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Sooo…we have this wet bar in our basement family room.  It’s nice to have a little fridge down there for drinks and a place to put a coffee maker, etc. for guests (the guest room is right off the basement family room).  But, I have to admit, I haven’t really been treating this wet bar like it’s a part of my house.  It’s beautifully done and very nice, but it doesn’t feel like me at all.  It sort of feels like a part of a hotel room or something.

So, I’ve just left it empty.  I didn’t even make an effort.

I was cleaning the basement last week and decided I had ignored it long enough.  I had things that I could put inside the cabinets to at least make it look homey.  I filled the cabinets with some ironstone and coffee mugs.  I added some wooden breadboards to lend a bit of character and I added a dispenser with dish soap and a brush to wash out mugs and glasses.

I even bought some wine glasses to fit in the holders.  I’m not a wine drinker, but we have guests who are, so that’ll be a nice addition for them and it fills the space.

It looks so much better now!  I was surprised how the addition of a few accessories brought the space to life.

I even organized the drawers and filled one with snacks…

…and one with cups and sweeteners for the coffee maker.

Now, trust me when I say I would love to redo this wet bar along with the wall of cabinets around the TV, but Jeff has asked me not to.  It’s not often that he has an opinion about decorating and he usually gives me free rein, but he’s asked me not to paint these.  For now.

I have some ideas for this room that would look amazing and still masculine and cozy.  But, I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy, so I’m not too worried about it right now.

In other basement news, we had planned on turning the playroom into a workout room this summer, but time got away from us and it just wasn’t a priority.  As I was cleaning, I decided the easiest thing would be to move the drum set and instruments into the playroom to open up some space in the family room.

Since the boys aren’t setting up battles all over the floor any longer, having the drums and instruments in there works well.

I’d still like to hang some things on the wall, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.  One of these days…

The changes were small and (almost) free, but it’s amazing how much better the room looks!  I know that small changes in the details of a space and the function of a room can make a big difference, yet I’m still surprised at the results sometimes.

Is there a space you’ve been ignoring?  Could small changes make it better?


  1. Addie

    Hello…in Paris!!!
    This home you have is just amazing! You have so many fun and different kinds of spaces. Even if you were totally housebound in winter you could never be bored. So much space for a growing and active family. I bet the boys just love this house.
    Be safe and have fun with mom in Paris!!!….can’t wait to see all the goodies you come home with!!!

  2. Peg

    I think your guests must feel very loved and welcome with such a thoughtful space set up for them!

  3. Pamela

    wow what a difference the spruce up makes…like now instead of looking like a place to wash the paint brushes it looks like what it was intended to be. Like me before and after makeup! I agree with your husband, on this one I like the wood look.

  4. Amy

    A few well-chosen and thoughtful items brought the wet bar to life.
    Definitely agree with Jeff… no painting the wood in the basement family room.
    It’s lovely as is, and the room looks warm, inviting, and ever so slightly masculine.

  5. dd cox

    Tell me about the sofa in there. I can barely see it, but I like what I see.

  6. Karen L.

    Agree, the basement stained wood built-ins look awesome like they are. It’s a great space for all!

  7. patti

    What an amazing set up for a guest room to have a mini kitchenette right outside with coffee and a fridge?! I really love how you filled the drawers with thoughtful touches. It’s such a compact area that if I was a guest I would prefer the countertop kept to useful things like the coffee maker, towels etc, and skip the antique scale and decorative type items but that’s just a picky thing. It’s REALLY a great space.

  8. Heidi

    I really like it !
    The space is personalized
    and inviting.
    We have a similar space, you have given me some

  9. Gwen Goodin

    The wet bar looks great. I’m sure it will be used by guests and Jeff and the boys. I agree with Jeff about painting the cabinets – for now.
    I hope your trip has been fabulous.

  10. Mary

    Does your guest room have a window in it since it’s in the basement. ?

  11. Debby

    How welcoming and warm it looks now! I agree with another commenter who said to skip the antique scale. It feels too big for that small counter. But it’s lovely; could you use it in your regular kitchen? It’s funny, when I first saw the photo I wanted to suggest a little, um, paint on the cabinets–but I’m not a fan of wood cabinets unless they’re very dark or very light and not shiny. However, I’m a firm believer that couples should compromise whenever they can. I like to win, but I also don’t like to deny someone their own taste. It’s hard, though, when I have such strong opinions of my own!

  12. Graham

    I’m team Jeff on painting the cabinets and with Patti re the countertop. In fact, why not go all men’s club masculine down there? Cozy, darker walls, plaids, etc.- the men do outnumber you you know.

    • Patti

      Yes – I second this. The men DO need a place to feel comfortable in LOL! This would really stretch your decorating muscle and what a challenge it would be for you to do a whole space that was masculine yet aesthetically pleasing to you as well! I would love to see you tackle that 🙂

  13. Sheran Steading

    I agree with Jeff. Do not paint the cabinets.

  14. Eileen

    I love Grahams idea above. Go all library and rich tones and cozy and manly. . Perfect place for those cold winters.

  15. Gayle Welsh

    The one thing I would change, if you cannot paint the wood would be to change out the granite. Since your walls are gray and your display is white how about a white quartz (stain proof) with gray veining. It would be a simple refresh and change the darkness of the corner. Such a fabulous place for guests….I also love the suggestion of using a plaid. You could find a gray/white plaid wallpaper to go behind the area and maybe on one wall. A simple vase with a branch instead of the scale.

  16. Jodie Felten

    Marian, I was so excited to see the Devon Cottage cups in the cabinet!
    I was always afraid they arrived in a million pieces…
    I have always and continue to be amazed by your creative talent.
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into sharing it all with us.
    Hugs from Jodie in Oregon

  17. Rebecca M

    I’m with hubby on this one! It’s beautiful down there with all that woodwork! Super cozy and inviting!

  18. Becky Harris Delson

    I’m on the fence about painting the cabinetry, but I do hope your hubby will agree to swapping out the granite!

  19. Sandra Haymart

    I’m with your husband on leaving those cabinets alone. The wood gives the room a feeling of warmth & comfort. Let him have something that feels good to him & fits for the boys. Not everything has to be painted & white.

  20. Linda O

    Personally, I love seeing the old scale being used. It looks like there is plenty of room for making coffee, and/or washing cups, etc. I agree with a different color of granite, but it is fine the way it is at this time. It always nice to see the old cherished items come out for others to enjoy seeing. You inspire me, thank you.

  21. Nan

    Sometimes we need to / must leave room for the men in our lives. 🙂

  22. Kris

    You have done a great job with your refresh. I’m on Team Library with cozy tones, but ya know what? Maybe you can just enjoy it for what it is for now and let it evolve over time. Thanks for letting us have peeks into your life and your home.

  23. Lynnett Ratchford

    I love the rich, warm look of the cabinets, and the countertop is fine, too. Don’t paint the cabinets! Definitely warm the walls, and perhaps darken the banister and newel post to complement the cabinets. If you don’t want to wallpaper the whole area, use it on an accent or focal wall. Since the playroom is evolving into a music room of sorts, you could use musical instruments such as that keyboard you got at Gold Rush on the wall. My son mounted some of his guitar and banjo collection on his office wall similar to what you have done. If you don’t have enough instruments to start out, use posters. Guys like those.

    I love your ideas, even when they aren’t my style, and I love the presentation. It’s homey, but professional. Keep the creativity flowing!
    God bless!

  24. Vicki

    Beautiful! Love what you did with the wet bar! I agree with Jeff, let him have his space!

  25. Karen Young

    I would love to know where you got the plaid ottomans/poofs in the playroom.


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