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It’s so sad, but the Lucketts Spring Market has been canceled for Sunday.  There was heavy rain Friday night and it rained off an on all day on Saturday.  The parking fields are covered with mud and standing water, so there is nowhere for customers to park.  Just an FYI for those who were planning to stop by…


Day one of the Lucketts Spring Market 2016 is in the books and I am totally pooped.

I’ll give a full recap in a few days, but I will say that today was totally crazy and my biggest Lucketts day ever.  We sold more in one day than we did in last year’s entire event.  It was insane and unexpected, because things were pretty low key on VIP day last year.

Today, there was a line out the tent for three straight hours.  We were totally overwhelmed.

Here are a couple of pictures of the booth before the gates opened.  It was really sunny, which was great shopping weather, but it makes for some harsh lighting in pictures…



Thank you to all of the people who shopped our booth, waited patiently in line, and endured the mayhem.

I’ll share more on the booth, my helpers, and lessons I learned later.

I wanted to post tonight mainly to share what was left for the Saturday shoppers.  I will say, the booth was pretty much decimated, but we do still have some nice pieces that need good homes.  These pictures were all taken at the end of the day, so all of the accessories are there, too.

This man-made hutch top and marble-topped table…


…the step-back cupboard…


…a large, counter-height farm table…


…the legless buffet (which we all started calling the “Legolas Buffet”)…


…the wooden industrial cart…


…the folding medical table (this is going on my deck if no one buys it!)…


…the hemp oiled dresser (there was a bit of a mixup about this one, so it had a hold tag on it all day)…


…and we still have lots of ironstone, German brushes, grain sack rolls, hemp sheets, baby dresses textiles, etc.


The bed is also still for sale along with the kid’s Schwinn, the chalkboard/easel and more.  That big pouf is a dog bed made out of antique hemp sheets and grain sacks, in case you were wondering!


The tufted sofa did sell and was waiting to be wrapped up.

As evidence for how crazy and constant things were, I wore some comfy shoes for setting up the tent, because I knew I would be running around like a mad woman.  Well, I was running around like a mad woman and it was about 1:00 when I realized I had been wearing my ugly comfy shoes all morning!  I never switched into my cute sandals.



Oh well.  I don’t think anyone noticed my fashion faux pas.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, which is a bummer, but we’ll still be there!  We have sides on our tent, so it should be nice and cozy and dry in there.  We also have plastic and shrink wrap, so we’ll help you wrap up furniture and/or packages to keep them dry.

Bring an umbrella and rain boots and you’re sure to get some good rainy day bargains!

what’s left at Lucketts

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50 Comments on “what’s left at Lucketts”

  1. I’m planning to come Sunday, due to the rain, I have fingers crossed that you’ll still have t-shirts and books left by them! Glad to hear that your had a successful day after all of your hard work! Good luck tomorrow, Hopefully it won’t be too soggy ?

  2. Smiling here. Of course the sofa sold. It is gorgeous and I’m so envious of the lucky person who gets to take it home. Congrats on such a successful day.

  3. Wow congratulations on the great day! I knew that beautiful sofa wouldn’t last long. I hope the rain stays away tomorrow. Loving those comfy shoes!

  4. so great to hear- sherry said you had done well yesterday! i was hoping to come shop with emmy tomorrow (my only day off and available) but i just don’t know…. guess it depends on how hard it is raining! stay dry today, and keep hot coffee and soup handy. i will be thinking of you!

  5. Loved your booth yesterday! I had intended on buying only little things; instead, I walked away with a dresser!

  6. I’m not surprised at your success yesterday. You’ve honed your skills and prepared some fabulous pieces. Congratulations.

  7. Good for you!!! You worked so hard to get everything ready and we love your style, transparency and inspiration!!! I hope the rest of your weekend is absolutely wonderful!

  8. Thanks for posting after your long, busy, crazy day! You are always so thoughtful and know exactly what the readers want to see and hear. Well, it’s raining today, but that isn’t gonna stop me! We changed our plans to come on Sunday when the rain is suppose to stop. I remember last year you commented that Sunday is more relaxed and calmer. That’s my kind of shopping! I’m also happy to hear there are still things at your booth that I want to purchase! See you tomorrow!!

  9. I knew that sofa would sell! You are such a talent my dear…..can’t wait for the posts after the show.

  10. Oh how wonderful for all of you, your booth looks fantastic even after your first day! Wishing Lucketts was closer to California! Will you be posting some smalls that didn’t sell in your shop after this weekend?! I would love a Lucketts momento! ?

  11. What wonderful success! You deserve it, Marian! You and your team put so much hard work went into this event, I am just in awe of all of you. I sure do wish I lived close enough to attend. Best wishes for the rest of the sale!

  12. Couldn’t wait for an update. I sent up prayers for you all yesterday, that you’d have a safe, successful event….SO glad it went well! Here’s to another great day for MMS and crew!!!

  13. I’m happy for you that it went so well. A little sad that Luckett’s VIP days have kind of made it a “haves and have nots” kind of sale where people with more money get more chances to buy than people with less. 🙁

    1. Aw, I totally get that. Lucketts had to make a VIP day with a higher entrance fee in order to minimize the crowds. I think there’s no perfect solution, unfortunately, but I understand.

  14. So glad to hear that you knocked it outta the park on day one!! Congrats to you and your crew. You are truly blessed and it shows 🙂 Wishing you the best for the rest of the show!!

  15. Congratulations on such a successful sale day! I know many people will be disappointed when they come today and find the piece they wanted is already sold. I was sad to see the sofa sell, I loved it in your house and I am curious what is replacing it.

  16. Hi, kudos LADY! Well done! Wow, wish I was there………I knew everything would turn out, and yes it did, the shoes, omgoodness, I’m laughin, too cute! 🙂 Time to put those happy feet up for a spell!! 🙂 Go glad you had a wonderful and prosperous day!

  17. So glad things went so well for all of you. You will have to start on next years Lucketts as soon as you get back from this one! And you will need a whole fleet of trucks to get it there next year! Congrats, a well deserved victory.

  18. Of course the beautiful tufted sofa sold! So happy for y’all on a successful first day. I know everyone is still having fun shopping! One day I will be there too!

  19. I have to tell you…I am now obsessed with cast iron winged pigs! I saw your cute little pig and had to have one for myself. I went straight to ebay and bought a sweet little guy. I feel a collection coming on! Thanks for sharing your lovely things with us.

  20. Watching from overseas with great interest – well done – well deserved – a lovely stall! Good luck with the rest of the fair! Angie, Penzance, Cornwall, Uk xx

  21. Wow… You sold a lot. And it looked great. How much do you sell the scales for? Just wondering because they are really expensive here. Wa state..

  22. Thank you SO MUCH for updating us…..I’ve been waiting to see how things went….thanks for taking the time for us…GREAT JOB!!!!!

  23. Smiling ear to ear here?.??? applauding your success so far. In the homestretch?

  24. I am so SAD 🙁 but thankful that you posted that the Market was closed for Sunday because I had my rainboots already. I was planning on coming out to see what was left. What will you be doing with the items that did not sale?

  25. So glad to hear of your MMS team’s great success, but sad for vendors and customers alike that at the last minute bad weather has won. However ~ can we now hope that with more things left to sell, more might be offered online ~ once you REST and take stock!?! If so, YAY!
    And, just my two cents’ worth: we live too far away to come, but I also wonder (after Alice R commented) about the “VIP Day” … I’m not sure how the Luckett’s fee works, but if my friends and I could come, I think we would agree that an entrance fee to allow some customers to be the first shoppers prevents those with less to spend from competing for the best merchandise! We can pay it, but many would likely find their spending reduced. And who knows, maybe someday we’ll make a girls’ (long) road trip!
    We participate in statewide (Texas) shows ourselves, and know the difficulty/logistics of traveling to the sale, then setting up appealing merchandise displays, etc. But perhaps next year you and others could find a way to hold back a few unique items to reveal when the general public is allowed to shop! That just might level the “playing field!”
    I appreciate your generosity in so openly sharing your vast experience with others of us who follow along with great interest! Thanks for listening, too!

  26. So happy the first day was so amazing! Especially since you can’t be open on Sunday. I’ll bet you were very much cleaned out by the end of day 2! 🙂

  27. Your murals look fabulous with your tent and furniture. Such a good idea! Definitely worth the work, in my opinion!

  28. What a wonderful show you have, your reputation is growing and in such a positive way! If you have any Johnson brother’s pitchers or sugar dishes left and want to sell them I would love to know.



  29. You should have heard the groans inside our car as we approached Luckett’s this morning and saw the signs that the market was closed! ? I’ll look for you next year.

  30. I am so glad that you had a great day Friday , sad that the rest of the weekend was a washout. I’m so disappointed that they had to close the market today, we drove 3 hours from PA and stayed overnight to come first thing, only to see it was closed. No one’s fault, just bad luck- we knew the forecast was iffy.
    On a happier note, we had a fantastic dinner at the Tuscarora Mill, the butterscotch bread pudding was to die for. Hopefully I can still get a copy of the new book and a tee shirt!
    Dying to see more pics and still happy for your successful day, especially after all your hard work ❣

  31. My friend and I was gonna go to the market today and only to find it was cancelled.

    We will try again next year.

    Xo your Deaf chick.

  32. Marian, being familiar with shows like Lucketts, I’ve gotta say – totally been there with forgetting to change into my “show” attire because I’m so busy right up to the last second! I

    And after a day like that (congratulations!), I’m MOST impressed by the fact that you had the energy to post/blog about it! You go girl!

  33. Wow, that’s awesome!!! I was pretty excited that my vintage sale was amazing too! I sold 98 % of my stuff in a few hours! I can see why everything sold fast. You always have amazing pieces.

  34. Can’t wait to hear your recap, Marian. I was there as soon as the doors opened on Friday and I think the entire line headed to your tent! LOL You had really great things this year and I love how you kept to a theme. It was visually beautiful. I walked away with the chippy white dresser (which looks perfect in my living room!), a white metal rolling cart, a little white table (which fits perfectly in the nook I was picturing it for), and a brass birdcage. I can attest that every time I walked by your tent, there was a long line. And Marian had 2 checkout lines! It went very smoothly. I think you all were very organized. I think you’re eventually going to need to open a store!

  35. Hey Marian,
    what a blessed day you had then, best yet at Luckett’s yet!
    even with all that rain, ‘someone’ made sure you did well no matter what ! EH!

    Marian you would do JUST AS WELL at your own studio, why don’t you have your own Luckett’s’ !
    How nice to not have to travel 😉 with your expertise and blogging to all of us, ppl would come.
    🙂 and you would be successful ! Set up your studio like your tent. I’m on my way! LOL
    LOVE ALL OF IT , your photos, your stuff ! Thanks sooo much for sharing all you do.
    Thankyouuuuuu !
    See you at your 'own' Luckett's !

  36. I once drove to work and got out of the car and was walking in thinking….”Man I feel good today. My feet don’t hurt.” and then I looked down and I had my slippers on. I guess I should be thankful that I didn’t have my PJs on. I have been known to go through the drive thru in them, though. I’m ashamed….no I’m not….LOL

    On a side note…..love love love the new do. Your hair grows FAST.

    Maybe Lucketts needs to rethink the date of their market. It’s a shame that rain keeps mucking up the market.

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