Lucketts 2016 Recap | part 3

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Saturday was the early day of the Lucketts Market, kicking things off at 8:00, so it meant another early morning after a full day Friday.  I also didn’t sleep very well the night before.  My mind was swimming with the events of the day and the tasks for the next.  Sometimes it’s just hard to shut it off.

We drove down to Lucketts and it rained the entire way.  The forecast was so grim, I even packed magazines to read for the down times and scheduled a lunch with a reader Kriste and I connected with last year.

When we arrived at the event, there was a hard, driving rain and standing water in our tent.

There were a few leaks, but the good news was we were pretty snug with all of the tent sides up and we brought a couple bales of compressed straw to deal with the puddles and mud.  Jeff also dug “Parsons trench” to help control the water.  He was really proud of it.


See that little hammer?  I happened to have it priced to sell, but it turned out to be a good trench digger.  It was a bit of a Shawshank Redemption moment.

We knew it was likely to be a sloppy day and agreed to just make the best of everything and enjoy it.

We also did our best to style the remaining furniture and smalls, so it didn’t look too bare in the large space.

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Saturday ended up being surprisingly busy.  I never even had the chance to pull a magazine out, much less read one, and our planned lunch turned into little chats between ringing up customers.  While the first day brought a ton of furniture sales, Saturday was mostly smalls, milk paint, t-shirts, books, and there were a lot more people who dropped in just to chat.

We had a few pieces of furniture left to sell, but I don’t think people were eager to tromp through the rain and mud to load them in their car.

The rain let up for a couple of hours.  There was even a fleeting patch of blue sky on occasion.  Two large pieces of furniture sold and more customers were showing up.

In the middle of the unexpected activity of the morning, I noticed my dad wasn’t looking very good.  He said he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go home.  Well, he didn’t even look good enough to go home and he finally admitted that he wouldn’t even be able to make it to his truck and we should call an ambulance.

Fortunately, a firehouse is right across the street from Lucketts, so Suzanne, the owner, just ran over there and they were able to come get him.  Thankfully, my dad checked out okay at the hospital, but they kept him overnight to monitor a few things and he’s at home and doing fine now.  (He had open heart surgery about 10 years ago, so he’s understandably cautious when it comes to chest pains, heart flutters, etc.)

Of course, during this whole ordeal, I felt absolutely horrible that he was packing ironstone for hours just the day before!  He just wouldn’t miss it!  I told him we needed to get him an apprentice, so he can take a supervisory role.  We’ll see if he’ll allow that.

We sold quite a bit of ironstone once he left, so Gloria and I took over the wrapping in his absence.  I actually like wrapping up packages.  I worked at Mikasa one summer and became quite a pro at it.  If you need to pack up your kitchen for a move, I’m your girl.

Anyway, the break in the rain was only temporary and it started back up again.  Not only was it rainy, but it was cold!  A hot, fresh doughnut was in order…


When things slowed down a bit, I grabbed the umbrella and finally took a walk just to warm up my feet and to say hello to some of my fellow vendors.  Okay, okay, AND to do a bit of shopping.  

It was my first time out of my little area and I was able to see how bad the water and mud were in some of the booths and walkways.  I was so thankful I wore my wellies!

I wasn’t in the mood to do any major shopping, but I did pick up a couple of pieces of ironstone and some German linens.  I’ll share pictures of those in another post.

At the end of the day, we got the word that the Lucketts Spring Market would be closed Sunday because of the mud.  I know it was a hard decision for the event planners, but conditions were worsening and there was just nowhere safe for cars to park.  Vehicles were already getting stuck and more rain was on the way.    


We made the on-the-spot decision to pack up that evening.  We already had the truck and, since our tent was right off of the gravel area, it would be good for us to load up and get out of the way.  On top of that, I was done.  I was wet, cold and exhausted and I didn’t want to go to bed that night knowing I would have to come back and load up a truck.

So, we all pulled together as a team and got everything that remained packed up and in the truck.


We came to Lucketts with a tightly packed 20′ truck and a pretty full 17′ truck and left with just one 15′ truck (and that included taking the sofa with us, which had already sold.)  I call that a success, even though the event was cut short.

One of my very sweet readers, Diane, even stayed to help us pack up the truck and she bought the bed, which she was planning to buy Sunday if it hadn’t sold…


…and the Schwinn Pixie, so that helped us out, too!


And, with that, the final sale of Lucketts 2016 was made.

I’m taking this week to rest, relax and reflect, but we will list the leftovers in the online shop next week.  If you’re local and want to stop by the studio to check it out, you’re welcome to!  I’ll also post pictures next week, so you can see what we have.

In the coming days, I’ll write some follow-up posts answering some of your questions about future sales, selling online, and thinking bigger.   And I’ll open up my business brain to share some of my strategies for having a successful market.  And, of course, I’ll have to share my finds…

Lucketts 2016 Recap | part 3

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