landscape dresser four | part one

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 I’m realizing that I should probably start coming up with clever names for these landscape dressers!

Well, for now, this one is “number four.”

I was originally going to try watercolor over MMS Milk Paint, just to see how that worked out, but I tried it on a sample board and I didn’t like the look of it.  The things I love about watercolor just didn’t happen.  What looks soft on paper, looks much more intense when painted on milk paint.

So, I decided to try something else.  I tried using milk paint over milk paint, but more like it’s watercolor instead of milk paint.  Are you tracking with me?

Kriste lightly sanded the dresser and painted it in two coats of MMSMP in Farmhouse White to prep it for me.  Now, it’s more like a blank canvas.


I mixed up a smorgasbord of milk paint colors and squirted a few acrylics onto a plate.  I wanted to use about 90% milk paint for the painting, but I knew some colors would need a little kick from the acrylics.


Here is a video showing the process…

I liked painting on the white surface much, much better, in comparison to the other landscape dressers I’ve done.

It’s not finished, yet, but here is where I left it at the end of the day…


My favorite part is definitely the sky.  I started with Flow Blue at the very top and blended it down into Shutter Gray and then into Farmhouse White.  I spritzed the surface with water to make the paint bleed a little.


A little water spritzing is like magic on milk paint.  I’m definitely going to use that technique more!


The far mountain is French Enamel, a little watered down, and then the near mountain is Flow Blue again.


The foliage and grasses were all a blend of Boxwood, Mustard Seed Yellow, and Lucketts Green.  The grass is where I mixed in some of the acrylics to get a more intense yellow and varying shades of green.  I really like how “brush-strokey” the grass is.  (That’s a very technical term, by the way.)

The left side looks a little wonky at this point, but I’ll be adding a tree, a fence, etc. and it will all make sense then.


I have a photo shoot and some other deadlines I need to work on tomorrow, but I hope to have a date with “Number Four” on Friday.

landscape dresser four | part one

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