some things just don’t need a makeover…

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As I shared a few days ago, I have been on a roll with finding French chairs.  Just last week, I found a pair of French wing backs, a pair of Bergeres, a pair of balloon backs and two single French-style chairs, including this pretty one…


When I first saw it on Craig’s list, in a poorly lit, slightly blurry picture, I assumed it would need to be reupholstered.  When it saw it in person, I changed my mind.  It needs to be cleaned up a little, but the fabric is charming.  I wish I could find this fabric pattern, in fact.  So, the chair is staying as is.  Interestingly enough, I found this exact chair last year, but it was upholstered in tapestry.  I reupholstered it with an old grain sack…

miss mustard seed-5668

I pondered the new chair for a while and decided I would try it out in my guest room before I tied a tag on it for Lucketts.  I really like it in there.  (I just noticed in this picture that I need to do something different with that bench and suitcase…hmmm…)


The gold and the blue bring out the bedding and I like the floral pattern against the red checks.


It’s so nice when I get a piece that doesn’t need a makeover!  That’s pretty rare.

Does anyone know what this fabric pattern is called?



Before you think I’m a chair hoarder, if something new comes in, something old needs to go.  I’m now going to reupholster the chair that was in that corner to sell at Lucketts.


And so the parade of furniture continues…


I have been working on the upstairs bathroom bit by bit and I finally got a big chunk done today.  The tile was installed at the end of last week and it looks fantastic.  I painted the ceiling and trim today and started installing the wall paper.  It’s definitely going to be bold, but I’m loving it so far.


Jeff says he’s going to reserve judgement when it’s done.  Hopefully, I’ll be accepting his apology.

some things just don’t need a makeover…

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