“it’s like getting off of roller skates”

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I’m going to give a full recap of Lucketts once my brain solidifies once again.  It’s total mush at the moment.

When I was driving home from the market on Friday, I was trying to articulate to my mom how “out of it” I felt after such a full day.  I almost didn’t recognize the exit for my house!

She came up with a perfect analogy…

“It like when you get off of roller skates.”

I knew exactly what she meant.  On skates, you adjust to gliding with each step, the momentum carrying you forward.  When you take them off, you feel like your feet are getting stuck on the floor with each step.

The pace of the last few days have been quick to say the least.  Now that the “skates are off”, I have to readjust to the slower speed and find my ground legs again.  The two hour nap I took this afternoon helped, but it was not quite enough.

This was the craziest Lucketts for me, yet, filled with highs and lows, and I want to do the recap justice.  That just won’t happen tonight, trust me.

Until then, here are a few pictures of “moments” from around the booth on day one…

mms-7692  mms-7690 mms-7702 mms-7700 mms-7656  mms-7659

“it’s like getting off of roller skates”

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22 Comments on ““it’s like getting off of roller skates””

  1. I hope you get some good rest. The pictures you posted are pretty. Looking forward to seeing more. Yeah, like getting off roller skates….I remember one time, while in college, we were participating in a six hour skate- a- thon to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes……we were hungry and I t was late, so we got someone to drive us to Wendy’s— we went inside with our skates on! Some of our reasoning was that we didn’t want to bother to take our skates off just to have to putt them back on again and the restroom there was so much better than the one at the skating rink (that’s why we skipped the drive through). Thanks for bringing back a happy memory!

  2. That looks so cool, hope to find a way to make it next year. It really isn’t that far if I made a weekend out of it.

  3. Beautiful! You have an eye for arranging/styling! I would have snapped those bunnies up if I’d been anywhere close to your state! I hope you and your family get some much needed rest.

  4. It was such a fun show! And I had such a jolly time talking with you and Kristie. I’ll send you the cute pic I took of your mom and Kristie. I hope you have time to lay on the floor for a while. Your kids could use you as the mountain range in their Lego world.
    Rest and be happy,
    The Other Marian
    PS. I keep plating with my scrubber brush. It’s so cute!

  5. Marion,
    I know it’s so much work but may I say that your booth was absolutely perfect, not just in staging and pricing but in affability! My sister-in-law and I chatted with Kriste several times (yes, we hit your booth more than once) and your mom too. What great support you have! Also, many thanks for taking time for anyone and everyone. You signed books and posed for pics and didn’t mind the snooping I may or may not have been doing with your bed skirt! I just had to see for myself how you did those corners! Thank you for making our Treasure hunting a fun experience. All your hard work paid off.

  6. Anticipation… I’m in the southwest corner of Missouri so Luckett’s is just a little far for me, but I love watching the experience through your eyes!

    Confession… I kept going to your blog all day yesterday just waiting for the recap post – knowing it wouldn’t come so soon! I hope you get some much needed rest today and tell us all about it when you are ready!!

  7. What a blast I had at Luckett’s with my best girlfriend. And I now have something in each of the main rooms of my home from your booth which make me smile every time I see them. The weather was beautiful and you were clearly the main event…for good reason. The rush was crazy busy but you were so lovely and present with people. It was impressive. Congratulations Marian.

  8. I had loads of fun shopping in your booth on Friday morning. Your “staff” of helpers were all wonderful. Wish you could have had more stuff. So many things were sold by 11 am on Friday. I was so happy to see you do so well after all your hard work. I did keep saying to myself as I waited in line, “How is she going to top this next year???” Anyway, Bravo! On a job well done

  9. Yep, I coveted those bunnies too! And everything else…..Glad you made it back alive. Can’t wait to find out what’s left (when you surface)

  10. Unfortunately with that weather I just couldn’t go to any event, especially an outside one. That’s what fibromyalgia does to a person. Anyway, I’m curious how much ironstone you have left. If I remember correctly you regular site is by appointment and not a retail store open all the time to the public.

  11. I did my first market ever (Bernadette Rankin’s Old House Vintage Market in Golden, CO) on Saturday – it was only one day and I feel you completely! I told my husband yesterday that you had a 3 day event and “how on earth can anyone do that?!” It’s not just the event, it’s the weeks of pushing and plotting and rushing to get it all ready! It was worse than I remember college finals being, but I’m so glad I did it. My hat goes off to you! I followed along with all your posts and took much advice from them. I also painted a full sized antique bed in your Farmhouse White and loved it! It’s a fantastic white and covers great! It sold very quickly to a young college gal. Rest and be restored!

  12. Omg…I just did Junk in the Trunk in AZ, and I felt the same way. It was as if I didn’t know my way home. It was so weird.

  13. OMG…I just did the Junk in the Trunk in AZ, and I felt the same way. It’s as if I didn’t know my way home, I didn’t recognize anything on the freeway. It was so weird…but it’s comforting to know that you had the same experience. I thought I was going crazy.

  14. I always think of feelings like this as that unforgiving thud when you jump on solid ground after bouncing on a trampoline for a while. Suddenly there’s no spring in your step and your legs are jello. You pretty much just want to lie down. Similar to taking off the skates.

    Can’t wait to hear more and see what’s left for your online sale. I’m trying not to dream of those chippy rabbits. I’m sure they went fast – like bunnies always do! So cute and charming, just like all of your tiny treasures.

    Congrats for making it through! So wish I could have been there.

  15. hi MARION
    I am still interested in getting 3 of the stool slipcovers they were sold out …can you send me a link once your rested….your booth is beautiful ..just amazing…..congratulations and I know you had a great show ! many thanks Lorraine

  16. Take your time and rest up, girl. Sounds like the show was a success and I can’t wait to read the re-cap, but all in good time. I am really curious to see what you have left, if anything!

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