some things just don’t need a makeover…

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As I shared a few days ago, I have been on a roll with finding French chairs.  Just last week, I found a pair of French wing backs, a pair of Bergeres, a pair of balloon backs and two single French-style chairs, including this pretty one…


When I first saw it on Craig’s list, in a poorly lit, slightly blurry picture, I assumed it would need to be reupholstered.  When it saw it in person, I changed my mind.  It needs to be cleaned up a little, but the fabric is charming.  I wish I could find this fabric pattern, in fact.  So, the chair is staying as is.  Interestingly enough, I found this exact chair last year, but it was upholstered in tapestry.  I reupholstered it with an old grain sack…

miss mustard seed-5668

I pondered the new chair for a while and decided I would try it out in my guest room before I tied a tag on it for Lucketts.  I really like it in there.  (I just noticed in this picture that I need to do something different with that bench and suitcase…hmmm…)


The gold and the blue bring out the bedding and I like the floral pattern against the red checks.


It’s so nice when I get a piece that doesn’t need a makeover!  That’s pretty rare.

Does anyone know what this fabric pattern is called?



Before you think I’m a chair hoarder, if something new comes in, something old needs to go.  I’m now going to reupholster the chair that was in that corner to sell at Lucketts.


And so the parade of furniture continues…


I have been working on the upstairs bathroom bit by bit and I finally got a big chunk done today.  The tile was installed at the end of last week and it looks fantastic.  I painted the ceiling and trim today and started installing the wall paper.  It’s definitely going to be bold, but I’m loving it so far.


Jeff says he’s going to reserve judgement when it’s done.  Hopefully, I’ll be accepting his apology.

some things just don’t need a makeover…

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31 Comments on “some things just don’t need a makeover…”

  1. I really love your blog, I look forward to it everyday, I think the fabric looks like a Pierre Deux.

    1. My thoughts exactly!!! How I wish we had finds in CA as you do in the east!!! I am so very envious! I would happily give up a few weeks of sunshine for a few beautiful chairs!!!!

  2. I LOVE how the bathroom is coming, I think that wallpaper is going to make the room a little gem! I like the fabric on the chair, but I have to admit, I don’t love it in that room, I think it kind of clashes with the drapes and has more of a mismatched vibe (not a harmonious one to me) I would either pick the chair or the drapes, but not both.

  3. If you cannot pin down the fabric, check out the website Every fabric imaginable..OR you can download an image to design your own!

  4. What a great find. I am sure that when you saw the real thing from the pictures you were even more delightfully surprised. This pattern really works in your guest room and I am like you, I don’t think it needs a thing with exception of a little clean up. Great Find.

  5. Another beautiful find! It does look like Pierre Duex Fabric! You have the best luck! So admiring your recent finds!

  6. I, too, like the chair in the room. I like how the gold in the bedspread plays with the gold tones in the chair’s fabric. Then again, I am not a “matchy” person. 🙂

  7. I am in the planning stages of two bathroom makeovers and have been thinking that the marble hex was what I would tile the floors with in both. I have not even begun to price anything. About what did you spend per square foot? I have one large and one small bathroom. Do you think the hex tiles are too small for a large space?

  8. I think it is Pierre Deux too. Too bad they went out of business in 2011. You might find some of their fabric on Ebay or Esty.

  9. Wow what a find! So fortunate. Love your eye and how everything is coming together.
    Love, love, love!

  10. Marian, the moment I saw that new French chair, I thought of your guest room! 🙂
    I think you found the perfect place for it. As for the bench, how about painting it Mustard Seed yellow?

    By the way, I love the tiny tile in the small bathroom!

  11. Great find!!! I love it!! I’m a color girl & love the fun contrast of colors & prints!! It just makes you smile!!
    Beautiful as always!!

  12. When you mentioned doing “something about the bench and suitcase” and I saw your curtains in the background, “repeat” came to mind….maybe you need to repeat that red in the space? A bench painted Tricycle?

  13. Happy St. Patrick’s Day,
    You have the luck of the Irish as the saying goes! Perfect chair for a perfect room as I love patterns and I’m especially fond of yellow and red together…and bright teal and red…yum! Funny how a photo tells the truth so to speak. In your quest to rid yourself of stuff for that light, airy look, find another spot for the bench and the suitcase…Luggett’s maybe? Purchase a nice luggage rack and trust me, your guests will be more than happy to have a special place for their luggage. Some stuff just detracts from the beauty of a room which I too have noticed from photos. Case in point…when I saw a Christmas photo of myself in our small den, for a fleeting moment, I wondered what in heck was I doing in an Antique Shop when I never ventured far from home? The photo spoke volumes as there it was decorated to the hilt with my collection of Antique St. Nick’s plus I also managed a Charlie Brown Tree loaded down with Antique ornaments. I remembered what you had said recently about ridding your house of stuff because it’s just stuff so lesson learned…thank you very much. I’m ridding every room of stuff and happy I am 🙂 Truer words were never spoken than “less is more.” When is Luckett’s…I need more stuff and I especially want your new yellow chair!

  14. Wow! What a pretty, cheerful chair! I’d keep it , too!

    I love the floor tile in the bathroom. Nice, muted colors. I”m with Jeff; I’ll reserve my judgement on the wall paper until I see the finished project. I might have to apologize to you, too!

    Nancy W. made me laugh with her talk about getting rid of stuff and then “I need more stuff…” I so totally relate! This clear the clutter thing–kind of a revolving door, isn’t it?! So many chairs, so little space!

  15. Great find! I’m on the hunt for pendant lights that will hang down over my kitchen peninsula area on my remodel. I’m for mixing up the lights but my husband thinks both lights should match. I have 71/2 foot ceiling to consider. I will have to search CraigsList since you seem to have great luck on there. My antique mall just didn’t have anything that wowed me….

  16. What a lucky find! I love it in the guest room. Also, I just want to commend you for going bold in the bathroom with that graphic- I think you’re going to LOVE it!

  17. I adore you, Marian! you are such an inspiration…I think as far as the bench is concerned in your guest room, try taking out the suitcase and repaint the bench either mustard seed yellow or tricycle and you could then just let guests use it for a luggage rack!

  18. I have a question. What is the difference between what you call a French chair and a French-style chair?

    Love the large scale of the wall mural.

  19. I try to refer to them as French-style chairs, since the style is French, but the chair itself is most likely not from France.

  20. Marian, you are so lucky to find so many French chairs. I love them! I’m on a hunt for a couple for my dining room. I LOVE the yellow and blue, just gorgeous!! and how nice not to have to touch it! It looks perfect in your guest room!
    Love, love, love the bathroom floor. Cannot wait to see the reveal!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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