master bedroom nightstands

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I don’t show a ton of the goings-on in my house these days largely because there’s not a lot happening as far as home improvements or decorating changes are concerned.  We are transitioning the guest room to Calvin’s room, but other than that, things have pretty much stayed the same.

We are changing a few things up, though, and I must say that it’s been refreshing for me.  I love making tweaks and changes to a space, even if it’s just for the sake of things looking a little different.  Spaces can start to feel stale when they are too stagnant, I think.

For a while, I’ve been wanting to change out the nightstands in the master bedroom.  I’ve been on the hunt for two antique washstands or chests that were about the same size and shape.   It’s been tricky to find, but two pieces finally found their way to me.

As a reminder, here are the nightstands we’ve had in the room for a few years.  They are both painted in Shutter Gray over French Enamel with some decorative painting.


(Sorry for the Christmas picture!  It’s the best one I could find where you could see both nightstands.)

I always liked how the blues played against each other and were a little unexpected, but I decided I wanted them to be “quieter”, so they didn’t compete as much with the starched fabric wall treatment.

So, I painted the new nightstands in MMS Milk Paint Linen and just oiled the tops with Hemp Oil.  And here is the result…


Here is how the washstand looked before…


I really love it and, as a bonus, it functions a lot better than the cabinet I was using. I also like that it goes all the way to the floor.  Underneath the old cabinet was a playground for dust bunnies.  I know they’ll still be there, but at least I don’t have to look at them!


Jeff’s new nightstand is just a shade taller than mine and the style is slightly different, but otherwise they look almost identical.


Here is how his looked before it was painted…


…and now…


This one was missing the casters, so I added some from my stash.  Our bed is so high that the cabinets really needed that additional height from the wheels.  I also like that it elevates the pieces a little, so it doesn’t look so heavy on the floor, if that makes sense.

Even Jeff said he really likes the change and he doesn’t normally have an opinion on that sort of thing.


 I will be selling our old nightstands and I’ll post pictures, dimensions and prices soon.  

Back in the studio, I finished painting the latest landscape dresser on Friday and plan to do the finishing work tomorrow.  You can see a preview on Instagram and I’ll share the full reveal later this week…

master bedroom nightstands

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