spell check is less than helpful sometimes.

  4. I love the way you’ve displayed the wooden shoes! Just found a darling child’s pair and they will look cute on the wall with a Karl Larsson framed print I have!

  5. I love, love, love the antique stool! I have never seen one that shape before. They are handy. Oh no on the ironstone bowl. I’m very sure Esme didn’t mean it. LOL! When I see ours start tearing around the house, I cringe a little wondering what they are going to run into.

  6. Just reading the title of this post made me cry! My Mom and I used to go to auctions and antiquing together and I miss that so much! She passed away at only 64 years old. She really didn’t like antiques that much but did occasionally buy something. She was always ready to do anything with me as she just wanted to spend time together, no matter what we did. I love everything you got! I too am always looking for footstools and stools and have them all over the house as they are very useful.
    I like blue onion as well and would love to find a flour jar. I have several pieces too!

  7. So fun to see your antiquing finds! The footstool is gorgeous. And where did you get that amazing hook unit under the wooden shoes?? Was it just a random find or is there a source?

  8. I did!! Because of the quarantine and bring on the older dude 🙄, I haven’t really been able to enjoy my usual vintage haunts. But I got an email about an online local auction. I was a LOT intimidated….do I put a LOW bid on an item I liked. I figured I would loose out, but would learn something for the next auction!!!! Well I WON….and I now have a lovely painting and a great memory of my first attempt at an auction!

  9. Oh my..I should have checked my last response. Meant to say on the older side ( not dude). Oh my….spell check is not my friend!!!!

  10. Absolutely stunning food stool, i have never seen anything like it.
    I have 13 Dutch shoes going up my staircase. Each one is different in size and color. I have a red pair sitting by the front door. We never use the front door. My parents had the same nest of trays in the 1950,s. Same design and finishes but theirs were black. Got lots of use back in the day.

  11. Love the Dutch shoes. I have collected a few pair over the years, and even though I’ve been 3 times to the Netherlands I didn’t buy them there, I find them back home in the states, treasures from someone else’s travels. The really cool thing about the ones I have is that when my grandkids were little they clomped around the house in them. : ) Thank you for sharing your finds with us.

  12. I scored 10 old windows with great old hardware at a local estate sale. My son is making me a green house with them.

  13. Great fines! I especially like the set of three trays, and for $10 that’s an excellent deal!

  14. Great finds! I have those trays from the 1970’s. Mine is set of 3 darker wood with brass corners. Over the years I painted the two smaller ones but still use them.

  15. I have a lot of foots stools also. I even carried two home from England in my carry on. One is upholstered with a beaded cover also from England. I have never come across one with six legs. I have a gout stool, and a couple that were handmade as farewell gifts in the shape of horseshoes . My husband calls them trip hazards.

  16. The trays look so great. I use trays all the time to display dishes on easels, globes on pretty dishes with my brass taper candle holders and of course for serving. But the days of dinner parties with pretty table settings are in my rear view mirror at least for now. Pls pray for me learning my new smart phone (it’s only my 2nd smart phone but have had same cell number since 1976). !

  17. I’ve been reading your blog for as long as I can remember you’re having one and all your treasures are jealous making! I live in Belgium and the antique and flea markets are not what they used to be. To many trade, lesser nice findings like yours. I’ve actually wear wooden shoes myself as a child, to school on weekdays! Thanks for sharing your story and inspiration!
    Warm greetings, Yvon

    1. I wore wooden shoes as a child, too, although it was a bit eccentric of me! We had an authentic Dutch pair (I still have them) and I brought them as my “indoor shoes” during the winter. I’d be clopping through the halls until it was time to put my snow gear on and walk home. 🙂

    2. Yvon or Yvonne, when in Belgium, I always get great things at the flea market in Tournai, and cheaper than on the other side of the nearby border, I mean France. But I must say that where Marian is, her area seems wonderfully full of great finds. The trays are so beautiful as well as the flour jar and its pretty patterns. Swoon.. Forget about NYC where I am stuck for the year and perhaps longer.
      As a little girl in Europe, we all knew someone’s grand father who was or had been a wooden shoe maker. Some farmers still wore them.

  18. That little footstool is so you. Love those legs. And the shoes….. what a nifty idea to hang those in the entry. I’ve never seen wooden trays like that! Now I want some. And finally… I haven’t been to an antique shop since February! Florida had been an epicenter of Covid and even though things are a bit better now, I’m not at all confident about going out. I have a multitude of health issues, plus my age, that puts me in the at risk category. I’m even doing on-line Dr visits! I long to get out and about to a market or shop. Hopefully soon. In the meantime, I’ll just live vicariously through you.

  19. Loved the wooden shoes. I visited a family friend who had lived in Paris France for 60 years. She was married to an artist and their tiny apartment was a time capsule of Bohemian decor from the 1960’s. She had a pair of wooden clogs like yours hanging in her kitchen and she stored kitchen utensils in them… wisks, wooden spoons, measuring spoons, etc. I loved it.

  20. Such a cute footstool, Marian! I have never seen any like this. Your trays and your flour jar are so pretty, too. And, the basket on your scale with the plant in it is so cute. I love baskets! Enjoy your treasures!

  21. The footstool is very lovely 🙂 And I can imagine how beautiful the flour jar will look in your collection 🙂
    I haven’t been to a fleemarkt in a long time but I scored a wooden herb closet with drawers in a trift- store on our hoilday in The Netherlands a few weeks ago. It was dark brown with broken handles so I sanded it and its now being painted broken white. I bought new ceramic handles for it too. It will be hung on the wall in the kitchen when finished. I have 2 pair of wooden shoes; a very little blue pair which my hubby wore when he was a child (we are Dutch LOL) and another pair of red ones which I found in a container for a villa where they had town away a complete children’s princesroom etc. I asked the owner for permission and she told me the klompen =wooden shoes belonged to the grandmother. Another klomp I have painted old green and is now serving as a plantholder hanging on a wall on my balcony.I have a friend who spent her youth on a boat and she asked me to repaint her wooden shoes; I made them heavenblue with butterflies.

  22. That footstools !! Love it very much ! I wish I could find one just like that. You have great eyes to look for antique.

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