ironstone, a tool tote, bottles & tags

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After all of the craziness of Lucketts, I decided to take the week off.  I knew I probably would, so I cleared the calendar.  Sometimes I think I’ll want a break and then I don’t. I feel the momentum and I am raring to go.  This time I thought I would want a break and I was right.  I really needed it.  So, I had a “jammie day” and splurged on a massage and I even did a little antique shopping just for me.

I thought I would share those finds as well a few things I picked up at Lucketts (when I was “walking around to warm my feet.”)

One of those Lucketts purchases was this large ironstone footed bowl.  My mom and Kriste shook their heads when I pulled it out of the bag to show it to them.  Mom asked, “Don’t you already have one like that?”

“No, not like this.”


And it’s even more beautiful filled to the brim with sweet cherries.  They are my very favorite and I eagerly await cherry season each year.


That’s a bowl full of yumminess, right there.


I also picked up these ceramic German mailbox tags…


It’s the kind of thing that can be used a million ways.  I’m not sure how I’m going to use them, but they spoke to me and I couldn’t ignore them.


I also took a leisurely stroll through an antique store yesterday and just looked for things for myself.  I realized I don’t do that very much any more.  Sometimes I keep things for myself, but I’m almost always shopping for things to sell.  It was nice to focus just on things I would like for my house.

I bought this tool tote for $30.  I liked the shape and color of it and thought it would look perfect on my dining room table.


I filled it with three pots of anouk lavender planted in antique grain buckets.  (Believe it or not, I get my lavender from Wal-Mart.  Yep, even those pretty topiaries!  I repot them to sell, but that’s my “secret source”.)


I also picked up these old glass bottles with ceramic lids for $8.00/each.


I actually bought them from Hanover, so it’s cool that they are a local find.  Antiques can travel pretty far, so it’s not always common to find ones that have stayed put (or came back home.)


The glass is just the prettiest color, isn’t it?

mms-7779 mms-7776

I’ll share a few more of my Lucketts finds in another post as well as details on the indigo dyed linen napkins…

ironstone, a tool tote, bottles & tags

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