creating with confidence

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I have been watching a lot of video tutorials on painting, sketching, trying to improve my knowledge and skills.  In one that I watched, a famous water color artist (I’m new to this world, so I don’t know who he is) said something like, “The thing that most paintings lack is confidence.”


That comment reached into my creative soul and touched a nerve.  

Like he was speaking to me.  

It wasn’t a comment made in judgement or superiority, but in encouragement.  Like all artists, painters, creators, doodlers, drawers, crafters, and makers should have confidence in their work.  

I wonder how many of us really do…

So, I’m working on that.  Not being overly critical and learning from my mistakes instead of balling up the paper immediately and pitching it.  See what’s good and what can be improved.


I don’t think we often think about practicing when it comes to art.  While I do think there are people with a natural talent, it is a learned skill as well.  It’s one that can be honed, refined, and developed.  

It can be improved with practice.   


And confidence is something that can be gained in that practice.


Slowly but surely.


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creating with confidence

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