wisdom from RG3 & I’ve change my mind…again

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You may have picked up on the fact that I am a Redskins fan.  Yes, I know it’s not always easy, but I have rooted for them since middle school and I’m a loyal fan.  

So, of course I was excited when we drafted RG3 last year as our quarterback.   If you watch football, you may have noticed that he wears a sleeve on his left arm.  It really doesn’t serve a purpose.  It’s just a fashion statement.  When asked about it, he said something like this (this isn’t the exact quote), “If you look good, you feel good.  If you feel good, you play good.”

So, after working with Ella, the stylist, last Friday, I wanted to take to heart the things she was teaching me.  (You can read all about that HERE.)  It would be pointless to work with a stylist and then put on sweats the next day.  We were taking about 25 teenagers to a cornfield maze, so it was a good opportunity for me to set the hoodie aside and wear a real outfit.  And I did.  I wore layers so I was warm, but I wore a sweater and scarf and chucks instead of ratty tennis shoes and an oversized hoodie with stains on it.

I had a conversation about the styling session with Jeff, my husband, last night.  I don’t want to cross over into the territory of being all about appearances and vanity, but I feel like I went too far in the I-don’t-care direction.  How can I feel good about myself when day in and day out I’m wearing frumpy, paint encrusted clothes and no makeup?  What’s it saying when I dodge the UPS guy and won’t get out of the car when I pick my kids up from school.  Seriously.  I was so happy when we got a van with push-button doors, so I didn’t have to get out!  It even affects my business when I don’t want to make videos or shoot tutorials because I look bummy.

And I should have outfits in my closet that fit, are flattering and are perfect for photo shoots, book signings, workshops, etc.  An event shouldn’t trigger a panic about what to wear!

Since then, I’ve been putting together a real outfit every day.  I still wear workout clothes to workout and painting clothes to paint, but I don’t wear them all day long or I add some accessories, put on a little makeup and style my hair.

The result?  I feel good about myself.  I feel like I have more energy, even though I’m still fighting a virus that won’t leave me alone.  I feel cute.  I feel ready to face the day.

I even feel more productive.  I know some of you don’t think that’s possible, but I do. If you think I was productive before, just see what I can do in an outfit!

When you feel good, you play good!  (And take a few more selfies.)



I think this will come as no surprise to those who have been reading my blog for a while, but I’ve decided to swap out dining tables.  Yes, again.  I love, love the chunky pine farm table I bought from my aunt, but in my dining room, it is too yellow.  You may not think so, but that is because you’re seeing a doctored photo where I’ve turned down the yellow saturation.

missmustardseed-41 (534x800)

As we were getting ready for the photo shoot today, Eddie (she’s a girl) casually commented on the table being yellow.  And she’s right and it’s bugged me, but I love the table, so I have been in denial.

 Now, I know what you’re thinking… You’re Miss Mustard Seed!  Just paint it!  …and I would, but I think the rustic pine is so lovely and, believe it or not, I don’t like painted dining room tables.  Well, I like the bases painted, but not the top.

So, for now, I’m going to bring the farm table that didn’t sell at Lucketts back into the dining room and use the pine table in my basement work area.  I’d be willing to sell either one of those tables, though, so let me know if you’re local (Gettysburg, PA) and interested.  I’m still on the hunt for my “forever dining table.”

Forever in this case = more than two years

I’m hopeless.


And as an update, I have been wheat and sugar free so far this week.  Last night, I was ready to drop the no sugar part and house some dark chocolate chips, but I held firm and ate an apple.  The one thing that kept me from eating those chocolate chips was the fact I set out a goal on my blog and I didn’t want to cave.  All of you held me accountable, so thanks for all of the encouragement and suggested reading and tips.  I have some great readers!

wisdom from RG3 & I’ve change my mind…again

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88 Comments on “wisdom from RG3 & I’ve change my mind…again”

  1. I love that face shot of you! Look at how pretty your skin looks. It seems that healthy eating regimen of yours is helping more than just your waistline.

    And I think it’s funny how you can pine over things for years, and yet sometimes when you get it, it just doesn’t work. That’s happened to me more than once. I wonder if that’s because our tastes change, but our wants don’t keep up. And I am so impressed that you have enough self knowledge to just move forward, rather than trying to force something that just didn’t quite fit. Well done.

    The Other Marian

  2. I love that scarf and all the bangles!! I wear both items nearly everyday (or a leather cuff – an addiction!).

      1. Why not take some water based dark/light brown stain and just give it a wipe down? It will work wonders and take the yellow out as well. I know what you mean about going around in messy clothes I did that for the first 5 years that I worked on this house, now I make myself get dressed and not have to worry about seeing or being seen by anyone!

  3. I love you and your blog even more, now! I use to work outside the home (for 33 years!) and every day I got dressed up and looked nice. When I retired, jeans and t-shirts became the norm, but, I did do my hair and make-up every day. I never looked put together. Now I’m trying. T-shirts with sweaters, necklaces, scarves. I even bought a new pair of shoes and am shopping for boots. You continue to be an inspiration to me.

  4. Oh, now you’re making me feel bad — I’m in my sweats (at least they’re orchid!) with unwashed hair, working on getting my blog ready to go live! I’m going to have to step it up, aren’t I?

    And that 3/4 face picture of you — absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!

  5. Dear Marian, I love your blog!! I have been a faithful follower from when you were a newbie 🙂
    Do you know where your Aunt purchased the pine table? I love it and have something similar in my kitchen (I have an 8ft table with plain top and painted black distressed bottom half) if you ever consider selling let me know, I am interested.
    Thanks so much,

  6. A friend told me she got more fashion conscious when her husband came home from work one day and made a comment about her sweats uniform. She realized she had let herself get sloppy after her last baby. She went out the next day and bought some outfits that fit and she felt so much better about her appearance (even though she still had baby weight to lose). Her husband was happier too. He wasn’t looking for a trophy wife, he just really got sick of seeing her look frumpy and careless. Comfort is fine, but other people have to look at you, so why not give them something beautiful and stylish to look at? The world needs more beauty!

    BTW, my sister is diabetic and off sugar, but she can have a bit of good dark chocolate every evening. (Just in case you get a craving again).

  7. Dear Marian,

    I love your blog!! I have been a faithful follower from when you were a newbie 🙂
    Do you know where your Aunt purchased the pine table? I love it and have something similar in my kitchen (I have an 8ft table with plain top and painted black distressed bottom half) if you ever consider selling let me know, I am interested. I have a second dining room that I want to replace the round table with a farmhouse table.

    Now I need to stop dressing like a frumpy dumpy comfortable clothes soccer mom and dress to make me feel good inside and out. Thank you for posting how to feel good, because I think it’s so easy to get into a “routine” and not even realize it.
    Thanks so much,

  8. Hope you had fun at the corn maze as it was a beautiful day in Gettysburg today! I DO live in Gettysburg and am a brand new fan as I was just introduced to you by your mom. I have been so inspired by your home, projects, and ambition that i started a few myself. I read the whole dining room table saga and understand about looking for “the perfect one” and would be interested in your table. I think it has so much character and pine is so warm. I too, like to change things up a bit. Always maturing, learning and experimenting, whether in our home or what we wear! Keep up the good work!

  9. I am a newbie in the business and now I am at home painting and crafting. I am 55 yrs old and have always “gone to work”. I have always tried to accessorize and look good. I am finding that I don’t do that anymore. I realized that fact after reading your blog the last few days. I seem to always be in paint clothes with frumpy hair and little makeup. I decided that my paint clothes could be a little better and I could use an apron or smock and today I have been going through my closet. Thank you Marion for all your tutorials and blogs. Maybe someday I will be in a place to inspire others as well.

  10. Hi Marion, love your new profile pic! It looks fresh, colorful, and well put together!
    Very happy for you! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  11. You don’t have to paint the top…and you don’t have to strip it down…use General Finishes Gel stain…I would go with a walnut or rosewood color. It will get rid of the “yellow.” I used the Java on a pine top table and the color was amazing.
    I am “old school” so gel stain seriously went against my grain…but I love it!

  12. I completely agree about the whole getting dressed thing. I recently had a baby and am needing to stay home a lot to avoid the sicknesses of winter. On the days I stay in sweats I do less and don’t feel as good about myself. On the mornings I get up and get dressed I feel better both emotionally and physically about myself. Some days it’s hard to find the motivation to get completely ready but I believe it is worth it. Keep it up!

  13. I LOVE the table you bought from your aunt. I loved how it looked in her home. Like, really loved it and would kill to have it in my own home. I was wondering when you were going to change it though! I appreciate the fact that even though it was from a family member you don’t mind making a change! Congratulations on your weight loss & maintenance, sticking to an exercise routine and rocking your look – You’ve had your “style” all along – awesome boots, kickin’ scarves, beautiful jewelry, fabulous hair and a smile to die for. Now it’s just all put together!

  14. Marian, that table is gorgeous! I would love to have one like it! I wish our dining room was big enough. We live just outside the Baltimore area about an hour from Gettysburg. Sometimes it’s so tough to get up and dressed on days off but I always feel better with my hair done and a nice outfit on. Keep up the amazing work. You’re such an inspiration!

  15. I would love to follow along with your weight plan. I am 56 and retired from the professional world. It seems I also retired my always put together stylish look, you know the perfect hair, nails, clothes. I traded that style for the ever so comfy lounge clothes, no make-up and pony tail. This felt good for awhile but 15 lbs later I am not a happy retiree anymore. For the past year I have found myself not accepting invitations with friends and family because of my appearance and lack of clothes that no longer fit me. Your post today has given me that motivation I need to make a change happen. Your blog is an inspiring decorating blog but today I want to thank you for inspiring me in a different way. Blessings to you always.

  16. I contacted Ella after your post and we’re hoping to work out a long distance session soon….she even knew my blog! I’m usually pretty confident about my wardrobe choices but since I “retired” last year I have been living in my “uniform” of black or gray tees and jeans…I’m sure my husband is tired of it because I sure am! I have a lot of accessories and scarfs and think Ella will be able to kick my style up a notch for my everyday look.

    I love your new profile photo and can I just say I’m soooo glad you ditched the bandana!

  17. Love your selfies and the fact that you’re making yourself a priority. Woman have so much to do we often forget that we are important too. You look beautiful, I’m glad you feel beautiful too. That’s even more important.

  18. Congratulations! Every day closer to your goal is a good day. I reached my goal (and am maintaining it without too much struggle) by having a set cheat day. Usually every 6th day I would allow myself to indulge in some foods I had denied myself all week. It sounds crazy to give in after being so conscientious all week but I never went overboard and it helped me to survive the lean days. In fact when I got to the 6th day I only wanted one or two slightly “not on my list” foods, i.e. a square of dark chocolate. On other days, I would have a snack size container of sugar free jello. Not especially nutritious but with all of the great veggies, fruits and lean protein we eat, it was just fine.

  19. Hello Marian,
    As I sit here reading your post in some old paint clothes, no make-up and hair that I washed today, but didn’t style…you have inspired me to try to do better. I have found myself doing some of the same things that you have done, hide from the mailman and neighbors, even hid from my daughters friends when they dropped by at the last minute. I will say this, it does feel so much better, when I get up and put on make-up and a cute outfit. LOVE your new blog pic, it’s a beautiful pic of you. I am sure that someone local will jump for a chance to buy that pretty table in your dining room. Keep looking the right one is out there!!! Take care 🙂


  20. Marian, I love reading your blog daily and am so inspired by all you do. I am especially loving your weight loss plan. This should probably be a no brainier but are you follow a specific plan to go wheat free or just reading labels? Going sugar free is a big challenge for me……my sweet tooth gets in the way. I am extremely fashion challenged and seeing your full out fits you and the stylist put together would be fun. Many Blessings:-)

  21. It’s funny how that works, if I want to be REALLY productive I simply put on a pair of shoes! Typically I wear slippers all day but there is something about putting on a pair of shoes that gets me going!

  22. I love your new picture ! You look great.

    I agree with you about the table. I love it. It’s a beautiful table but I think the other styles looked better. Sometimes it’s easier to keep something we are not in love with to not rock the boat. I’m proud of you for pressing on towards what you really want instead of taking the easier road in this season of your life.

  23. I looooove your new blog picture and how you are sharing your new look! I had to chuckle about the table…. isn’t that the very same table you were coveting for, oh, forever? Hee heee, I’m glad it’s not just me!!

  24. It has been so interesting and fun to follow your blog Marian. Loved seeing you get all put-together without having to go out and buy a lot of stuff. My problem is always the shoes. I have some cute ones, but the only shoes that I can wear all day and go, go, go are tennis shoes. Asics gels. I have been looking for years for something cute and stylish that is really comfortable and have decided that there is no such thing. Maybe someone out there in blogland can design a stylish walking shoe for us Baby Boomers! By the way, I liked your boots with the skirt and apron! Thanks for sharing all of your plans for exercise and healthy eating, because you are inspiring others to get going! I love to see women discover the power of exercise.and all of its benefits. I work at an exercise facility and see this everyday that I work. Continue taking care of yourself, because you are worth it!

  25. Good for you!! My mom used to nag me on Saturday mornings to “Get dressed! Put on some makeup! You’ll feel better!” The 22 yr. old me thought she was IN.SANE. But now, I totally get it.

    Also – it’s always a chore to put on a bra to pick up my son after school when I’ve been working in my creative space all day. I feel you!! LOL!

  26. Hello Marion, i’m new to your site and love your projects and most of all your sincerity. Reading the blog I have come to realize that like you I also started not taking care of my appearance and paying more attention to everything else. Thanks a million for posting your thoughts, it has helped me a lot I don’t feel I’m alone in this battle.

    You have a faithful follower for life, God bless from Valencia Spain…….Thank you!

  27. I have been wheat and sugar free for nearly 4 months. I have lost 35lbs. It is the best decision I have ever made. Seriously, the best one! I feel great, look so much better and I don’t have a “puffy” belly. Because I can’t do anything half way, I also gave up all other forms of grain. I don’t miss bread but I do miss an occasional flour tortilla wrap!

  28. Oh, Marian, I’m so so glad that you’re feeling like this! I think clothes can be incredibly powerful. And watch out world! As if you weren’t already SO productive!! I’m loving working with you and can’t wait until we go shopping together.

  29. Marian, Your new photo is lovely! Your journey has given me food for thought. Maybe it’s time for me to leave a few things (such as my Hanes mens t-shirts with holes!) behind.
    Have you thought of perhaps painting the base and putting white wax on the top?( Not you, the table.) You have some lovely light blue furniture, how about some dark blue? The dark wood dresser was awesome! I keep trying to picture how pine would look with it. Oh well, just a thought. Have a great day!

  30. I love the new profile photo on your blog, and I completely agree with your post!! This is what I wrote in my journal not long ago . . .

    I cleaned house all afternoon yesterday. But I did it in the cute skirt I had put on earlier. Typically, I would change into grungy clothes for grungy work.

    The task didn’t seem nearly so daunting done in flowy fashion. It was still hard work. At the end, though, I was wearing my cute skirt in a clean house. There was something very satisfying about it.

    Maybe June Cleaver was on to something.

  31. It’s amazing isn’t it? Biblical too, I think – a woman’s hair is called her ‘crown of glory’ – and it just feels so much more like a ‘crown’ when it’s styled and cared for – even just a little bit! Our work is to be an integral part of our daily worship and service to God. Since God clearly directed the priests in the temple to wear special garments that took skill and craftsmanship (not to mention time) to create, it makes sense that we are to take care of how we, as believers are to dress as well. There is a lot said in Scripture about modesty and gender appropriate clothing – but that’s a whole other discussion!

    As a mama who deals with chronic illness each day I can tell you this – getting up and dressed nicely each and every day helps me tremendously! I don’t have your style or flare Marian, and I’m much, much older, but I make an effort to look my best each day!

    Right now I’ve been on a liver cleanse and have lost 42 pounds – so my closet is pretty empty! I’ve either altered or given away all of my too big clothes. I have to get really creative to use the few things I have left – I’ve been looking for ‘new to me’ things at thrift stores and actually my 16 year old cleaned out the ‘too big’ clothes in her closet and handed them ‘up’ to me! They are NOT all my style, but it’s fun to try to make them ‘work’ for me – for now. I have more to loose, so no point in building up a big wardrobe right now.

    Still, I feel better if I look presentable so I do my best to look better then I feel each day! Not to be deceptive, but to encourage myself and those who have to look at me! A little make up, a cute accessory, and a nice big smile go a long way!

    Oh, and the children know the ‘dress code’ – comfy sweatshirts mean a rough day for Mama and homeschool from the couch for them!

  32. I love that d.r. table! Maybe the rug underneath is adding to the yellow-ish hue? And loving your new attitude about dressing. My mom, til the day she died at 82, always got dressed each morning put on a little lipstick and some cute earrings. And I do the same without even thinking now … I tell you, you look great!

  33. I can totally relate to your last few posts. I bum around in paint clothes all day long and sometimes dodge the neighbors too…lol. Loving your new look Marian!

  34. Friend,
    Have you read Ann Voscamp’s book, “1000 Gifts” ?
    If not – do so in the evening or morning as part of your
    time with God.
    Counting His blessings in big and small ways is so fun,
    and brings Him more glory.
    I see the upclose photo of you in this post – and think –
    man! no wonder she loves blue (as do i) – her eyes
    are the most lovely shade of blue! And you are beautiful –
    really. Your coloring is remarkable.
    and your heart is always reflected in your face.
    so, don’t discount yourself –
    None of us do.

  35. Love me some RG3! 😉 Great advice to live by and so true! I.m glad you are sharing these types of posts on your blog! 🙂 I love that farmhouse table but understand the “yellow” issues. I have one from Ethan Allen and LOVE it!! Good luck finding a new one. 🙂

  36. I am about a 45 minute drive away and I am interested in your table if is has not already been snatched up. Thanks.

  37. You DO look cute, and pretty. Love the close up with the blue eyes,,, and your haircut. I like the nose ring too… gives you a little bit of an edge that’s just perfect. and… i can’t believe you haven’t had one of those chocolate chips… !


  38. HTTR! woot woot! I knew there was a reason I liked you so much!!! Huge Redskin fan here, too! …and you are SO right when you say if you look good, you feel good. When I can’t seem to find my groove about mid-morning, I know I need to stop what I’m doing and go get dressed. I put on my face, add earrings and even if I just plan to paint, I feel so much more productive!

  39. I love it!!! Stay tuned for more of…As the Dining Table Turns!!
    You’re new picture looks super cute!

  40. You really crack me up with those dining room tables! Hilarious! The photos of yourself look amazing, you seem more vibrant and comfortable in your skin. I love your blog because not only can I get inspired to paint but also to stay healthy so don’t ever stop sharing your journey! PS…where did you get your boots…LOVE them!

  41. I needed to hear this, as I sit here in my jeans (with paint stains) t-shirt and tennis shoes. I need some real outfits! I’m 40 years old for crying out loud! And, I have a 14 year old daughter who is a master outfitter! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 Life to the full! Melissa

  42. Great post! I need help in the clothes dept.. Just had baby #4 (at age 28) and nothing is fitting it seems. So I wear comfy sweats and tshirts and avoid answering the door 🙂 My poor hubby has to see me looking like a slob most days. Hey I do shower but uh.. hair combed maybe half the time. I wish I knew what types of clothes draw your attention awat from the baby belly….

  43. Dear Marian,

    Love this post. You are fabulous!

    I am a huge Redskins Fan. Went to my first game when I was 15 –about 48 years ago! RGIII is great–I miss Riggo, Darrell Green, Art Monk, Sonny, Billy and Joe Gibbs!

    Now that I’ve retired (after 37 Years of teaching French!) I can devote more time to following your inspirational site and ideas! Merci!

  44. Another commenter also mentioned this, but General Finishes Gel Stain will easily change that table top to amazing. Try it, you will love it.

    Keep up your good work on the diet changes you are making. You won’t regret it. I have gone this past year changing my way of eating and eliminated sugars, wheat, grains, and all processed foods. I have lost 72 lbs and feel so different. My life changed as well due to the diet changes. I am thankful for every day and will never go back to old standard American diet. I’ve learned to explore, prepare and love new foods that I never would have tried before. Many other problems disappeared as well.

    I live reading your honest blog posts!

    1. I would be interested to know if you cut out alcohol from your diet? Did that make a difference as well? (Assuming you drank alcohol in the first place!)


  45. I have the exact same dilemma in my dining room. I have an awesome chunky pine table and pine chairs with rush seats. The rest of the wood tones in my home lean towards walnut. Like you, I don’t really want to paint the table. I’m thinking about staining the top of mine a little darker and painting the legs. Then the dilemma would be what to do with the chairs? Oh, the troubles we face :). As for our clothes, you are so right about feeling good about ourselves when we try to look cute. My problem is that whenever I wear jeans my husband noticed that I tend to be a little crabby. How funny is that? I think he’s right. Skinny jeans may be cute, but the darn things are so uncomfortable. It’s a good thing that leggings are in style. Add boots and a cute scarf and my look is complete!

  46. I also have a pine kitchen table that has been bugging me because it’s too dark, even though it is a honey pine color. Having followed you for some time now, the simple solution seemed to be “just paint it”. Now I’m wondering why you don’t like painted tables. It’s been with us for a long time and through the growing up of four kids and now several grandkids, so I’m not ready to replace it, I don’t think. It’s a Habersham table (their furniture was quite the sought-after stuff many years ago) so it should have some value. I’m taking a MMS Milk Paint class this week-end so I’m best prepared for my painting ventures, so I may still paint it. Any cautions why not to???

    1. You certainly can paint a table top, but I think wood tops wear better. I also like the way they look better than a painted top. That’s a total preference thing, though, and not a right or wrong thing.

      1. Okay, thanks for sharing that thought. Perhaps I’ll paint the chairs, bottom of the table and bottom of the bench and sand and brighten up the wood top and leave the wood showing. I do like that look – my table just looks so worn. Thanks.

  47. Hi Marian,

    So my take on the stylist – real outfits / make-up thing is this….

    You are not going over the edge into vanity, you are taking pride in yourself as a young woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend, business woman….all the facets that make you who you are.

    Often, it’s very hard for women to put themselves first…..we get this whole guilt trip thing going that’s just plain silly. You HAVE to take care of yourself first in order to be in tip-top shape to take care of all the zillions of people and things that depend on you!!

    AND, it’s a strong role-model for your children to see their mother as a strong, independent woman who takes pride in both them and herself.

    and, lastly (and I say this with a LOT of humor!!), there will be a time soon when your kids don’t want to be seen with you – so, at least, when they HAVE to be in public with you, you’ll be the put-together hot mom, and not the frump hiding in the van!! (lol)

    Way to go on your journey….


  48. It’s so cool to read your readers comments ( a quirk of mine ) and I would love to take a vote to see how many of us have gone into our closet since your initial wardrobe post and begin looking at our clothes in a whole new way. I know I did immediately. And the next day I dressed with a purpose. You see not only am I a stay at home mom with now an empty nest but I also have a 35 hr/wk job that I do from home. So it’s been kind of fun to work from home these past 4 years and brag about working in my jammies if I was so inclined. But just like one of your readers shared, I put on weight…a lot of weight and it was so gradual, until one day nothing in my closet fit because I was so used to wearing comfy clothes. A little over a year ago I “snapped out of it” and pulled myself out of the rut.

    Changing the way you eat is hard and exercise is even harder especially if you’ve neglected yourself like I had for 4 years. So when you switched to vegetarian and began P90, I knew two things about you, you were ready for a change and you were motivated to push through the tough parts. And isn’t that what it takes, what some would call a “watershed” moment when things just click and you realize something has to change.
    All this to say that I know you feel great, you look great and you have inspired others to take some time to love on themselves.

    By the way…I love the nose ring, not that my opinion particularly matters, but I think it’s spunky. At 53 I don’t think I’ll be getting one, but it looks great on you.

  49. I love how we can all learn from RG3! It is so true!! Thanks for posting. Cindi above is right, we can all relate. Btw you’re skin does look amazing. Similiar to Nicole Kidman, with the strawberry blonde hair. I think you look great in the scarf, kelly green is a good color with your complexion and you’re eyes match your blues;)

  50. I live near you….can you share the dimensions of the farm table? You can email me if you like, we may be able to work out something……

  51. Am a faithful reader, but just noticed your new photo…IT LOOKS GREAT!

    You have so successfully melded together mom, wife, professional, teacher, inspiration… and friend to us all.

  52. what’s with the nose ring? Yes, I like your new put together look. I understand exactly where you were coming from. I too need to put on an “outfit” each day and not just clothes!

  53. I had an orange pine table that I bleached the top of, then did a paint wash to make it super pale and I love it. What would I do with yours? Keep the legs, they’re awesome! Paint them! Lose the top and get some chunky rustic planks and make a new top. Planks with gaps in between. Sigh. Perfect.

  54. I work at home for part of the week, and I always feel more efficient and energetic when I’m wearing a cute outfit and makeup. Likewise, I wear a vintage apron when I’m cooking; it makes me confident that everything I make will be delicious! 😉

  55. I have lived in my house for 6 months and have been through 2 dining sets already and I want to swap the table again for one that is currently on our patio. I feel your pain!

  56. My mom had a saying that is close to yours.. when i do take the time and effort to get cute it reminds me how spot on her saying is.. LOOK SHARP, FEEL SHARP , BE SHARP. I need to put her words in action and see how much I can accomplish.

  57. Love your new pic in the right hand corner! You look so ‘put together’, stylish, and are beaming self confidence! The sky is indeed the limit for you. No limits on what you can do. Proud of you.

  58. I live @ 50 mi. north of Harrisburg. May I ask what you would be charging for the pine farm table? I am interested:) Thanks!

  59. I just want to say that I think you are adorable. I’m sure you even look cute in your paint clothes! But I agree you need to feel good about yourself….so if getting dressed and putting on makeup works that is terrific. That being said…..I think I will follow your example and try to “dress” a little more even when I am just home hanging and doing “nothing”…. Just maybe it will be the birth of a more productive me!!!!

    And good job on the no sugar no wheat!!!!!

    :-)! Kellene

  60. Oh Marian, I’m somewhat in the same boat with football. However…I LOVE college football. I am a huge Alabama fan. I was born in a very small town in AL called Opp. A lot of UA fans. I have sweet memories of watching Bama play ball with my daddy. (We could never beat Notre Dame in the bowl game). I myself didn’t go to Alabama but I went to Samford University in Birmingham where the Iron Bowl was played. And of course Bear Bryant was EVERYTHING. When he was gone there were many ups and downs (mostly downs) Well, to make a very long story short, we have been rebuilt with the coaching king…Nick Saban. I can never miss a game. I even made it home to Florida in time to see their game when I rode up to Montgomery for Chapel Market. (which I loved) Anyway, I was so impressed with RG3 when he won the Heisman Trophy. He seems like such a fine young man. I hope he does well with his professional career. Btw, he is on my Fantasy Football Team. Tonight I’m anxiously awaiting for the Redskins game to begin AND the Oregon-Stanford game. Family members and friends went to FSU so I’m getting some trash talk from them about the BCS bowl if we make it there. I’m nervous about LSU this weekend and of course Auburn.
    Oh and my husband….HUGE Buffalo Bills fan. 🙂
    Sorry no talk about your table. I’m just too excited to talk football.

  61. when you eat the good stuff, your body will reject the ‘bad stuff’.. nice pictures but I can’t get past the nose ring…maybe it’s where I live (NE ohio/W pa) sorry to keep bringing it up but I think it mars your beautiful face, IMHO.

  62. Roll Tide Jan!

    Miriam, love reading your blog. Was so sorry to miss the opportunity to meet you during the Chapel Sale event. Things came up so didn’t get to make the trip down from Tuscaloosa.
    Congrats on you weight loss and healthy choices. Your very inspiring. Love your photo!

  63. This post really resonated with me. I too, chose a short hairstyle for its ease and no-frills attitude. I very rarely wear makeup. I do tend to dress well enough (I don’t own a single pair of sweats!) but I also feel that when I take just a little extra time to put together a cute outfit and wear a touch of makeup I feel better. And you’re right, I work better and feel better! I even went out and bought some *real* makeup instead of the dollar section stuff.

    Oh, and as a Baylor alumna, sic ’em RG3!

  64. I also have a couple of pine pieces which had become too yellowed over time. I sanded a couple of them and left them raw. Wondering how to keep that color, but seal them w something. Wondered about your clear wax? Also wondering if anybody knows what the finish is on some of the newer Pottery Barn pieces that look like pine w a watered down light brown tinge. Like that color but how to get it?
    Thanks. You look great and I think the stylist is a great idea!

  65. So, why not stain the table darker? My pine table is almost black it’s so dark. It would look great on your rug. And it wouldn’t be painted!

  66. I can see that your Lovely chairs don´t go with the dining table…….It´ll be exciting to see what kind of table, or more rightly, what kind of table Surface you end up with…!

  67. i have a physical disability that makes it really hard to get through a day sometimes but it really helped when a good friend quoted her mother one day, “You don’t have to look as bad as you feel”.it so true that if do a little makeup, fix my hair and dress nicely that the day just is so much better. so i printed up those words and framed them to sit on the bathroom vanity to remind myself. your new photo is beautiful and you seem happier inside too. i think the new look is a truer picture of who you are inside. some of us gals are happy with a little extra padding or a all natural casual appearance and some of us aren’t. it’s important to know yourself and be that best kind of gal you feel comfortable being 🙂

  68. Try being a Jaguars fan! UGH! After reading your recent posts about fashion I realize I need a stylist! LOVE your style!
    Go Jags!

  69. Enjoyed this read (tho I always enjoy your posts) but when I bought myself your book for Christmas via my daughter, last year, I was inspired by You:), to sell my yellow farm table & chairs that I’d had for 14 years. yep, long time.
    I found a 1940’s mahogany Queen Anne table and six chairs for the exact same price as what I sold mine for. (Farm table: My parents had bought it for me, I never like the stain color and was paralyzed to redo it. High quality, but not my color.)
    So I Laughed when you sold your Queen Anne (& others:)
    and now had a yellow farm table. Ha.
    So yes, I totally get the wrong color driving me crazy on the inside thing.
    I think you’ll be glad when you find your next, right color table:)
    This will be my first Christmas decorating with a table I just love! Can’t wait!
    Thanks for all the inspiration you give us!

  70. Marian, seriously, here we are, you saying what I think, not admitting openly but to myself…and crucifying myself for my lack of something. You keep us all going positively and one day I hope we can pay you back, I am sure that I am not the only one to feel this way, love you lady!

  71. Dropped by you site to catch up since it’s been awhile. I can relate to getting into a slump which turns into a daily routine about not caring about what I wear etc. I go thru it few times a year – at least!

    I’m probably in the minority and maybe should keep my opinion to myself but I was surprised to see you wear a nose ring. For the life of me, I’ll never understand all the piercing (and tattoos for that matter) that women find desirable today. Perhaps it’s because I was an art major that helped me gain an appreciation for the uniqueness and feminine nature of the female body. To pierce or ink it up makes as much sense as putting graffiti on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. I think you are naturally beautiful, why detract from that is how I see you!

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