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This is it!  The official guide to shopping the Miss Mustard Seed booth at the Lucketts Spring Market in 2016.  I wish I had more pictures to share of how everything is laid out, but that just didn’t happen this year.  The weather was beautiful today and I could almost hear my booth calling me to come and play, but I had a lot of errands and last minute things to do, so it’ll have to wait until morning.

This is Lucketts second year as a three day event, so I feel like I know more of what to expect, although this year feels like there is more anticipation leading up to Friday.  Maybe it’s just me, but that’s how it feels.

Here are some tips, suggestions, information, answers to FAQ’s, etc…



I was at Lucketts on Thursday and, even after all of the rain we’ve had in May, the fields were pretty dry and today was sunny and breezy, so I’m expecting they’ll be even better tomorrow.  So, don’t fret about parking.  Also, Lucketts is prepared to spread hay over squishy areas and they will help if you get stuck (which is unlikely for Friday, but could possibly be an issue after the rain on Saturday.)



You can pay for your purchases with cash, checks, or credit/debit cards.  We do have a formal checkout system this year, so all sales have to happen at the register.  We’ll have two checkouts, though, and we never had a long line last year, so we should be good!



We have a nice crew this year – My mom, dad, and Jeff, Kriste and her mom, Katie, and Jonathan (who helped us last year.)  Kriste and my mom will be working the checkout and my dad will be at his usual wrapping station, but the rest of us are there to help you get your purchases to the register, answer questions, etc.  Don’t worry about buying something that is holding something else (like an ironstone pitchers holding brushes or a bowl holding waxes.)  Just ask us for help and we’ll clear it out for you.

My dad, the king of shrink wrap, will be there to wrap the heck out of your packages.  You can drop them from a three story building and it will be intact when he’s done with it.  (Do not attempt at home.)  We do have shopping bags, but it’s a good idea to bring a tote/wagon/cart/etc. for your purchases.



If you want to buy a piece of furniture or a bulky item, just pull off the tag and carry that around with you until you’re ready to check out.  If you pull a tag and change your mind about buying the piece, please let us know, so the item doesn’t go unsold.

Once an item is paid for, we’ll put a sold tag on it with your name and number and you can claim it when you’re ready to leave.

There are “pink shirt guys” who are there to help carry furniture to your car and load it in.  They do work on tips, so reserve some cash for that purpose.  Jeff and Jonathan from our booth can also help you with carrying things to your car/van/truck.  They work on flattery, so just tell them they are awesome.



I have always offered to hold pieces for people who are coming on the first day, especially when Lucketts extended the sale to include the VIP day.  I don’t want people to feel stressed about getting the piece they have their heart set on.  This year, I have more pieces on hold than ever before, which is exciting for me and makes me feel less nervous about bringing so much!

So if a piece has a HOLD tag on it, that means it’s spoken for.  It hasn’t been purchased, though, so there’s a possibility the sale won’t go through.  If a piece you wish to buy has a hold tag on it, just let one of us know and we’ll write down your name and cell number and contact you if it doesn’t sell.

If it has a SOLD tag, it’s bought and paid for.

I am only holding pieces for Friday shoppers, since they paid a premium to get into the market.




We have moved!  Last year, we were really spread out of our three spaces and, if it had rained at all on Friday, we would’ve been really in a pickle.  This year, we’re in a large “circus tent”.  I was a little nervous about filling a space that big, but two u-hauls proved that I got over that!

Here’s a map showing where my new booth is located…

booth location 2016

Just look for my mural or ask at the gate.  Most people know where the “mustard seed lady” is.  I’m off of a centralized “courtyard” where the band and bathrooms are located, so I should be easy to spot!  



We are heading down at the crack of dawn tomorrow to finish getting set up.  I have task lists for each of my helpers, so we can be focused and get straight to work.  A few years ago, I underestimated the amount of work I had to do in the morning and I didn’t get my space finished before the shoppers rushed in, so I am determined that we will be ready in time!

Before I sign off for the night, in the spirit of fun, my family brainstormed a poem tonight over dinner…

T’was the Night Before Lucketts


T’was the night before Lucketts and in the Parsons’ house

Marian was busy working, along with her spouse

The furniture is finished and tagged with great care

In the hopes for the shoppers attending the fair

VIP Ticket holders were snug in their beds

While visions of ironstone danced in their heads

We have paper and bags and lots of shrink wrap

We’ve been watching the rain on our weather app

We hope it won’t storm, not even a patter

We’ll be there either way, so it really won’t matter

When they open the gates, get ready to dash

For the pieces you want may be gone in a flash

Your head will be spinning, your eyes all aglow

There are plenty of treasures at this awesome show

Antiques, furniture, and goodies galore

Hundreds of vendors and the Old Lucketts Store

When what to your wondering eyes should appear

But a coffee cart, food trucks, and a tent serving beer

But you’re too busy shopping, you have to be quick

If you’re hoping to be there to get the first pick

More rapid than eagles, the customers came

To Miss Mustard Seed’s tent (they know her by name)

They know Mora, Linen and Typewriter black

The new Farmhouse White, Boxwood and Grain Sack

Hemp Oil, Waxes, we’re bringing them all

A rack full of milk paint, five feet tall

A bed full of quilts, a tufted sofa, too

Two industrial carts and a cabinet of blue

Hemp sheets and lavender, wreaths that are round

Stools, scales, and ironstone abound

In fact, we have bowls piled high in a stack

And my dad, once again, is ready to pack

Pull tags, gather goods, and hop in the line

Cash, check, or charge, they all are just fine

You are certain to find everything that you “need”

And be sure to say “hi” to Miss Mustard Seed

You just passed a day full of shopping and fun

Pack up your car and call Lucketts “done”

shopping guide & T’was the Night Before Lucketts

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43 Comments on “shopping guide & T’was the Night Before Lucketts”

  1. Good night, I’m one of those VIP ticket holders off to get snug in my bed. With visions of ironstone in my head, among other things…sleep tight!

  2. ? sorry not to make it,
    So grateful to see it all come together
    Imagining clear skies, and plenty of shoppers
    How can there not be, there’s so much to choose from.
    All created with care, and much creativity.
    The team is on board to help in any way,
    The beautiful mural will guide the way.
    You’ve got this girl, now just have some fun,
    And spirit is with you to the finish line❤️??

  3. I am so excited on Luckett’s Eve even though I can’t be there! I can just imagine all of the happy shoppers smiling and chatting and oohing and awwing! Can’t wait to see pictures and videos and read stories of the weekend!

  4. That is a cute poem! Good thing “A Visit From Saint Nicholas” is in the public domain, so many of us have paraphrased it for our own purposes:-) Have fun, make money, make new friends (but keep the old, etc.), and keep doing what you do (and, sleep well tonight). God bless you!

  5. I am hoping that you would hold the slipcovered wingback chair for me. I brought a friend down with me from NJ and we will be at the gates in the morning. Cannot wait!!!

  6. Awesome just awesome…. you miss mustard seed, the mural, the helpers, the merchandise and the poem. You again knocked it out of the park, sad I can’t be there but your post makes me feel like I almost am there! Best wishes for a great weekend !

  7. Wish I could be there, hopefully next year. I love the poem, very creative! Hope the weekend is a great success!

  8. LOVING that poem! Wishing I could be there to see all the beauty! But your photos always do it justice. The murals will also likely be a trendsetting showstopper.

  9. Oh how I wish I could be there! On my bucket list though! LOVE the posts so it feels like I am there! And I giggled at the poem, how creative! I KNOW you will have a great sale!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing your shopping, fixing, repairing, painting, planning, packing, staging, and all the rest….so much fun. I wish that I lived closer. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to come just for Lucketts. Love the poem!

  11. Thinking of you, your family and all your helpful friends today. The weather is lovely here in Mont Alto and I’m sure it’s just as nice in Lucketts. I loved the family poem and look forward to stories and photos of the event!

  12. What a great poem! You have done an outstanding job in getting ready for the slew of people coming to downtown Lucketts! So excited to be coming to the Lucketts Spring Market! Rain Rain Stay away – come again another Day (week).

  13. Thank you for taking your readers along with you. This is the closest I will get to Lucketts as I live on the west coast and driving to VA is out of the question. Your booth will be a show stopper you thought of everything. All the best to you, you are an amazing woman.

  14. That Poem is OUTSTANDING . . . NOW you need to put it to music! Haha! Miss Mustard Seed -Rap version! Haha!

    Have fun! I’ll be thinking of you all . . . .

  15. That was an awesome poem and wish I were closer to meet you and see your wonderful booth. And to buy a few pieces. But I will just dream of the day that I will be able to make the trip and hope & pray you are still doing it.

  16. Love the poem Marion. I hope all goes well and it’s nice that you have so much support along with you.

  17. SO awesome!! Wish I were there! I love the slanted cabinet on hold! If I were there, that is what I would buy for sure (well if I were there and if it were not on hold). Should for some reason the slanted cabinet make it back to PA let me know!!!
    Have Fun All!!!

  18. I live at the other side of the world in Tasmania, Australia. That doesn’t matter as I have excitedly watched all your posts about Lucketts. I’ve even done an antirain dance for you. Would LOVE to be there. ?

  19. Can’t wait to get there! I’ve made my wish list. So many beautiful pieces. You are amazing!!! See you at Lucketts!!

  20. I have been following your preparation for Lucketts and must say you inspire me and I am rooting for you, your family, as well as your helping, talented and faithful coworkers/friends. Knock it out of the park this weekend. xoxo

  21. Hello Marion, family and co-workers,
    I know this may sound crazy but…..I actually cried when I read your poem (real tears!). Now I must tell you why I cried…..I felt that I saw God actually working in a persons life. A person of faith stepped out, to move mountains….and she did!!! It’s just beautiful!!! God has blessed you with amazing talent and a supporting cast. And I wish you much success that you truly deserve.
    I wish I could come to Lucketts but CA is a little far away!!!
    God Bless~

  22. I hope you, your team of helpers and everyone who attends, has a wonderful time! Hope to get there someday!

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