adding storage to a tiny bathroom

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Remember the upstairs bathroom that I worked on last year?  It is just the sweetest bathroom and I smile every time I walk past it…even with toothpaste globbed in the sink and splattered on the mirror.


The only downside is that it is really tiny and doesn’t have any storage.  None at all.  Not a cabinet or shelf or hooks or anything.  And, with a pedestal sink, there aren’t many places to set your stuff.

So, I added a glass shelf to the right of the sink.  We set a few extra rolls of toilet paper up there and it gives a place for guests to set their toiletries.  (The boys don’t have anything beyond a toothbrush, so I have an antique alarm clock and little boxwood topiary up there for now.)


I would’ve preferred no shelf at all, I think, but a glass one allows the paper to still be the feature.

There is a large, flat wall perpendicular to the sink, on the left, and that was an ideal place to hang some hooks for towels.


I’ve had the hooks (from Hobby Lobby) hanging out in a closet for months and I finally cut a 1 x 4 board to size, primed and painted it, and then nailed it to the wall with a finishing nailer.  I inserted the hooks with 3/4″ screws.


This room is really awkward to photograph!  I was wedged at the back of the tub with a 24mm (wide angle) lens to capture this picture, but you get the idea!


I really prefer hooks over towel bars.  First of all, towels don’t try when they are folded up over a towel bar.  Second, it’s really hard to keep towels on a towel bar neatly folded when they are actually used.  They always end up looking sloppy, so we don’t have one single towel bar in our entire house.

I was going to put something cute on the sink, but this is the boy’s bathroom and I decided to just keep it how it is every day (well, after a nice cleaning)…Ironman toothbrush and all.


I picked up this cast iron sign at the Raleigh Flea market last summer…


I like it from a decorating perspective, but I think it’s also fair warning that I am not always responsible for the state of the toilet.  Boy moms everywhere understand.

So, if ever you’re at my house, you have fair warning.


Wallpaper Mural is from Anthropologie

Mercer Double Horizontal Sconce is from Pottery Barn

Convington Glass Shelf from Pottery Barn

Mirror is painted in a custom mix of Lucketts Green, Boxwood & Mustard Seed Yellow in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint

adding storage to a tiny bathroom

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