landscape dresser no. 4 reveal

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I finished “landscape dresser no. 4” yesterday and had the chance to style and photograph it today.  The prop-pickings were slim in the studio, but I love how everything came together to showcase this piece.


As a reminder, here is how the dresser started.  It really was pretty as it was, but I’ve learned that even pretty wood pieces don’t usually sell for me, so I went ahead and painted it.


I would call this a “mixed media” dresser, since I used two different kinds of paint together to get the finished look.  I used about 90% MMS Milk Paint and 10% Liquitex artist acrylics.  I used those acrylics to add some more intense color where I wanted it and for mixing with the milk paint.


I used the milk paint like watercolors, so I allowed them to be translucent and to run and bleed, especially in the sky.  You can check out THIS POST for the details on the colors and techniques I used.

Since I last shared the dresser, I added the tree, fences, and a lone cow.  I realize cows are generally in groups, but I liked the composition with just one cow.  Maybe this one misbehaved or was so endearing that the farmer couldn’t bring him to auction with the rest.  Either way, he’s happily having a snack under the shade of the tree.


The knobs on this piece are the “screw-in” variety, so I wanted to keep them and I liked the idea of not painting them. They become more of a feature.


I just revived the top with a little bit of Hemp Oil.


I lightly distressed the paint around the edges and allowed it to chip where it wanted to.  I finished the body of the piece in Tough Coat.


This piece may be for sale.  My mom might want to swap this one out for the other one she recently claimed!  My furniture-shuffling tendencies may be rubbing off on her.  I’ll let you know if it is for sale or if the other one will be.

mms-0602 mms-0613

The rabbit print belonged to my husband’s grandmother.   I admired it when we stayed at the cabin in Colorado a few years ago, so I’m so happy to own it now.


And, did you notice the floors?

They are just perfect for my “photography area” in the studio.  I’ll share more about them soon.


Until next time…

landscape dresser no. 4 reveal

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