Gold Rush 2018

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This weekend is the big antique event in this corner of the world – Gold Rush!  It’s an antique market that sets up in the entire town of Oronoco, MN and at the Rochester Fair Grounds.  I went last year, but it was raining, so I only experienced a small fraction of the event in Oronoco.  I did get to shop at the Rochester Fair Grounds venue, though, since most of that is indoors.  That’s where I bought this piece last year

This year, I was able to get a friend to watch the boys and I met up with another friend (a Gold Rush veteran) to do some antiquing.

The weather was nice this year (or at least not raining), so I was able to see a lot more and get a better feel for the event.  Like most antique markets, this one is a mixed bag.  There is some junk (not fun junk, but yard sale-type junk), some very high end antiques, and everything in between.  It’s definitely a good event and worth making a drive or special visit.  (I know Ki Nassauer of Junk Bonanza shopped this event for many years.)

I didn’t get there until 10:00 Friday (the first day) and the event opened at 7 am, but I didn’t feel like I was late to the party or anything.  Stuff was selling, but it didn’t feel frantic, which is nice.  I was able to park in someone’s yard for $5, so I didn’t have far to walk to get to the streets where the booths start.  I was meeting up with my antiquing buddy and friend from church, Cheri.  We were on opposite sides of the event, so we mingled our way towards each other until we met up.

As I was mingling, not even 10 minutes into being at the event, I spotted this amazing bead board hutch with a zinc top.  I felt that flutter and wanted to pull the tag and buy it on the spot.  It was $485, which is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s a great price for a piece like that (which was about 7′ wide) in great condition.  Usually, a piece like that could set you back $800-1200.  It wasn’t wobbly or stinky and the interior was nice and clean.  It was a great find.

I visited it three different times and thought of every wall and corner of my house to find a place to put it.  I would either have to completely switch gears in my dining room, which is about 95% finished, or I would have to put it in my basement where it would be solely because I wanted to buy it, not because it was perfect for the room.  So, I sighed over it, opened the doors and closed them again, petted the zinc top, and left it for someone else.

With that hutch fresh on my mind, I found Cheri.  Actually, she found me, because I shared my location on my phone.  We’ve been antiquing together before and we are two peas in a pod.  We have styles that are similar enough that we like similar things, but they are different enough that we’re not fighting over the exact same things.  We also both love art, decorating, and all things home, so we always have a lot to chat about.

It was nice meeting up with her, too, since she’s very familiar with the layout of the town and the event.  She kept me from getting lost!

If you followed my Instagram Stories today, I shared my struggle with shopping for myself.  It’s very easy for me to shop for things to resell, but when it comes to shopping for things for my house, I feel scattered and overwhelmed!  I even had a list and measurements and everything, but I still felt all-over-the-place.  I think a part of that comes from the fact that I have shopped for retail for the past nine years and I could then try things out in my home without any commitment.  Since I’m not selling retail currently, each purchase, especially big ones, need to be carefully thought out.  So, I spent a lot of time looking and very little time buying.

Here is a fun sampling of some of the unique pieces I saw…

One of the things I was looking for was a wardrobe for the guest room.  I’ve been looking for one for quite a while and have come up empty, since I have a pretty specific idea of what I want.  I have learned that European antiques feel right in this house.  They work with the style of the home much better than pieces that are more primitive or rustic.  So, I’ve been looking for an antique European pine wardrobe. I already scored one off of craigslist for the sewing room, but haven’t been able to find a second one for the guest room.

Well, I came across this beautiful antique Scandinavian secretary from the 1800’s…

Every detail of this piece was beautiful and I looked at it for a good, long time.  I looked at it so long that the vendor came over and started chatting with me about the piece.

I let her know that I loved the style of the piece, but I was actually looking for a wardrobe, not a secretary.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, but they have an 1800’s European wardrobe in stock back at their workshop.  I was able to look at it on their website and it’s just what I’ve been hunting for…

The size is perfect and it even sports original mustard yellow paint that would work great with the direction I have in mind for the room.  So, we exchanged contact info and they will send me additional pictures of this wardrobe as well as some others they have from Germany that haven’t been photographed, yet.  They’ll even deliver!

So, I didn’t find the piece at Gold Rush, but I think this is even better.

I didn’t walk away empty-handed, though.  I bought an ironstone compote (the one on the bottom) for $45…

…and an antique European basket for $75…

I love this style of basket and was excited about this one because it’s small compared to other ones I have.

The weave of this basket is amazing…

…and this one is in nice, clean condition.  I’m not sure where I’m going to put it, yet, but I have a few ideas!

It was a hot and sticky day, so the two hours I spent there was enough.  The antiquing-itch was scratched.

Gold Rush 2018

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37 Comments on “Gold Rush 2018”

  1. Oh boy, that wardrobe with original mustard yellow paint looks like a really exciting find….Seems like it’s meant for you! Looking forward to seeing more photos!
    I really enjoyed the vicarious tour at Gold Rush. Thanks!

  2. I was at Goldrush at 8:00 Friday morning…and I am quite certain I picked up that compote (small chip on the rim…on a table down a slight slope on the Main Street) and I put it back thinking that maybe Marian would find it. Honest! 💌

  3. Oooh! You’ve got me all excited now…in about 2 weeks I’ll be heading to the Brimfield Fair in Massachusetts. I’ve been going with a dear friend for years. We meet at 5am, she usually drives because she has a truck (just in case we find anything big!! Then we drive almost 2 hours to be there when they open, stay till about 5 when most are closing and head home. We do this twice a year! LOL! It’s exhausting but sooo fun! It’s so good to have someone who loves the pleasure of the hunt as much as you do!! Sometimes the truck is very snuggly filled and other times we can put what we got in back of our seats! It’s just fun!

    1. That sounds like such a lovely time. Brimfield is on my list of antique shows I’d like to shop one of these days!

  4. It’s so fun to see Gold Rush through your eyes! It would have been fun to run into you there, but we didn’t get there until later in the afternoon. We stopped and looked at that porch swing for a while. That’s awesome you may have found the wardrobe you’ve been looking for.

  5. I live in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, but I rarely make the trip down to the big city. Unfortunately I NEVER find pieces as lovely as the 1800s secretary OR your beautiful wardrobe in any antique shops or craigslist. What I would give for either piece!!! Seems states with more rural areas than Georgia have the ‘finds’. I’ll just have to visit out of state fairs, I guess. Thanks for sharing how the other half lives.

  6. Hi Marian!
    Your trip to Gold Rush was amazing! I’ve only been to outdoor markets and such but must admit I still had fun!

    The lovely secretary you looked at over and over fascinated me! Secretary desks are usually pieces of furniture I desire and appreciate! I own a beautiful, family antique one and I sit at it every day! It brings me great joy and happiness!

    So happy happy you found the perfect Mustard Seed Yellow wardrobe! How fun and exciting for you!

    Thank you for yet another posting on your lovely blog! I love your talent and your graciousness!

  7. Glad your day was fun! You found some nice stuff! I sure wish we had antique events up here! We have a lot of antique shops but the prices are way too high! Enjoy your finds, Marian! I know you will find the perfect spot for them in your beautiful home! Blessings!

    1. Hi Mary-Ann, we are vendors at two great antique shows in Ontario, Canada that you might want to look into coming to. One is called Christie Antique & Vintage show which is held twice a year in Dundas, Ontario and the other is Aberfoyle Antique Market near Guelph, Ontario. Both are great places to shop for antique finds. Hope you can make it out sometime, I’m sure you would enjoy it. If you do, look us up @vintageinspiredcottage

  8. Did I miss something??? Has the end of the island always been painted white? I could have sworn it was boxwood.

    Looks like a good fair…wish I was there!!! Ours isn’t until early October…can’t wait!!!

  9. In about two weeks my husband, bestie, and in laws will be getting up at the crack of dawn to go to Hillsville. I don’t know if you’d call it an antique fair but it sounds similar to Gold Rush. It’s fun and exhausting and we stay till 5 or so and when we get home, it’s nap time

    1. Charlotte,
      I use to love going to Hillsville but to be honest the last time we went (about 5 yrs ago) there was a lot more crafts and flea market type junk. That really kind of turned me off as I want to see vintage and antiques so we haven’t been again.

  10. Thank you for this post. I’m lying in bed recouping from surgery but you gave me a mental trip. Thanks for taking us along. I love it when you give us fair prices on things too, like ironstone. I’m late to this game and we don’t have a lot to find in a Texas so you give me parameters in cost. Thank you.

  11. I love the mustard wardrobe and antique basket! Having lived in Belgium for many years, I am always interested in European treasures. Can you give me the name of the shop or website where you bought the wardrobe? Hopefully, I’ll make it to Gold Rush one day!

  12. All your finds are just lovely. Thinking about your aesthetic for your choices for your home was very interesting to me. Now that you explained it I can see how European antiques fit the style of your new home more so than country or rustic styles. The European style is a bit more formal, even elegant, even if it’s lines are simple. This is what sets your style apart from so many others. Wow! I get it now! It’s also why your home is so timeless; every piece is thoughtfully considered for functionality as well as looks making it so uniquely you. Just saw the made-over red paisley chairs on Country Home magazine’s instagram feed. Of course I just had to subscribe to the magazine. So glad it’s back. Thank you for continuing to educate and inspire me.

  13. Congratulations for resisting the urge to buy the stunning beadboard hutch when you realized you didn’t really have a place for it. Good for you. I, too, vote for the wardrobe with the fun yellow paint. I love the simplicity of the design. Very elegant. The smaller items you got were lovely.

  14. Sounds like it was a fun day and you made some good finds! You mentioned this event ranged from vintage, antiques and pure flea market type junk (not the good junk). I wish all shows organizers would have a more juried process for vendors. There are some events I no longer go to because it became over-run with this type of merchandise and it ruined the shows feel.

  15. I hope you get the wardrobe! I am also searching for one to be a bit bigger than the one I use in my kitchen for my pantry. I would either put it alongside it or if it’s big enough, I could replace the one I have. I opted for an armoire as a pantry rather than built in cabinets to create a more farm kitchen. Best decision in a long time!

  16. Oh that wardrobe is stunning! I saw several things that caught my attention. Good thing I live so far away. I don’t know what is behind the compote that you bought, maybe a platter? Of all the things you should us, that caught my attention. Lovely things, thanks for sharing your day.

  17. I’m already looking forward to next year at Gold Rush!
    That beadboard hutch though! Still haunting me. But you and I both know I don’t have a place for it either.

  18. There is a fabulous antiques festival twice a year in Roundtop, Texas, which is north of Houston. I believe it’s the largest in the country, about thirty miles long. It is so fun and friendly, with a mind-boggling selection of goods. I’ve gone there three times and highly recommend it to anyone who can make it. It’s a perfect girl’s trip! Roundtop is a small town and the places to stay are usually booked up. We stay in LaGrange, a friendly small town about fifteen minutes away.

  19. You and Cheri make a great combination! Love that lady! I looked longingly at the yellow piece, with the Native American bust on it, a couple of times but at over $2800 it was a budget buster! Next time stop in at the fire hall. Dan is the Oronoco Fire Chief.

    1. Yes, that piece was expensive!! To use as a kitchen island or in a shop, though, that’s not bad compared to buying new cabinetry. Definitely an investment piece, though. Worth taking a picture of it, though!

  20. Hi Marion I had a question about one of your pictures. The picture is the one with the dresser, then a box with three drawers on topfollowed by a what looks like a jewelry armoire box or a salesman sample of an armoire or wardrobe. I’m just curious what it was and how much was it if you looked at it. Any idea who the vendor was?

  21. I have not been getting your daily emails for the last week or so…………… I am
    wondering why so I googled you. Please put me back on your list. Thanks.

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