Lucketts 2016 Recap | part 2

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Before I continue with the story of Lucketts 2016, let me rewind to one year ago, VIP Day 2015.  We had tons of help lined up, cameras at the ready to capture the frenzy that usually happened when the gates opened.  The anticipation was building as we neared 10:00.  The gates were opened and customers strolled in.  There wasn’t a rush at all.  Everyone was relaxed and took their time.  We had a steady stream of sales through the morning, but never a line, and the traffic slowed to a creep in the afternoon.

So, we expected something similar this year.

We were mistaken.

Lucketts MMS-0023

The gates opened early for the VIP day of Lucketts 2016 and our booth started to fill with customers and it just kept filling.  And the line kept growing and growing until it spilled out of our tent and wrapped through the aisle between the two tent rows.

Here’s some video of the day from a camera we had set up in the tent…

That time lapse is from the first hour and it didn’t let up for about four hours.  We were totally overwhelmed.

My mom and Kriste were ringing up orders as quickly as they could, but with so many one-of-a-kind items and so many large orders, it just took time.  Some people waited in line for 40 minutes, unfortunately.  Gloria (Kriste’s mom) and I finally grabbed some old fashioned paper sales books, a calculator, and some pocket change to accept quick cash sales and get the line moving a little faster.


When I wasn’t working the line, I was giving hugs to regular Lucketts shoppers and readers…


(This is Diane, who has been shopping my booth at Lucketts for at least four years, I think!  She even stayed with my parents when she came to the event last year.)

Lucketts MMS-0119

I also signed books and look books.  We were giving Look Book One with every milk paint purchase and my mom made sure everyone who checked out knew that.  “Get Marian to sign it for you!”

She also thinks my “dresser & the yellow dress” video should’ve been a Super Bowl commercial.  I’m not kidding.

Lucketts MMS-0110

Kriste and my mom worked the checkout as quickly and efficiently as they could.  If we do the same format next year, though, we’ll probably have to set up two checkout counters to prevent the wait.


Katie and Gloria (Kriste’s mom) were such a valuable help as well.  They assisted customers with their purchases, questions, and they worked on restyling areas that were picked apart.

Lucketts MMS-0118

And my dad ran the wrapping station again this year.  He really enjoyed it.  He’s become friends with so many of our regular shoppers and takes ironstone wrapping seriously.

Lucketts MMS-0102

Jonathan, a junior in high school from our church, and my husband, Jeff, were also there to carry purchases and help customers.

Lucketts MMS-0117

We had a great team and they all worked so hard.

Here are a few more pictures Brianna took of the space before the crowds hit…

Lucketts MMS-0003 Lucketts MMS-0006 Lucketts MMS-0009 Lucketts MMS-0010 Lucketts MMS-0002 Lucketts MMS-0015  Lucketts MMS-0001

I didn’t even realize how much we sold until the late afternoon when people started picking up their purchases and we started to rearrange.  We were running so low on furniture that we had to load up one of the shoe carts and take the price tag off of it, so it wouldn’t sell.

A lot of this ironstone was sort of hidden in a pie safe, but once we moved it out, it sold late Friday and early Saturday.


We arranged and styled things the best we could, so customers could see what was left.  We really did have a lot left, it just wasn’t a lot compared to the size of our tent and how it started at the beginning of Friday.


We also knew it was going to rain, so we kept that in mind.

mms-7709 mms-7708 mms-7707 mms-7706 mms-7704


As I shared in my Friday night post, we sold more in that one day than we did all three days last year.  It’s clear now that I didn’t need to be nervous about selling enough pieces on Friday, so I could fit everything under the tent for the forecasted rain.

But, as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

Once all of the furniture and accessories were inside the tent poles and the market was officially closed for Friday, Jeff and Jon put the tent sides on while the girls put plastic over the bed, linens and other pieces we didn’t want to get wet in case of leaks.

We were all totally drained and still a little stunned by the craziness of the day.  I was honestly so thankful that Friday was such a big day, even though it pretty much wiped me out, because the forecast for Saturday wasn’t good.  Friday might be all we really had.

Day two was just a short night and an early morning away…


PS – If you’re the woman who bought the glass cabinet, please send me an e-mail!  I tried to find you after it was taken to your car and I wasn’t able to locate you again.  (

Lucketts 2016 Recap | part 2

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52 Comments on “Lucketts 2016 Recap | part 2”

  1. Do you have any ironstone left to sell online? I had my eye on the blue and white covered cheese dish( not really sure that’s what it is!) but, I would be happy with anything!!

  2. So glad you did so phenomenal on Friday, but so disappointed that we didn’t buy the VIP tickets, this was the 4th year to the Spring Market and our first stop is always your tent and how shocked and let down we were when we walked in first thing Saturday morning and saw how bare your space was after following your blog and knowing what you were taking to sale. VIP for sure next year!!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful show. You all worked so hard it was well deserved. I love your linen shirt dress. Where did you buy it? Also did the bamboo chair with blue striped grain sack sell? If not what is the price?

  4. Thank You Marian for all your kindness, inspiration and mentoring! it’s greatly appreciated
    Wishing you continued Success and Happiness!

  5. Quick question! I am just in love with the bundles of lavender (along with every…single…thing.. Ahem.) how much does a bundle go for? Thank you!

    Beautiful work btw, you have an absolute talent

  6. Sadly I didn’t make it this year. I am looking forward to see what you post online in your shop.

  7. So Very anxious to hear What’s Left!!! I to have my eye on some IronStone!!! … Did you go home with a full UHaul???

  8. Did you take a picture before you packed up? I enjoy all the before and during pictures!! It would be fun to see ‘after’ Luckett’s pictures as well. 🙂

    Glad for the success!! You are such an inspiration for all of us!!

  9. I don’t dare to hope, but did the statue of the little girl sell? The whole process of Luckett’s was wonderful this year. What a huge success. I am so happy for you! Thanks Marian!

  10. I love the painted backdrops and hope you think they were well worth all the effort to paint them. I am anxiously awaiting new of any German brushes for sale, and my heart would sing if the ironstone pitcher with the blue emblem and stripe made it as well. I am still not able to accept that I wasn’t able to travel to purchase things live and to meet you in person.

  11. Your booth was gorgeous! And your video made me feel verclempt! I’m so happy for you!!!

    Looking back over the last decade, don’t you marvel at how God has blessed you and others through you?

    I marvel at how you took one baby step at a time, you pushed through fear (of the unknown, rejection, maybe embarrassment…), you dreamed and believed (faith of a mustard seed), you worked hard, and didn’t give up or give in.

    A great lesson for all of us!!


  12. Marian,
    Thanks for sharing your perspective! As one of those Friday shoppers who made a bee line to your tent I appreciate knowing how it looked and felt from your perspective. Congratulations on what must have been a wildly successful weekend for you and I’m guessing slightly overwhelming at times as well. It took me several times watching, but I found myself and my mother in law in the video, how fun! Your both was gorgeous, perfectly styled and filled with great finds. I don’t do crowds very well so after finding that the larger pieces I was interested in were spoken for I put back my two small treasures and headed on to shop away from the crowd. So glad we had the chance to speak to you and do a little shopping when we returned later in the day. You were a real trooper to hold up through all the celebrity like attention you received, a small measure of how you have touched the hearts of your readers, I think.

    You have inspired us to take our little shop to a new level and to paint our own canvas mural! I can’t recall if you said what type of cloth you used for yours, they were gorgeous!


  13. So glad all the hard work on everyone’s part was generously rewarded! Anxious to see what you post in the on-line store. How do we get to that, anyway? I can’t remember.

  14. Holy Moly, what a busy place. The video gives us much more of an idea how busy it was! Your dad is adorable, he sure kept busy wrapping. Can’t wait to see whats left. Hoping you have some crocheted bed coverings left!! Thanks for sharing all you do, you are a great inspiration and I love your whole family!!

  15. Wow! That video is amazing. I loved watching your father as he wrapped in double-time. I became exhausted just watching him wrap. You are lucky to have such a good Dad. Congratulations on your many blessings and successes.

  16. I love your blog and the MBA graduate in me is hoping you will post your sales, and business strategy you use. All your pieces are beautiful and I have been following your blog even though I live in Tennessee ? I love all the behind the scenes info!

  17. I’m in California and will never make it there but wondered if you have any of the darling little angel pigs left to sell. I am hoping the answer is yes and that you will ship. My Granddaughter would be so thrilled to have one. Congratulations on another successful Lucketts

  18. I already commented yesterday on your beautiful Farmhouse Design Show. But I forgot to mention how beautiful you looked. Love your hair style and that outfit your were wearing, so perfect for the show.

    Always look forward to your next blog and adventure…….

    1. What a sweet comment Leslie! We all appreciate complements about how well we did, but we LOVE complements on how we looked. I agree with you on both points!

  19. Marian,in case no one has the nerve to tell you this, ditch that linen top. Good grief. It looks like a poncho bedskirt.

    1. Good grief Sharon! Do you have issues with impulse control?

      Marian, I Love the linen and all the ruffles and the pockets must have been handy during the day.
      Your folks are so darn cute, they must be so proud of you!

    2. I agree with Julie above!!!! Sharon, everyone is entitled to have an opinion….but some opinions are better left unsaid. Marian, I like it and it looks very fitting for the occasion…….in fact it looks very
      “Miss Mustard Seed”!!!!

    3. Sharon, Subtley is clearly not your forte. That type of comment is best left for school age children.

  20. This is simply AWESOME! I too am sorry I was not among the VIP ticket holders on Friday because as you said, you were “decimated” on Sat. morning, BUT….YOU were there and so was my fabulous scale and I cannot thank you enough. Continued best wishes on your success which is sooooo well deserved! Hugs, prayers and blessings to you and your FABULOUS team!! Now, for the coup… to come and pick up the now infamous “Legolas Buffet!”

  21. My husband and I came on Friday on our way home to Louisville. Your booth was wonderful although we did not shop because the line was so long and we had a long drive ahead. Say your Dad wrapping. He was so Joyful! Congratulations on the success. Sorry about the weather Sunday.

  22. Just have to say, Well Done Miss Mustard Seed and all of the MMS team! Your success is well earned. Happy for you All.

  23. Your dad was so cute wrapping the topiaries! You and your team are inspiring.

    Congratulations on a successful venture.

  24. I’m going to save my pennies and come to your studio or a show some how some way. Then I’m going to hire you to decorate my new home in SouthPort, NC…once I find it this summer.

    You, your Husband, Children Mom Dad and the entire MMS team are just amazing!

    God Bless

    1. We LOVE South Port. Marian vacationed with her family at Long Beach quite a few times during her childhood. My Dad loved that beach. Maybe I can talk Marian into consulting and we can rent a beach house at Long Beach :). Marian’s Mom

  25. Marion,
    Thank-you for sharing all that you do with us. it is truly inspiring and a pleasure to view how beautifully you put everything together with your Team. I really enjoyed the video and the pictures since I won’t be able to see it in person.

    Blessings to all,

  26. Those are my precious kiddos in line!!!!! We came all the way from Texas, and my sweet husband stood in line for me for over an hour, and your sweet husband offered my 4 yo a cookie. 🙂 I really appreciated that. my ironstone safely made the plane trip home. I was really disappointed at how much you had pre-sold before Friday. The stuff was all there but tons of it had hold tags. I didn’t know you were doing that till like the day before. A huge bummer for someone who traveled a long way to shop your booth- even on the VIP day.

  27. I think the massive rush on Friday is fairly easily explained. First, the weather forecast had been known for ages so many were willing to pay to be able to shop on Friday and not have to deal with that monsoon that hit over the weekend and second, as someone else stated, your blog is growing, you’ve been going on and on and on about Lucketts for AGES so a LOT more people knew about it, a lot who didn’t want to be in that deluge the next days.

  28. First of all, I was smitten with the picture of your Dad wrapping ironstone. So when I watched the video, my eyes were glued to him sitting in his ‘station’, diligently wrapping and chatting with the customers. I could see people stopping just to talk with him. I thought to myself,’ He’s the one who always picks up Marian’s Craigslist finds or helps fix stuff…..boy, Those two parents LOVE their daughter’.

  29. Wow! Talk about busy, I would’ve been so overwhelmed but so happy for you, that is wonderful you had such a great turnout.

    Lauren | Lovely Decor

  30. This would have been our second year attending Lucketts. Unfortunately, we planned for Sunday shopping 🙁 Lookin forward to next year!

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