antique-style mirrors for the master bedroom

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It only took a couple of years, but I finally found a pair of antique-style mirrors that I love for the master bedroom!  I envisioned mirrors there since we got our king-sized bed, but I was really hoping to find a matching (or somewhat matching) pair of antique mirrors.  I’ve hunted all over the place…at antique stores, markets, online, and even when we were in Europe.  I found a lot of beautiful mirrors, but not ones that were the right size, shape, and finish.  It was also very difficult to find a pair and ones that weren’t really expensive.

So, I watched and waited and I hung some things up temporarily and occasionally leaned mirrors up to get a visual.

I actually found a pair of wood-framed mirrors (very similar in style to the one leaning on the dresser at Target), but that was right when the stay-at-home order passed and I wasn’t going to risk going to a store for a pair of mirrors.  I was just going to wait a few weeks until things were back to “normal.”  Well, you know how well that plan is going!  And, in the waiting, the mirrors sold out and have not been restocked online or in the stores.

master bedroom decorating miss mustard seed

I combed home decor websites, eBay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and craigslist.  I ordered one pair of mirrors online with high hopes that they would be “the ones”, but they ended up being too small and looked a little more modern in person than they did in the picture, so I shipped them back.

Once I got my refund from that purchase, I started searching again and decided to check out Anthropologie.  Sometimes they have gold-framed mirrors with the vintage vibe I was going for.  And, bingo.  There were actually a few mirrors I liked, but after taping off the dimensions on the wall to get an idea of how they would fill the space, the Cecilia Mirror was the best option.

antique-style mirrors miss mustard seed

The best part is that I had been saving up the credit card points on my business card (I make big purchases with it, like inventory for Amazon when I owned the milk paint line) and use the points for special purchases.  I had just enough credit to completely cover the cost of the mirrors.

antique-style mirrors miss mustard seed

When they arrived, I asked Jeff if he would help me hang them right away.  Just a few days earlier, I had received the mirrors for the master bathroom makeover and they were completely smashed.  It sounded like one of the boxes was filled with sand, the mirror was so pulverized.  These mirrors came in their own make-shift crates (the boxes alone were so heavy), so they were intact, but I wanted to make sure a mishap didn’t occur before we could get them hung.

We got them installed and they look fantastic.  I’m so happy I was patient and didn’t settle for the ones that weren’t right.

The thing I love most about flanking the bed with mirrors is the beautiful reflections created in the wardrobe mirrors as well as the new, antique-style mirrors.  Since they are on opposing walls, the light bounces between them, creating a lovely view through each mirror.

antique-style mirrors miss mustard seed

antique-style mirrors miss mustard seed

This room is nearing completion!  I need to make some pillows, the bed crown, hang a few more things on the wall, and I’m still shopping for a piece to put under the window (a bench or small sofa), but I feel like I’m inching towards the finish line…

antique-style mirrors hydrangea miss mustard seed

My mom and I found an antique dresser last week when I was taking a break from hanging paneling in the office and I’m going to paint it in MMSMP Grain Sack to match the dresser on my side.

The room right now is covered in drop cloths, things from under our bathroom sinks, and a toilet, so it’ll be a while before it’s all done and photo-ready again!


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