Vintage Pillow Cases & Sofa Update

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When I went shopping earlier this week, I found an amazing pair of vintage pillow cases.  I’ve never seen any as long as these.  They’re probably a good 12-18″ longer than the pillow.  They were exactly what I’ve been keeping my eyes opened for.  My pillow, which is down, is always popping out of the case through the night.  I have tried at least eight different cases and they all did the same thing.  So, I was looking for one that was longer or one that had an envelope closure.  Jeff was having the same problem with his pillow because it’s a flat memory foam pillow, so he was using a flannel Snoopy pillowcase I had since I was a kid.  Of course, I always got a little twitchy when I made the bed and saw the Snoopy pillow peeking out from all of my pretty pillows.  But, the man’s gotta have a comfortable place to lay his head, so I just dealt with it.

After a couple of nights of success on my pillow, I tried it on Jeff’s as well, so we’ll see if he’s happy with it.  They look so pretty on the bed…


Like the ends of Christening dresses hanging over the side.




When I bought them, they were a little crunchy from starch, but I washed them and was surprised at how soft and comfy the vintage linen is.  I’ve always heard how comfortable linen that’s been washed hundreds of times is, but I have never tried sleeping on it.  Heavenly.

Oh, while I’m showing the bed, I wanted to share that the long-awaited tutorial for the ruched pillow shams is finally available on


I also wanted to give an update on the Pottery Barn Sofa.  First of all, we love it.  It’s comfortable, sturdy and has been wearing well in the few weeks we’ve had it.  I thought I would answer two FAQ’s.

1.) How do you get pillows to stand up on leather?  I’ve done some thinking about this and I think there are two keys to getting the pillows to stay put.  The first is the fabric on the pillow.  My pillow is made of a nubby hemp, so I think that grips better than chenille, velvet, silk, etc.  The second key, and I think this is the biggest factor, is what’s in the pillow form.  Poly-fil pillows are rigid and will hold their shape, so they are going to slip on the leather if someone breaths too hard on them.  Feather filled pillows can be reshaped again and again, so you can flatten out the bottom a bit to make them sit up.  I don’t have a problem at all with mine slipping flat.


2.) Does the leather show scratches?  Yes, it does.  Even a fingernail will scratch the leather, but not in a bad way.  Of course, right away you can see it and it looks worthy of a freak-out, but then it fades away and blends in.  You just have to get over the initial scratch.  I haven’t gotten leather wipes, but I do think those will help with conditioning the leather where it’s scratched (and with keeping it clean as well.)


With what I know about leather, I’m confident that the leather is only going to look better with age.

Vintage Pillow Cases & Sofa Update

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