UVA architecture & upcoming ironstone sale

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I was cleaning out the pictures in my LightRoom file and came across these pictures around the UVA campus that I realized I never shared here on the blog.  If you’re ever in Charlottesville, VA, make sure you take an afternoon to stroll around the grounds of the University of Virginia.  The school was designed by Thomas Jefferson, so it is stunning down to the last detail.


I especially love the dorms and professor’s housing that line the lawn.


The doors, windows, shutters, columns, porches, porch rails, transoms, shutters, the symmetry….just get me a spoon, so I can eat them up!









One of the most beautiful aspects of Jefferson’s designs, is how he uses arches and columns to draw the eye through a space.  His architecture looks amazing no matter which angle you’re viewing it from.




I hope you find it as inspiring as I do.


And, just a head’s up for those who have been waiting to shop my Lucketts leftovers…  As I’ve been recovering from my surgery, Kriste has been busy photographing and listing all of our leftover ironstone, so we can have one large online sale.  That sale, which I have been jokingly referring to as the “Lucketts Leftover Ironstone Extravaganza”, will be happening this Wednesday, July 8, 2015, with the listings going live at 8:00 pm EST.

Just click on the shop tab in the nav bar at the top of the page.  I’ll post some reminders as well.


We mostly have tureens, sets of plates, lids and gravy boats, but there is a good variety and everything is on sale, so we can flush it out and start shopping for new stuff!

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UVA architecture & upcoming ironstone sale

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20 Comments on “UVA architecture & upcoming ironstone sale”

  1. UVA is a gorgeous school and that square shown in your second picture is a very coveted place to live for students. It’s a beautiful campus and a very fun place to visit!

  2. Any chance you could start the sale a little later for your West Coast friends? 5:00 am is sooooo very early! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the photos – they make me so homesick my heart aches! I went to UVa and it will always be home for me. I remember standing under one of those long arched walkways at graduation. Visit it sometime at night in the snow if you get a chance – magical!

  4. Beautiful school and architecture, I agree (and beautiful part of VA countryside). I never tire of the brick and column architecture of that style. Thanks for the heads up on the sale.

  5. My favorite place in the whole world is Charlottesville, Va. Maybe not so much in the summer but
    a wonderful wonderful place of beauty. Got to visit a privately owned brick plantation that was built
    in 1860 with beautiful vistas etc. Please include this in your go to place for your next vacation as
    you will thank me.

  6. I would be thrilled to own a piece (pieces) of yr ironstone! I hv been following yr blog for a couple years & hv always admired the beauty of yr ironstone collection. I have an antique desk (w/ pull out drawer & stacked drawers) I’m using for buffet with 3 little bookshelves on each side. I’ve been been wanting to fill them with ironstone & hv not been able to find in Michigan. Each cubby is 9″w x 8″h x 12″deep. Thx for having internet sale!

  7. It’s a beautiful campus. My friend’s son in law went there for under and graduate MBA. Is this a website sale or blog sale. I’m going to be checking….

  8. Looking forward to the internet Ironstone sale on Wednesday. I went into a antique mall in Gloucester, VA last week and almost fainted when I saw the prices on several Ironstone platters. I bought two really large, heavy and old Ironstone platters last year in PA at a antique mall and paid 1/3 of the price of those..

    Some dealers really overprice their merchandise.

  9. UVA is smply beautiful, would have loved to go there myself, it’s so peacefull, thanks for sharing.
    be looking for that sale

  10. Okay, let me get this straight–the ironstone sale starts on the blog, in your store, where? at 8:00 p.m. EST tomorrow, Wed., 7/8. Is that correct? And how long does it go? Just until mid-night or on into Thurs., 7/9? Please clarify because if I miss it I might have a break-down!

  11. Hello from Wisconsin,
    Summer hasn’t yet arrived…brrr…I hope PA is faring better than WI? Since I missed out on the blue checked/toile chair, I better get just ONE piece of your Luckett’s stash of ironstone or I shall be disgruntled. My better half has promised a trip to Luckett’s next year but I don’t want to wait it out for a piece de resistance called ironstone. I anticipate your sale will be a mad scramble and I will be one of the scramblers looking for a special piece to add to my growing collection…

    Nancy shall keep her fingers crossed 🙂

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