my favorite jute rug

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You may have noticed that I really like natural fiber rugs.  Specifically jute.  I love that they offer a neutral backdrop and a  gorgeous texture to any space.  They also fit with a wide variety of decor styles AND they are inexpensive to boot.


I have a few different varieties in my house and studio…


…but I have discovered the one that is my favorite.


It’s a flat-woven braided jute rug.  It doesn’t seem to shed quite as much as other jute rugs and the flat weave feels nice underfoot.

I first came across this rug style when I was shopping for Megan’s home office…

It’s the Shay Jute Rug from Pier One Imports (and it’s actually on clearance now)!


I have since purchased an 8 x 10 rug for my studio from Joss & Main.


The floors in the studio are very orange, so I have found I really need a few rug options to act as “backdrops” during photo shoots.

As much as I love them, I do have to admit that there are a couple of downsides to jute rugs.  They do shed, but so do really nice wool rugs (in my experience), so I’m at peace with the shedding.  This might be a problem for people with sensitivity to dust, etc.  The fibers also come off on clothes when you’re sitting on the rug, so these probably wouldn’t be best in homes with babies and toddlers.

And I would imagine cats would view jute rugs as one big scratching post, but I may be wrong about that…

For a more detailed review of the jute rugs in my home, you can check out THIS POST.

my favorite jute rug

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21 Comments on “my favorite jute rug”

  1. Our cat views all rugs as scratching opportunities. He scratches both the wool and the jute. We’ve had some success getting him to use the cardboard scratchers they sell at Petco instead, and now only plucks to get our attention.

  2. I loved my heathered chenille jute rug from Pottery Barn! Well..I loved the look. HATED the shedding. Drove me insane. My kids greatly disliked the rug because of how it felt underfoot – though it really was quite soft in my opinion. I did not like how much fiber it left behind on my sons pants as he crawled around on the floor – which he loves to do even at 6 years old now! But man I do love how they look in a room with wood floors! ( I had orangish wood floors, too, and it really toned them down)

  3. Great resource list Marian! I’ve often wondered how well they hold up.I only have a few door mat sizes and they’ve done only fair. Would you consider the Shay jute rug from Pier One to be suitable for using on stairs if I purchased a couple of them.

  4. There seems to be many jute rugs on your link. Which on is yours? Have been looking for a decent one. Love yours!

  5. I have two jute rugs and two cats.? I’ve had the rugs about 8 months and so far they’ve been fine. Just lucky I guess. I love them both.

  6. I have indoor cats and they shed my wool rug on a regular basis. I so want a jute rug and but this appears to be a huge scratching post laying flat on the floor. Sigh…..

  7. I just grabbed this one too, thanks for sharing. I love jute rugs but its hard to tell online sometimes (even with reviews) what you’re going to end up with. Oh yeah, I’ve been sewing slip covers for my coach and wing chair thanks to your youtube series – thank you sooo much.

  8. Hi Marian, thanks for the fun and generous chance to win this giveaway!!!!
    One thing I LOVE from Antique Farmhouse, …well.. ( HARD TO CHOOSE JUST ONE!!!!)
    but for now, ..the ENGLISH MANOR
    Vintage Style Parlor Mirrors, Set of 5
    THANKS again!

    1. hahah, i’m so funny, this was an oops! this post should have been with the MORA CLOCK ANTIQUE FARMHOUE ( next dau’s blog!!!!!)…welllll you know what I’m talkin’ about……..lollllll
      geesh, OOPS heheh

  9. Marian,
    Your correct about Kitty Cats thinking that They’re Pet Parents love Them enough to buy them a room sized scratching pad when it comes to Jute Rugs (Or Sisal) Thankfully in My case,My FurBaby is declawed.She still goes through the motions & pretends to claw,Even though she’s not accomplishing any destruction,LOL..I like the flat weaved,braided Jute rugs also,So thanks for the heads up on the Pier 1 sale.Just an FIY,World Market has a few nice options also.Including a Chenille Jute style that feels very nice underfoot.A few of the higher end indoor/outdoor options that look like Jute but are actually polypropylene are nice also.A friend of Mine had one & I keep forgetting to ask Her where she bought it (I want to say she mentioned Macy’s? or maybe it was Joss & Main?) But it was made of recycled soda bottles yet felt wonderful! Nice enough for Her 1yr old Grandson to crawl around on & her not be worried because it was soft yet because it was technically plastic,It didnt shed! Wore like iron also!! She had it in her Sunroom & now it under her dining table.But I remember teasing her when She bought it,That it was more expensive then Her entire living room seating combined,Yet she’s gotten 2 sofa’s since,So I suppose She’s gotten her monies out of it because it still looks brand new.All she does is take it out in Her driveway every spring (it’s HUGE,Like 12 x 16!!) She soaps its down with shampoo & a broom to suds it up,sprays it off with a hose (We hooked up hot & cold water instead of just cold to her garden hose & rinses it with as warm of water as she can tolerate yet not get burnt,as not to damage it & then lets it dry in the sun.That way it gets off any yuckiness from over the winter,If anyone walked on it with shoes on & it’s all clean until the following spring.Although I am like You,I prefer natural rugs,I was proven not to dismiss the synthetic rugs that look like Theyre natural.Personally,I think hers is nicer then those that I was eyeing at the Pottery Barn Outlet (& still couldn’t afford,Even at the outlet!) If You can find a designer one like Hers,It is a hard wearing & beautiful alternative for those who have allergies or simply do not want to deal with the shedding,Yet still have all the benefits of a beautifully textured,Neutral backdrop of a Jute or Sisal. The ones offered at World Market are something to look into though also,Especially when they go on sale.Make sure You check the website for offerings that are “online only” options,also

  10. I love the look of this jute rug. Thanks for the post. A question … how do you think jute would look on a marble floor. We have marble slab flooring in our entrance hallway, and I dislike the look and also find it very cold. Would love to warm up this space, but not sure if jute would be too natural looking – your opinion appreciated!

  11. Thank you so much, Marian, for this timely post! I had been researching jute rugs for several days and was struggling to narrow down my options. Nothing really caught my eye and then I thought that maybe Miss Mustard Seed would have something to say about jute rugs. Lo and behold, there was your post about your favorite jute rug. Such a blessing! My local Pier One had one left (so I didn’t have to pay for shipping) and I picked it up yesterday. It looks perfect on my floors and makes such a difference in the look and feel of the room compared to the stained wool rug that had been there. Thanks again for providing yet another perfect suggestion for beautifying my home. 🙂

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