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I finished the wall paper mural in the upstairs bath last week and I’ve been bursting to take a picture of it to share!  I’ve just been really busy and didn’t have the chance until yesterday afternoon.  The bathroom still isn’t done, but it’s far enough along that you can get the idea.

This bathroom is teeny tiny, so I decided to take some risks.  HGTV asked if I would write a tutorial on hanging wall paper in a bathroom, so that’s where the design started – the hunt for wall paper.  I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, but I wanted it to have a vintage feel and make a statement in the small space.  I started looking at mostly peel-n-stick wallpaper, so it would be easy to apply and easy to remove and I found a few options I liked in sort of a Swedish folk-art vein.  The search ended, though, when I tripped across this wall paper mural from Anthropologie…

anthropologie paper

I love how it looks like it was an ink print from an etching.  Vintage in feel, but bold in interpretation.


I absolutely love it.  It gives the space so much personality and depth.  It also camouflages toothpaste and soap splatters, which my boys are champs at creating.

We still have a bit more to do to finish the space – make a sink skirt and radiator cover, install quarter-round trim and replace the faucet.  We replaced the old light with a new one from Pottery Barn, that was suited to the low ceilings and vintage style of the space.  It puts out so much more light than the old 1940’s builder-grade fixture.  (Unfortunately, the box for the light is off-center from the sink and, unless we wanted to do some major reworking, it just needed to stay that way.)


I initially thought I would replace the sink and I started trolling Craig’s List for a vintage bathroom sink.  It suddenly occurred to me that I would be replacing one little vintage sink with another and that didn’t make a lot of sense.  What was really bugging me wasn’t the sink, but the faucet and messy caulk along the wall…


I scraped all of the caulk away with a utility knife and razor and then re-caulked, so it looks nice and neat.


The faucet is “hard-plumbed”, so it’s trickier than just unhooking the faucet and putting in a new one.  We’re actually going to have to cut the pipes and put on new flex hoses, so we’re working up the courage to tackle that one!


I painted the frame of the plaster mirror in a mix of MMSMP Boxwood and Lucketts Green in order to make a bright, grassy green that compliments the fabric I have to make the sink skirt.

Until I can get to work on the rest of the projects, I’m really enjoying what is finished.  My favorite part is the little bird up by the light.  There’s something sweet about it that makes me smile when I notice it.


I did install the wall paper myself and, while it was messy and a bit tedious, it was a pretty simple DIY project.  I am writing a tutorial on how to do it for HGTV, so I’ll share that link when it’s live.


Jeff said he’d reserve judgement until the mural was done and would apologize to me if “he was wrong.”  So, I asked if he was ready to say sorry…  He said, “Well, it’s not really my thing, but it does look good.”

Okay.  I’ll take that!

upstairs bath progress

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